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The Fairy Godmother factory worker backed up a couple of steps, fingers tightening around the piece of paper that was the message. He hadn't exactly expected Shrek to be there, but it was too late now. The memories of being turned into a dove still haunted him; he was afraid of flying and had a few 'problems' with feathers. At least he got to poop on that idiotic Prince Charming. But thankfully he was back to his old self again, even though he still had to work for the factory under the new boss, or 'master'.

"Shrek, do you know who this is?" Fiona asked, noticing how they reacted to each other.

"He works for the Fairy Godmother." He said to her. Turning to the worker, he asked, "What kind of letter?"

"A letter from my master." With a lot of care the letter was handed over to the ogre, and as Shrek snatched it out of his hands he smiled nervously. Shrek opened it and read aloud.

"To Shrek and Fiona:

If you are reading this then that means my idiotic servant has managed to do at least one thing right this week. He is the one who poisoned your friend. If you take your friend to my home then I will heal him, and you will pay my price. If you don't, well, you know what will happen. Ask Monty if you have any more questions."

Fiona blinked. "Who is Monty?"

"Uh... me." The servant said, looking at the floor shyly as they stared at him.

"Oh. Okay. Will you excuse us for a moment, Monty?" Fiona smiled sweetly at him, then pulled Shrek into a nearby room and shut the door. "What are we going to do? Should we go take Puss to this person? If we don't...." She didn't finish the sentence.

"I don't know. If Monty did poison Puss, why should we trust him? He does work for the Fairy Godmother." Shrek looked at the letter again, then sighed.

"You're right, but we can't let Puss get worse. He looks like he's in a lot of pain. If taking him to this guy will make him better, then we should go. We can pay his price." Fiona looked into Shrek's eyes pleadingly, which seemed to work.

"Okay. But I think you should stay here."

"What? No way! Puss is my friend too, and I am going with you!" Without waiting for a reply she opened the door and walked out.

Meanwhile, Donkey and Puss hadn't changed, except that Donkey was now attempting to play Go Fish with a deck of cards that he had found. It was hard since he was by himself. Every once in a while Puss would shiver and moan, but then he would go quiet and submit to his nightmares. Donkey sighed sadly and went back to playing cards as his friend moaned again, ears flat against his head. He hated seeing Puss like this, and he made Eddie go back home with Dragon so the dad could watch over Puss without any other worries.

Puss opened his green eyes blearily, twitching his ears confusedly. What happened? He felt... strange. Wasn't he supposed to be sick? He didn't feel like it anymore. Maybe Shrek found some medicine and gave it to him while he was asleep. But why was his basket suddenly too small? Blinking in the uncommonly bright light, he yawned and stood, suddenly falling off of the bed. As he stood his hooves slipped on the rug and he fell again. Wait. Hooves? Puss galloped out of the room and down the hall, stopping in front of a large mirror. He was a....

"A BURRO!?! Wha... how.... oh my...." Puss, now a bright orange donkey, gasped and backed away, still not believing what was happening. "How did I become... a donkey? I... I don't remember taking any potion." Taking a few hesitant steps toward his reflection, he stared into his eyes and knew that somehow this was him. Now he knew what Fiona had felt when she had first transformed.

Still not believing it, he blinked and sat down, making his ears go flat against his head, then back up, then flat again. After a few minutes of this he stood and walked into the dining room, running straight into Donkey. Donkey didn't even notice Puss's new transformation. Instead he said, "Hey, what's wrong? Wake up! WAKE UP! DON'T GO INTO A COMA!!! OH NO!!!"

Puss was just about to ask what the heck was wrong with Donkey when he felt a sudden push at his shoulder. He blinked and whirled around, wondering who did that. It happened again, and Puss felt the room dissolve around him. He didn't see it because his eyes were closed.

With a tremendous effort Puss opened his eyes, feeling as if the world had decided to beat him senseless and leave him out in front of Burger Prince ((Is that right? I couldn't really tell.)) for everyone to step on him. Donkey was leaning over him, face just inches away from his own.

"What's wrong? What are you doing?" Puss rasped. It had been a dream... a rather scary one too.

Donkey moved away a little and said, "You were screaming and yelling and I thought you were dying or something! What the heck were you dreaming about?"

"I dreamt that I was an ass like you." Puss muttered, feeling annoyed that he had been woken up. Another merciless headache was threatening to erupt in his head, and all he wanted to do was sleep. At that moment, however, Shrek came in, carrying a bag full of who knows what.

"Puss, are you feeling well enough to travel?" Shrek started, then told Puss of the letter and the worker at the factory. Puss sat up and wrapped the blanket around him, listening intently. At the end he said, "So.. This Monty poisoned me? Why?"

"I asked him and he said it was an accident, that he mixed the wrong potions and came up with a poison instead of a sweet drink, and it somehow ended up here." Shrek looked skeptical, and Donkey was busy muttering evil thoughts under his breath, but Puss made a peculiar motion at his side, as if he were trying to grab something that wasn't there.

Once he realized that his sword was gone, Puss asked for it, and Shrek replied, "I've packed it with your hat and boots. We're going to go with Monty as soon as possible."

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