When Day Fades To Night Before hand: This is a joint 'fic by me and my friend SeiyaKou1. It will be posted under both our names (sooner or later). This has major S&S themed story with a healthy dose of action. Not to mention a few jokes thrown in for your amusement. Seiya and me came up with this idea while snacking on Pizza one day after school. We discussed it in depth and decided to turn the idea into a Fanfic of great length. Since I (Satashi) have more experience in writing, I am going to write all of this, but SeiyaKou1 gets credit for helping me out all the way through this with story ideas and helpful suggestions. There is no way I could of written this without his insight, knowledge, and great ideas. I hope you enjoy this.


I lay awake in my bed once again. I don't know why I do this to myself. It's her. Always her. The ever so sweet Cherry Blossom. The one that controls my mind every waking hour. I long for her. Just once I want to hold her in my arms and know that it'll all work out. But that won't happen, it never does. I'm just to scared. A sigh comes from my lips and I roll over on my bed, getting even more tangled in the sheets. Tomorrow was another day. That is all I have. Maybe tomorrow it will work out okay. After all, we were getting closer by the day. Maybe she liked me too? My head jerked to the window when a slight noise catches my attention. Only one person would come to me this late.


When Day Fades to Night

Sakura hummed a light song to herself as she stirred the rice. She loved to cook, most sixteen- year-old girls did. Well, her friends liked to cook, but they all insisted that she was the best.


Sakura stiffened slightly. It had been a while since she had last heard that name. Oh well, Yukito must be away for a while. Touya got kind of depressed when they couldn't hang out. "Konichiwa, Ni-chan." She greeted him as he looked over her shoulder.

"What is this slop?" He asked, sniffing. "Smells horrible."

Oh. That hurt. "Ni-chan!" Sakura looked up at him and almost shrunk back by his look. He was almost glaring at her.

"You can't cook anyway. Might as well not even try."

Sakura visibly looked hurt. "But...but.... I am making your favorite..."

"This slop?"

Tears came to the young girl's eyes. With a small sniffle she turned and walked away. Touya scoffed and cut off the stove and threw it in the sink. By now she had already left to her room.

With a sob, Sakura burst into her room and slammed the door loudly behind her. Kero looked up from his game with a surprised look. Tears were streaming down her face and she sniffed constantly. Before he could ask, Sakura chocked on her tears and jumped onto her bed and cried into her pillow.


Touya was cooking himself dinner when his father came in. Fujitaka smiled to himself and walked into the kitchen. "Cooking for Sakura-san tonight, Touya-san?"

Touya humped. "No. I'm cooking for me."

Fujitaka blinked at the sound of his voice. "Are you okay?"

"Fine." He still hasn't turned to address his father. "Sakura is in her room."

He could take a hint. With a sigh Fujitaka turned and left his son to himself. Sakura would answer his questions on why he was so mad tonight. When he got to her room he knocked twice and called out to her. "Sakura-san? May I come in?" No answer. Two more knocks and another call followed. "Sakura-san?"

Her door was unlocked so he turned the knob and peaked in. When he didn't see anybody, he opened the door all the way and skimmed the room. Her window was slightly open and a note was left on the dresser. Quickly he ran over to it and read it.

Gone to Tomoyo's to stay the night.


Fujitaka closed his eyes and took in a breath. He would have to have a talk with Touya and his mood swings.


Syaoran paced his room. "So that's why you're here so late." He thought aloud, looking at his ceiling.

"Un." Sakura nodded, sitting on his bed with the covers pulled over her legs for warmth. "Sorry to bother you so late. I know you must be tired from Soccer practice and all."

Syaoran shook his head. "Not really. I was just laying in bed, not really trying to get to sleep." He paused. "But still, if you were cooking dinner, why are you here now?"

Sakura looked away. "I went for a walk."

"Long walk."

"I went to Tomoyo-chan's house, too." She explained, now following him with her eyes as he paced the room. "She won't be there until later tonight, so I thought I would come see you.... do you want me to leave?"

