Carbuncle! The SD Gundam Story

Shute gets turned into a FFXI Carbuncle!

Double F: Which is the CUTEST Carbuncle of all of them!

Charon: GWA- Oh, yeah, I forgot you were here! THIS IS MY FRIEND, DOUBLE F! SHE ROCKS! SAY HI!

Double F: Hi-ya! (giggles)

Charon: Double F here wrote the original "Carbuncle!" story starring Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Double F: And the Carbuncle from Final Fantasy XI.

Charon: Alrighty the-

Double F: Not the ones from any of the other games, because they look weird.

Charon: ...Okay-dokey-pokey-blokey- (pbbbtttt), where was I? Oh yeah! Yet another Shute-centric story! Shute gets turned into a Carbuncle! Watch him suffer! Um.... what else should I say?

Double F: Hmm....

Charon: (types Hmmm....)

Double F: (laughs as I type everything she says)

Charon: Okay, this has gone on long enough. ON with a story!

Double F: No, wait, we're not done yet!

Charon: What else?

Double F: Well... he uh..... He meets other people that are turned into Carbuncles! Like Sora! Sora is cute! I like his really spikey hair.

Charon: .... Some things never change.... STORY TIME!

Carbuncle was thinking as he slept, a feat which not most people can do. Most people either sleep or think with their eyes closed, but Carbuncle slept and thought...

Thought about how he needed a vacation. All these little do-nothing summoners going "I summon you" this and "I shall defeat Ifrit with your help" that and calling him "Pikachu". OOO, he had had ENOUGH of the Pikachu joke. He opened his eyes. "Okay."

He summoned himself from his crystal home and shook his long, long spine. "I'm tired. The world's tired of me. I'm going on vacation!"

With a flick of his tail, a portal opened within the fabric of space, a endless swirling mass of BLUE on the other side. He knew, however, exactly where this blue mass went to; his friend Fenn taught him how to get there. He took a deep breathe, swallowed, and hollered "NEOTOPIA, HERE I COME!" He jumped in with an enthusiasm unlike a demigod, the portal snapping shut an inch behind his tail.

Not half a second after, a black-decked man with one wing growing from his back jumped from the trees, his hand resting on a Carbuncle sized cage. He paused for a second, blinked, and realized that A(the cage was empty, and B( part of the railing had landed on his toe.




Just my luck to land in a puddle, though the Carbuncle, shaking the water off his paws. He kicked the offending water and skipped away, out of the light forest of his landing spot and into the wide expanse of grass that was Neotopia National Park. Bounce, Bounce through the grass, oh, he couldn't have been happier! There was nowhere in Vana'diel this green, this open, this... un-dangerous. What was the word for not dangerous again? It had been war-time for so long, he had forgotten...

Just about that time, he noticed a white dot on the ground ahead of him. Closer inspection confirmed that it was not all white, but a bit of blue as well, and a dash of red. Carbuncle trotted up to the white thing to discover... it... um... well, it was a white thing.

A rather handsome looking white thing, too. It looked like a mechanical hume, about as tall as a young boy. Two golden spike came out from both sides of his forehead in a graceful sort of way; two yellow eyes stared at him from out of a black field. His body was wide and stocky, with hoof-like feet with wheels for heels. Come to think of it, it looked a bit more like a Galka without a tail, and in a good way, too. Its mouth came to a sharp point on its face, with two openings that might have been its mouth. Mouthes. Something.

Oh, and that bit of red he had seen; it was a hume boy! He was asleep on the kneeling metal-Galka's lap, his body curled into a loose ball. A mess of red hair sweeped back from his forehead; his face was a little bruised, who knows why, but it still held that angelic look that all children have while asleep. His hands were twitching. He was dreaming, the little angel. Such a comfy looking dreamy angel, too...

Carbuncle stepped forward and sniffed the hume that looked so peaceful. He smelled perfectly normal, if a little dusty.

"Don't get too close."

Carbuncle jumped and let loose a small "yipe!", standing with his feet spread in a defensive position. The metal-Galka was looking at him, the openings in his mouth flashing yellow as he spoke.

"Shute is afraid of dogs. He will react in a violent manner if he finds that you are here."

Carbuncle then snuffed its nose and tossed his ears; the nerve of the Galka to talk to him like that! Carbuncle defied the Galka's request and pushed himself into the crook of the hume's torso, settling his nose in the boy's armpit. The white Galka shook his head.

"Fine then. Don't count on me to keep you safe, though."

