A/N- Here's Chapter 11! This was definitely my favorite to write, I had it planned out in my head when I first started writing this story! I had loads of fun writing this story and I hope you did reading it. Enjoy!

Chapter 11: This means War

It was a few weeks later after what Ron had fondly labeled "The Cat Fiasco". He and Hermione were now officially dating, having gone to Hogsmeade together twice. He rarely suffered from verbal constipation around her now. He even threw suggestive comments at her occasionally, just to see her blush a bit. They always got into silly little arguments, but these rarely lasted long and Ron quickly apologized if he found that he was actually being a prat. Most of those in fact, were started by him intentionally only to end up laughing and admitting to it.

Ron woke up late on Saturday at around midday. He yawned and stretched lazily, looking at the clock on the wall which read 1:30 PM. He sighed and got up off his bed and absently licked the back of his hand. He smacked his forehead with his free hand in exasperation.

"Stupid potion…" he mumbled, wiping away his saliva on the pants of his pajamas. Even though it had been weeks ago, he was still having side effects; thankfully they were getting less acute now. He shook his head wearily as he remembered the fire rat incident.


It was Care of Magical Creatures class and the class had been gathered in the back of Hagrid's hut.

"This here's a fire rat. Yer can tell by its smooth red fur. No' the fire rat has a very interestin' defense- Ouch! C'mere you nasty little bugger!" Hagrid lost his grip on the fire rat, which scurried away.

Ron had been staring fixedly at it all lesson and when it escaped he dashed after it at full speed. Once he was near enough he pounced on it and pinned it by its tail. He started chuckling as he swatted at it with his free hand. Suddenly the rat's red fur burst into flames and Ron ceased at once, nursing his burned hand. He got up to his feet and looked at his classmates, who in turn were giving him odd looks.


Ron made his way downstairs to the Common Room. He was surprised to find it packed, then he looked outside and realized why. The sky was dark gray, littered with rain clouds. You could hear the low rumble of thunder in the far distance.

He looked around; most people were sitting on the floor playing some sort of board game. Others were playing cards or Gobstones. A few (mostly fifth and seventh years) were shooting nasty glares at giggling Gryffindors while they wrote lengthy essays or finished tough homework. He quickly spotted Harry and Ginny joking around in a corner. Ron frowned at the pair. Ginny had eventually found out about the cat fiasco after complaining to their mum that she should be allowed to come back home whenever she fancied too. Of course Molly had been very confused about the whole thing telling her daughter that Ron was never at the burrow. This of course resulting in Ginny cornering Harry with a tell-me-or-I'll-hex-you look on her face and he spilled his guts; including a bit concerning Fred and George's trick coin. Ron made a mental note to get back at him.

He plopped down on a recently vacated couch and his eyes fell atop a bushy brown head staring dreamily out the window. He grinned as he remembered something. He hurried over to her and planted a quick kiss on her cheek.

"Ron! You're awake!" she smiled.

"I was up all night finishing that seven and a half foot essay you made me promise to do after you let me sleep in your room"

"Oh Ron you didn't really have to do that! I'd forgotten"

Ron dropped his head down "That would have been nice to know"

"So you wrote seven and a half feet then?"

"Ten, actually"

"Ten?" she looked at him surprised.

"Well… you did let me sleep in your bed too" he smiled mischievously.

Hermione shoved him playfully.

"Are you free right now?" he asked.

"Yes… why-

"Stay here then" he dashed upstairs leaving a very confused Hermione behind.


Ron emptied his school bag and dashed to the bathroom. He grabbed to towels and stuffed them hastily into his bag. The he hurried to his des and rolled up the long essay he had written. He slipped off his shoes and replaced them with his old, beat up trainers and dashed to the door. He doubled back, grabbed a black t-shirt and ran downstairs. He quickly spotted Hermione and hurried over to her.

"Here" he handed her his thick roll of parchment which she stuck in her schoolbag.


"Follow me" he grinned, grabbed her hand and led her away from the Common Room and out into the hall.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see" he lead her downstairs and through another hall, down more stairs and passing the Great Hall, down the main staircase and into the foyer.

"Are we going outside?"

Ron grinned and led her out of the oak double-doors and onto the main grounds.

"Ron, it's raining"

"I know"

She looked at him curiously.

"You might want to wear this" he tossed her his black t-shirt. "I doubt you want to get your white shirt wet" he grinned "…of course I wouldn't mind but.." he trailed off laughing at her "I was only joking!" He grabbed her hand and pulled her through the curtain of rain and across the slippery lawn.

Hermione laughed, now wearing Ron's black t-shirt "I can't believe you remembered!"

"Yeah well" he bent down to tighten his laces and grabbed a handful of mud behind his back. He got up and hugged her, smushing the mud on the nape of her neck. He laughed and ran away as Hermione shrieked in surprise and chased after him. She bent down scooping a fist-full of mud and flinging it at him, hitting him squarely in the back.

"Oh no! You got me!" he placed a hand on his forehead and collapsed to the floor twitching dramatically.

"I'm not falling for that one Weasley" she bent over him laughing.

"Oh?" he quirked an eyebrow and pulled her to the ground making sure to spread mud all over her arms. She shrieked with laughter and tickled Ron who rolled on his side trying to wriggle away. She then pursed a large mount of mud down the front of his shirt.

"Oh! This means war Miss Granger!" he laughed.

Hermione got up running and laughing as Ron chased after her flinging mud at her (careful not to hit her too hard). She did an about face and came running towards him with a newly conjured bucket of mud. Ron skidded to a halt and turned to run the other way. Hermione drew level with him and poured the bucket down his back.

Ron turned around grinning and pecked her lips lightly for the first time, ears and cheeks turning pink. He looked at her, she had a look of mild surprise and then smiled at him, her cheeks too, a delicate shade of pink.


It was dinnertime and they were all at the Great Hall helping themselves to brisket and Shepherd's Pie. Ron looked at Harry, who just picked up his goblet of milk and took a large swig . Ron looked away stifling a laugh. Using Fed and George's tick coin eh? He heard several people laughing and turned around to face his best mate.

"RON!" Harry glared at him.

"Don't have a cow mate" he laughed heartily "It's only temporary"

Ginny and Hermione giggled at a large cow (well...bull actually) sitting where Harry used to be just a few seconds ago.

"Primus Animmalia?" Hermione asked trying to choke back her giggles.

"Nah… Fred and George's new product… Moolk" Ron laughed at Harry who wore an expression of utter disbelief. "THAT is what you get for tricking me into a cat" he reached over and patted Cow/Harry on his black and white back.


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