"Not really." Syaoran said almost immediately. A quick blush painted his face and he turned around. "I mean, I'm here for you.... If you ever want to talk..." His blush got darker when Sakura got out of his bed and hugged him from behind.

"You so cool, Syaoran." She teased and poked him in his side.

"Yeah..Uh....Want something to drink?" He pulled away in fear of a nosebleed. "How about some hot chocolate? It's still kinda cold outside at night."

"That would be nice." She smiled at his back. "As long as you put some marshmallows in it."

Syaoran chuckled. "You sure have matured." He felt her stick her tongue out at him and he laughed.


"You don't have to do this." Sakura told Syaoran as they walked from his door and into the apartment hallway. "I can walk on my own."

"Not this late at night you can't." He answered easily, checking to make sure the door was indeed locked. As an after thought he pulled a key from his key ring and handed it to Sakura. "Here...uh..." He looked away and blushed. "This way you won't have to come through my window..."

Sakura blinked at the key and took it with a small blush on her face as well. "I still might every now and then, at night."

'At night....' Syaoran shook his head to clear it. "Feel free..... Come on... Let's get you home.... or at least to your girlfriend's house."

Sakura smacked his arm playfully. "Don't even start with that, or I'll spread rumors about how you used to like Yukito...." She smiled and Syaoran panicked.

"Hey! I was confused at the time, okay!? How was I supposed to know he was Yue?"

Sakura giggled. "Okay, no jokes on either of our parts, deal?"

A nod. "All right."


Sakura walked close to Syaoran as they went down the street. Their arms brushed each other's at every step and her hand was rubbing next to his on purpose. This, of course, drove Syaoran crazy. After the first few minuets of walking, he slightly turned his hand and caught hers halfway. Kind of a silent question. Sakura answered by turning her hand also so their fingertips brushed each other's. Not really holding hands, but not really not either. Both blushed and chose to look away from each other. This was as far as they could go without drawing back, afraid the other would let go.


Syaoran waited from Tomoyo's gate. He held a card in his hand and watched Sakura at the door until Tomoyo came out. Looks like she was home now. With a single word Syaoran activated the card and wings appeared at his shoes. He leapt from the fence, ran a few steps, hopped, and jumped when he landed. The force shot him into the air and he landed onto the house and jumped again, this time leaning forward at a low angle. He got home this way, housetop after housetop. When the young boy landed on his balcony, he unlocked it and slid the glass door open. Only then did he draw the pink card from his pocket and whisper into it.

"Arigato for the power, Sakura." The card slowly disappeared from his hand and he knew that she had heard his words.

~*A few days later*~

Sakura skated to school slowly. She had spent the last few nights at Tomoyo's house. Last night was the first night that week that she had gone home. Touya was still being mean to her. She had tried to talk to him, but his glare scared her. Already a bad feeling was creeping into her heart. Tomoyo had to leave suddenly for the next few days. That meant she had to stay home, which meant that Touya would be mean to her again. Yukito had even stopped coming by. Maybe Yue felt something was wrong, too. A sudden sigh came from her lips and she closed her eyes. A few moments later she ran into something. This something, however, held her, keeping her from falling.

"G-gomen nas--" She stared into the brown eyes of Syaoran, who was still holding her. His face changed to a small teasing smile right before he spoke to her.

"Most people look where they are skating." He said cooly, helping her to stand without slipping.

"Then why did you let me run into you?" She asked, teasing back. She was aware of the small hint of blush coming to her cheeks, but she could always blame that on her makeup.

"Just felt like saying 'hi' I guess." Syaoran responded just before turning his skateboard and starting to skate away, slowly at first so she could catch up to him. "How is you home life?" He asks, looking sideways at her just as he brought his foot up and rode his board.

"Sucks." She replied, looking down almost. "Ni-chan is really mad at me for some reason.."

"He knows about the cards?"

"...not that I'm aware of."

"Maybe he found out you was going behind his back all these years, and is mad because he was worried?"