Un-dangerous! That was it! Safe! That's what it meant to not be in danger! Carbuncle yawned and drifted to sleep. He felt safe.


".......Oooooooooooooooooooooooow!" Sephiroth had finally been able to stop himself from screaming long enough to start yelling about how much his foot hurt and how much he hated that stupid CARBUNCLE!


Something's tickling me, Shute thought. Do I need to get up and see what it is? Um.... nah, I'm comfy- ee! It itches! I need to get up and see what it is... but I'm too tired. Maybe later. No, I need to... go back to... getting up.... back to sleep... no- WAIT! I'll make Capain do it!

"Captain, what's tickling me?" Shute asked, trying as hard as he could not to wake himself up.

"Some sort of Corgi-like creature."

Oh great, Captain was using words Shute didn't know again. Now he'd have to wake up and think about it. Or he could just ask. "What's a Corgi?"

Captain hesistated for a moment before speaking. "A breed of dog."

"A DOG!?"

Shute leapt from his side, scrambling onto his knees. He was unable to get to his feet on account of the sight of the bright-blue mostly-dog creature in front of him had scared him into submission. It shook it's head in confusion and smiled at him, but the auburn-headed one mistook it for baring its fangs.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Shute held out his palm and BOOM! Blasted Carbuncle with a bolt of magic energy! "Get it away, get it away!"

"HEY!" Carbuncle huffed again; some place! He strutted firmly up to Shute and rammed his on the head with his forehead ruby, knocking the boy into a daze. "And thank you very much for ruining my nap!"

Carbuncle began to toddle off, passing the standing white Galka made of metal. The white one looked at him. "I told you."

Carbuncle grunted and kept walking.


"MOM! MOM! DOG!" Shute barreled into his mother's stomach and tried to crawl into her lap. "Dog! Dog! DOG!"

"Shute, calm down!" Keiko, who had been happily (or maybe not) grading papers until then, cooed while stroking Shute's hair. "There's no dog here, honey!"

"Doh! Doh doh!" Nana cheered. This was her newest trick, chirping half of a word that she found interesting. "Doh doh!"

Shute winced in fear. "Nana, no! Anything but 'dog'!"

Keiko laughed quietly. Oh, she shouldn't be laughing while her son was terrified, but he was so cute when he was stricken with terror! "Well, Shute, did you have fun?"

Shute's mind didn't change gear so easily. "It WAS a little fun until that DOG attacked me!"

"The dog did not attack you, Shute."

"Hello, Captain!" Keiko waved as Captain Gundam stepped onto the patio. She returned his 'hello' bow before returning to her son, who had still not caught his breath. "You see, Shute, Captain said that the dog didn't attack you."

"Yes it did! It viciously came after me! It rammed me in the head and it hurt!" Shute runned the protruding part of his forehead, still red from the headbutt. "All dogs hate me because I hate all dogs, and it came after me! It snarled at me and everything!"

Captain sighed and held Shute's shoulders to comfort him. "All it did was sleep until you screamed at it, Shute."

"They're evil, Captain!" Shute cried. "You saw it! It tried to eat me! EVIL!"

"Doh, doh!" Nana interjected. "E-bihl!"

Shute smiled and, hopping off of his mother's lap, picked Nana up from her stroller. "Aw, yeah, you know dogs are God's most evil creatures, don't you, Nana?"

"Shoo..." Nana giggled and reached for her brother's face. "Shoo!"

"Aw, all you gotta do is get the 'T' right, Nana." Shute nuzzled the baby's nose. "Snoogy snoogy!"

Shute carried Nana away towards his workshop, and Keiko sighed and put a hand on Captain's shoulder. "He's never going to get over this, is he?"

Captain responded, "Hopefully he will, Mrs. Marxworth."

"I'm gonna go rock Nana to sleep!" Shute said, placing Nana under his arm and pulling her inside the house. "See you later!"

"But Shute, it's not even dinnertime yet!" Keiko sighed once again. "What am I going to do with him?"

Captain shrugged. "I don't know."


Sephiroth, by then, had finally finished cursing the Carbuncle and was now yelling at himself about how he had not caught it in the first place.


And, of course, Shute fell asleep upstairs with Nana under his arm like he did sometimes. It was nothing he could help; his stomach hurt. It was a strange, tighl feeling, like his muscles were trying to pull him inside of himself. He held on tighter to his sister and yawned, not noticing that his lips were catching on his protuding eye teeth.

Chapter one is DONE! Notes? None that I can think of!