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Dead & Dying


He flipped the knife open and slit the youth's throat. Warm liquid seeped out, and he bent to sink his fangs in and drink. For so long he had not had anything to drink, and so he relished each and every drop. He was drowning in bliss, in the red blood that he lapped up.

The door was flung open. Light stuck him across the face, and he threw up an arm to protect himself.

"Oh my God!" She drew back at the bloody sight. "Yami! You—you killed him!"

He was in too much ecstasy to care when the police came and carried him away.

Yugi was alone, mercifully alone. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a blade. Tense and wary, he rolled up his sleeve. A spider's web of thin white scars met his eyes. Yugi ran his fingers along his arm, chose a place, and let the razor blade sink deep. Blood flowed down his arm. Stress flowed away. He bent over the sink, careful to keep his clothes away from the bright, shining liquid that ran down the drain.


He tried to cover his arm, to hide the blade, to do anything to keep them from knowing—but he was too late.

They had wrapped his arms in bandages so he wouldn't cut them. Yugi looked at his arms, and then looked out the window. Flat fields slipped by, interspersed with groves of trees. He shifted in his seat and slumped against the car door.

Nothing had worked for him. He just couldn't stop. What was so wrong with it anyway? His skin healed; his blood replenished itself. It wasn't so bad.

The car passed a squat stone block which doubled as a sign. Menoma's Haven, it read. It might as well have read Asylum.

Yugi slumped even further down in his seat, until the tips of his spiked hair weren't visible from the car window.

Yugi's View

I was shunted from room to room in the Haven. The halls were mostly empty. The floor was tiled with cold-looking, grey-blue stone in some places, carpeted in some soft, green-blue pile in others. Haven was meant to be appealing to look at, I guess. It reeked of the most chic interior decorating possible. I concentrated on the floor in front of me, whatever color, and said as little as possible to the people I met up with. In a large lobby, I was pushed over to Hodashi-san. She had a brown, shoulder-length hair, and a uniform that looked much too small. Her nametag was coming unpinned.

"Mouto Yugi, isn't it?"

"Hai," I muttered. I didn't want to be here. I had no problem; couldn't they see that?

"You'll be sharing a room with Motou Yami. It's this way, if you'll follow me."

Hodashi-san smiled. It made me feel nauseous. She opened a door off the lobby and strode through. The door had a little plaque on it that said, "Boys".

I let the door slam shut behind me. Hodashi-san and I passed by many doors. Posters, bulletin boards, and marker boards had been tacked up on the doors. Some were locked from the outside. That made me feel slightly worried.

Hodashi-san stopped in front of a blank door, aside from a "102" painted in the middle. I mentally breathed a sigh of relief at the lack of a lock on the outside of the door. Hodashi-san rapped twice on the door, waited three seconds, and then opened it.

Yami's View

Someone knocked loudly twice on the door. I didn't get up to answer it. Why should I, since whoever it was would come in anyway?

It was Hodashi-san. A burst of annoyance crossed my mind, but I didn't let it show on my face. Impassive, I was lying on the lower bed of the bunk, feet propped up on the bar at the end. This let me see the door. The window looked unguarded, but shadows only visible to me circled it menacingly. I had been plotting, letting my mind slip into another realm, but at the rude interruption I'd let this reality reclaim its hold on me.

Hodashi-san looked uncomfortably in. "Motou-kun? This is Mouto Yugi," she said. She looked at me, and then at Yugi. The resemblance, I had to admit, was scary. Yugi was wearing a backpack, a loose black sleeveless top, a long-sleeved jacket over it, and jeans. He looked apathetic when he came into the room, until he saw me.

Yugi's View

I let my eyes slide over what was to be my home for the next three months. Two bunk beds, two desks, two closets, what I presumed to be the bathroom door, and an ordinary window that somehow gave me a creepy feeling—these filled the nondescript room. My roommate hadn't decorated at all.

I stepped more into the room, and my eyes tried to glance over Yami like he wasn't there. But he was very much there, like a stronger, taller version of me. His eyes were bright crimson, and they were looking straight at me. Did I mention that he wasn't wearing a shirt? My eyes stuck on him. This was going to be one of the hardest three months ever. A traitorous part of my mind remarked that the "scenery" would be good, and I told it to shut up. Yami was off-limits.

Gratefully, my staring was interrupted by Hodashi-san. "Mouto-kun, someone will bring you your things tomorrow. I suppose you have everything you need for tonight in your backpack?"


"Alright then. I'll leave you two boys to get acquainted."

And Hodashi-san closed the door. It felt very much like a dungeon door slamming shut.

Yami's View

Yugi slid his backpack off and dumped it by his bed. I followed his moves carefully. When his backpack strap caught on his jacket sleeve, it revealed a white bandage for a moment.

"So...you're a cutter?"

Yugi sat down on the lower bunk across from me and nodded, pulling up one sleeve to show his bandaged arm again. "What are you in here for?"

So what should I tell him? The truth—that I'd killed someone to survive? Or a lie that probably wouldn't hold up for more than a day?

But the answer didn't matter. Yugi wouldn't be around much longer.

"I killed someone."

I half-expected shock, or perhaps for him to draw back in horror. Yugi just glanced at me, with slightly dead-looking eyes. "Really?"


Yugi bent down to his backpack and rummaged in it. He started taking stuff out—a beat-up mp3 player, some clothes, a zippered bag with a toothbrush sticking out one end, several books, and a leather case. Two of the books and the case reeked of his aura, as though they were very important to him.

I watched Yugi's every move as he walked into the bathroom, stashed his bag in a drawer, tossed his clothes into his closet, lined up his books on top of the desk, and yanked the covers back on the bed. He sat down and fidgeted with his bandages. Abruptly, Yugi got up again and went from one end of the room to the other, looking around carefully. Yugi went in the bathroom for a second, and then came back out.

"I hate to ask, but do you have anything sharp?"

"No, sorry." Why did I say no? Was I protecting the kid from himself? I had at least seven lethal weapons, three of which were knives.

Yugi sat down. "Never mind." He folded his hands and fidgeted with them some more.

"How long?" I asked.

"Three months, more or less. They think I'm nearly hopeless." I could hear the silent insults at them. I'd been guilty of saying them often enough. "Kami-sama, I need a blade," he griped.  "Well, you?"

"They haven't given me a release date."

Yugi smiled wryly and pulled off his shoes and socks. He stole the pillow from the top bunk and grabbed one of his books—one of the ones that had collected much of his aura. Yugi grabbed a pen and his mp3 player.

"D'you mind?"

"Go ahead."

Yugi slipped his headphones on and hit play. I let my eyes slide out of focus. Shadows were summoned. I sent them to crowd around the door and circle Yugi.

Threats gone, I let my mind slip into oblivion. Vampires don't need sleep.  But they do need blood, and that I would get very soon.  Yugi bent his head down to his book, unaware of the death that waited in this very room. 

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