"....." Sakura let the thought run over in her head. "No, he's not like that. Besides, he still doesn't know about Kero. He knows something is different about Yukito, but doesn't think into it."

"Hm..." Syaoran brought his hand to his chin and absent mindedly propelled his board faster to keep an even pace with Sakura. "Well, we got all the Clow cards, changed them to Sakura cards, and even stopped Eriol from being evil....although I think he still is...."


Syaoran chuckled. "Anyway, is there any other thing that could affect him?"

Sakura thought about that as well. Syaoran was having one of those intelligent days it seemed. Not really a rare thing, but he usually teased her more than anything else. Not like he liked her or anything... 'Not like he ever will...' She thought sadly.

"I'll talk to him." Syaoran stated firmly. "I don't like seeing you frown."

Sakura smiled brightly at him. She knew how much they hated each other. "Arigato!" Maybe he didn't dislike her after all. This made Sakura smile the rest of the day.


Syaoran Stood at the Kinomoto's house, he could feel that Touya was inside. With a leap he jumped the fence and landed with a soft thump. Slowly he walked toward the door, but stopped halfway there when Touya came outside.

"What do you want?" He demanded, face stern.

"Why are you being mean to Sakura?"

"None of your business."

Syaoran frowned. "She is staying at my house tonight. She won't be home." He hoped Touya would call his lie.

"Like I care?"

Okay. Something was definitely wrong here.

Touya stepped forward and brought up his fist. "Leave."

Syaoran frowned. 'Yes..... Something is really wrong here.... I'll fight you later, Touya.' Syaoran turned and started to walk away, but had to jump to avoid a kick. 'Oh.... It's on now.'


"You think they'll fight?" Sakura asked quietly to Eriol.

Eriol smirked. "No. They are more mature than that, Sakura-san."

"You think so?"

Eriol nodded and placed some tea in front of her. "Positive."

~*Syaoran's P.O.V.*~

I jump to avoid a kick to my back. It was low to attack when someone's back was turned. Even lower when that person was leaving. I had promised Sakura I wouldn't fight. Looks like I had to break that promise now.

I lash out with my right foot as I fly, but he ducks and sweep kicks. Quickly I adjust my landing so he misses. When my hands touch grass, I spin my lower body in a handstand roundhouse. Touya pulls back, but throws his foot out. It connects to my exposed stomach and I literally fly into the air a good three inches before falling to the ground. I forgot his reach was farther than most people's.

When I stand, I feel my stomach throb in pain. There was no way he could hurt me that bad, but still, I was having trouble breathing. Touya wastes no time in attacking again. He punches at me several times, and I dodge most of them. Somewhere in the exchange I charge in and land three punches to his stomach. He grunts in pain, but manages to grab my hair and ram his fist straight into my face.

I could feel blood run from my nose as I am sent screaming backwards into a tree. I grunt at the impact, but am still conscious. When I open my eyes, I gasp. He was at least three feet away from me. There was no way that punch sent my flying this far, yet when I look at the ground, there was drag marked from my feet connecting to the ground.

"Oh shit."

Touya charges me and I leapt into the tree, screaming out to Sakura silently.


Sakura suddenly sits up, spilling her tea. "Syaoran!"

Eriol looks calmly up at her and offers her a calming smile. "What is it, Sakura-san?"

"He's asking for a card!" She looks at Eriol with a panicked face.

"I feel something is wrong, send him the card, but let him handel the battle. It will be okay."

Sakura hesitates, but when she looked at Eriol's calm face she relaxes a little. If Eriol said it would be okay, then it must. Hell, he of all people would know. 'Still.... why would he want the Power card...?'


I feel the card materialize into my hand and I smile grimly. I just hoped I don't hurt him permanently. "Card of power, hear my plea. Help me defeat my foe by strengthening me." The card glows for a second, then disappears. I feel the power flow into my body and I jump down, behind Touya. "Touya!" He turns and faces me. "Back down now!"

"Not until I kill you..."

"So be it."

