A/N: Glad you're all enjoying this. Since the "Mizuho language" appears to actually be Japanese, I'm working with that idea here. My apologies for Yuan's OOC-ness, but it sure was fun writing it. Oh, and for whoever asked, it's three years after the end of ToS. Genis is fifteen.

Entry #10

After lunch

Lloyd has built a forge in a shed behind the house. I'm glad he has something to do, but I'm afraid the neighbors are going to complain about the noise. It's already bothering me plenty. I don't know what he's making out there, but I'm a little scared to ask. Yesterday he decided to "customize" (as he put it) our silverware. What he ended up doing was deforming it beyond recognition. He must have made a few mistakes with his metalworking, because I know forks aren't supposed to bend backward at a 90-degree angle. If he doesn't stop that awful banging RIGHT NOW, I'm going to......


I didn't get to finish that last sentence because I couldn't stand the banging any more. I went out to Lloyd's forge and told him to do his metalwork quietly. It didn't work. He just threw me out of his shed and started banging away again. Maybe metalworking just isn't something that can be done quietly.

Entry #11


Raine and Kratos are trying to come up with a name for their baby. So far, they haven't thought of anything. Nobody else has, either. Lloyd keeps insisting if it's a boy, they should name him "Steve." I'm not sure if he's being serious or just trying to irritate them, but "Steve Aurion" doesn't sound like a good name at all. Sheena suggested choosing a name from the language of Mizuho. I think the name she came up with was "Kitsune." That means "fox." I said that name reminded me of Corrine. Lloyd suggested "Baka." Unfortunately, that means "stupid." Sheena started yelling at him about how could he even consider naming a child that? I can't think of anything. Kratos wants to use Raine's maiden name as the child's first name. "Sage Aurion" doesn't sound too bad, but I don't think Raine really likes the idea. Uh-oh, big mistake. Lloyd said if it's a girl, they should name her after our mother. Raine basically exploded. Lloyd should know better than to bring up that subject with her.


Raine's taking the whole motherhood thing a bit too far. Now she's trying to learn to knit. Notice I said "trying." She's trying to knit a baby blanket, but it looks more like a tangled mass of yarn at the moment. Sheena isn't doing much better. She decided she wanted to help, but it's like the blind leading the blind. Neither of them know what they're doing. The whole project seems hopeless. Right now, they've tangled the yarn around a chair somehow, and Raine just stabbed herself with a knitting needle. I hope they either get better at this or buy clothes and blankets from the shops in town, or else that's going to be one cold baby.

Entry #12

Around lunchtime

I'm seriously hoping Raine and Kratos have a daughter, because the boys' names they've come up with are pretty awful.First she suggested "Kloitz," after our father. Kratos said that poor child would be called "Klutz" his whole life. Personally, I wonder if my grandparents were drunk when they chose that name for their son. Then Raine came up with "Boltzmann" after the famous healer. That's almost as bad, or maybe worse than "Kloitz." Next thing you know, she'll want to name her child "Cleo" for the ancient Balacruf-dynasty king. I think that sounds like a girl's name. Poor kid hasn't even been born yet and I already pity him/her.


I can't believe this. I'll try to record everything that was said and done as accurately as possible. We were enjoying a peaceful (or at least as peaceful as things get around here) supper, when somebody started banging on the door. Before anyone could answer it, Yuan decided to just let himself into the house. (Looks like somebody forgot to lock the door.) Right away, we could all tell he was drunk. He sort of staggered in, grinning like an idiot, then plopped himself in a chair and helped himself to a plate of food. I thought at first Kratos had invited him, but he looked just as surprised (and disgusted) as the rest of us. Yuan waved at him and started talking very loudly, slurring most of his words. I couldn't understand most of what he was saying. Kratos got angrier by the moment until he basically burst.

"YUAN! What are you doing in my house!" he shouted, probably so loud the neighbors could hear.

Yuan sort of smirked at him. "Heeey, Kratos. Whaaaaa's goin' on with yoooou? Who are theeeese people?"

Kratos glared. "You know perfectly well who they are."

"Ooooh yeaaah, your son and his dumb friends. Hey Lloyd! Long time, no seeee!"

Lloyd didn't say anything. He just looked at Yuan like he was stupid.

"I'll thank you not to call my family 'dumb,'" Kratos said coolly.

"Faaamily? Huh?"

"Raine and I are married now, remember? You were at the wedding. I suppose you're probably too drunk to remember your own name right now, though."

It was then that Yuan got really stupid.

"I can flyyyy!" he declared, climbing on top of the table.

"Well, yeah," Sheena commented. "You're an angel. You have wings. Of course you can fly."

"I can fly withoooout wingsss!" he insisted, jumping off the table. He forgot, or maybe refused, to use his wings and crashed into the wall, leaving a dent rivaling anything Colette could produce. Instead of acting like he was hurt, Yuan started laughing like a maniac. Then he started singing.

"Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall! Ninety-nine bottles of beeeeeer! Take one down, pass it around..."

"YUAN! SHUT UP!" Kratos shouted, smacking him upside the head. "If you're going to stay here, you'll have to behave yourself.

"I loves you, Kratooos," he said, hugging an irritated-looking Kratos.

"Get off of me, you freak!"

"Okay," Yuan said cheerfully. He got off of Kratos all right, but then he decided to sit on Raine's lap. "Heey, sweetie. Can I have a hug?" He gave her this really ridiculous grin.

Kratos was furious at this point."YUAN! GET AWAY FROM MY WIFE!" Raine was just as angry, because she dumped Yuan off her lap, got out of her chair, and came back with her deck brush. Even though I've seen her use it as a weapon, the fact remains that it's a broom. She'd been using it to sweep the kitchen floor, so it was the most convenient thing to use to hit Yuan. And boy, did she hit him.

"Yuan!" she screeched. "You've worn out your welcome. Get out....NOW!" She began beating him senseless with the broom-in the head, on the butt, and anywhere else she could get in a hit. Not only did she chase him out of the house, she continued down the street, still trying to swat him with the broom. I really hope nobody saw it. There are enough people in the world who think my sister is crazy. The last thing we need is for her to get arrested or something.

Entry #13


I think after Yuan left our house, he must have been bothering someone else, because Kratos had to bail him out of the local jail. I don't know what he got arrested for, and I'm not sure I want to know. If he comes back, I'm going to sic Noishe on him. At least, I would if Noishe was any good as a guard "dog." Noishe is too friendly. If someone broke into our house, he'd probably just lick the intruder's face and wag his tail. Whenever someone's cooking, we like to leave the windows open to let out the smoke, but the problem is, the smell attracts Noishe. This morning, Sheena left a pie cooling on the counter, and we all returned from grocery shopping (and getting Yuan out of prison), it was gone. I think Noishe must have stuck his head in the window and stolen the pie. He's big enough to reach the counter if he does that. Sheena caught him red-handed (or red-faced, actually) since he had cherry filling all over his mouth. I think she's ready to turn him over to Raine for dissection.