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Running Like Water

Chapter1- Wolf Tears

Toboe stared into the rushing water . It went smooth at first, but as it went along, it came to a whirlpool. The water swirled around and sucked up anything within 5ft from it. Then it came to a waterfall. The waterfall seemed to drop forever. The mist was so thick, you couldn't even see the bottom. But Toboe knew there rocks down there. He could sense it. There was a large rock sticking out from behind the waterfall. It stuck out at least 7ft; easy to stand on. If they fell, they'd only wish to land there.

"Jump Toboe!"

Toboe looked up and saw Hige staring at him.


"Jump Runt!"

Toboe once again looked down from where they stood. The cliff was about 20ft in the air.

"But Hige, it's too high!"

"If you don't jump now, they'll get you!"

"But H-

A gunshot was fired.

"Crap! yelled Tsume, they found us!"

"Then lets jump!" yelled Kiba and Hige in unison.

They both jumped from the cliff and disappeared into the fog.The two, heard two splashes as they hit the water.

"Your turn," said Tsume.

Toboe looked up at him. He was about to decline when another gunshot was fired.It barely missed his foot. The bullet disturbed the ground beneath Toboe's foot at the edge of the cliff. The chunk of rock/ground gave way, and Toboe felt himself falling.

On instinct, he grabbed Tsume's arm, hoping the older wolf could hold him up. Another shot was fired, barely missing Tsume. The two felt the Earth gave way, and they plunged into the water.

It felt as if he was stabbed by 100 daggers. His legs and sides burned, even in the icy water. He tried to breathe, but sucked in the water instead. He frantically moved his arms around, hoping to find something to grab onto. Nothing. He broke through the surface and gasped for air. Through blurred eyes, he could see Kiba and Hige running along side the river. They were shouting things, but his ears were clogged with water, so all he saw were their mouths moving.

That's when he noticed he was moving. And at an incredibly fast pace. He tried swimming to shore, but the current was too strong.

"I guess this is the end. I never thought I would end like this. I wanted to go to paradise with you. With you Tsume! We were supposed to go together; all of us. I'm sorry Tsume. For not being strong and being the wimp I was in your eyes. Kiba ,Hige I-"

Strong arms embraced me. He could see he was being pulled to the side, instead of forward. He looked up at his rescuer and was surprised to see Tsume. He had a look of determination on his face.

"Was Tsume saving him?"

Tsume's teeth were clenched as he struggled to keep a grip on Toboe, and to keep his and Toboe's head above the surface. The icy water was burning his legs and arms. They would of felt numb, except for the icy feeling going through them.

As they neared the bank, they realized it was higher than it appeared from afar. Tsume knew he couldn't climb it with Toboe, so he grabbed onto a loose root.

"This thing better be sturdy, or we're done for!"

Kiba and Hige ran up to the bank to pull them up. Toboe's arms were wrapped tightly around Tsume's arm. Tsume wasn't sure if he could hold on for much longer with only one arm. The current was pulling him forward, so he started to lose his grip. Kiba pried Toboe's arms loose and pulled him up. They layed him on the ground behind them. He was very pale and was shivering uncontrollably. Hige and Kiba turned to help Tsume, but were shocked to see the root hanging loosely from the bank. No Tsume. The two ran along the bank, leaving Toboe to rest. They soon came to the end of the line. They stood at the drop off where the waterfall fell. They looked desperately along and around the waterfall, hoping to see the grey anywhere. Nothing. They heard a gasp from behind.

They turned around to see Toboe standing there. All the color drained from his face.

"Please No! he cried, Please tell me it isn't so!"

The two stared at the ground, not wanting to meet the pup's eyes.

Toboe dropped to his knees. His friend, no his idol, had died right in front if him! And to save him! He let the tears flow freely down his cheeks.

Toboe threw back his head and howled a mourning song for his friend. The white and the brown joined in.

Their sorrowful song echoed through the forest, and hopefully to the grave of their beloved Tsume, who now rested at the bottom of the river.

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