He rushes at me and I catch his hand easily, the power also increases my speed and agility in a fight. Touya's eyes widen for a split second and I start to feel my hand burn. I quickly release his hand and he attacks again, harder and faster. I can't remember exactly what happened next. The world became a blur of punches and kicks. My hits were parried or blocked. His were dodged or knocked away. We must have been like this for five minuets before I broke it off by jumping back, breathing hard. Even with the rush of power I was starting to feel drained by using so much of my power. It was then that I realized something. Something I should have realized a long time ago.

Touya had an aura.

It was black, and swaying easily. I couldn't quite see it, it was more of a feel. Like when I thought about Sakura. I could feel her aura. It felt pink. She once told me mine was green and Kero's was a golden brown. Yukito's aura was a slight silver. But Touya.... I never felt him have an aura. Something was really messed up now.

"You seem scared." He calls to me, not advancing.

"I am." I lie. It was true, I felt a little nervous. But scared.... no. Not scared. Just worried. I run now. He gives chase a little bit, but backs down when I jump from his yard. I had to talk to Sakura before I fought anymore.

Touya glared at Syaoran as he ran. "He knows." He said to no one in particular. Deep down he could feel something screaming to get out, but it was quickly pushed down. Now was not the time to worry about it. He would have to work fast.


Sakura flew through the air with tears in her eyes. It was around midnight, but she couldn't stay home anymore. Not like this. Her father had yelled at her ever since she got home, blaming her for every little thing that went wrong. Everything. Fujitaka was never like this. Not once could she remember a time where she had been yelled at. And Touya.... Touya had just gotten worse.

Sakura's mouth twitched lightly at the sight of Syaoran star gazing from his balcony. Slowly she descended to him and greeted him with a smile. She had wiped her eyes free of tears just before landing.

The small wings faded from her back and she looked at him. "Out so late?"

Syaoran hugged her. "What's wrong? You've been crying." He could always tell when she was hurt.

Sakura tries to hold back her feelings, but finds that she can't with his sympathy smothering her. Without warning she clings to his chest and cries into it. Several half-muttered sentences are said between sobs. Syaoran shushes her lightly and rubs her back in small circles.

"Calm down... shhhhhh... It's okay.... Calm down and breath before trying to talk...." He whispers to her softly, but soon realizes that she has been hurt quite bad emotionally. Without thinking, he lifts her up and slides one hand under her legs and leaves the other behind her back. He caries her into his room and sets the crying girl onto his bed. She still clings to his chest and cries. Because of the awkward position they fall over onto the bed and lay down. She clutches him still, but breaths heavily, trying to calm down.

A few minuets pass and Sakura got her breath back, but tears still came from her eyes every now and then. She spoke into his chest, too afraid to look up. "Otousan... " She sniffled. "Yelled at me..." another breath. "Hard...Loud... Constantly..." She started to lose it again. "He said...he said... that he wished I was never born.." She clutched him tight. "And ni-" she hiccuped. "Ni- chan agreed!" She hiccuped again and started to cry anew, muttering again.

Syaoran glared angrily across the room. He should have talked to her after he found out what he did today, but for some reason after seeing her smiling face, he couldn't bring himself to do it. He started to rub her back again and whisper into her ear. Three minuets passed before her sobs subside and another two before her hiccups went away. Now she just lay there, hugging him tightly while sniffing every now and then.

"G-gomen.." She whispered after a while. Before he could respond she slowly lifted her head up and looked at him. "For crying on you... you're all wet now."

Syaoran shrugged and let her go when she pulled away. "Easily solved." He told her before walking to his closet and pulling out two shirts. He handed one to Sakura and changed into the other behind her back. A few moments later some house pants landed on her head, covering it. "Go take a bath." Syaoran told her gently. "It'll loosen you up."

"You don't mind?"

"Of course not." He pulled her up when she could see again. "Come on." He gently took her hand and led her into his bathroom and started the water for her, setting it just right. "There. Towels and stuff are in that cabinet. I don't have the kind of shampoo you usually use so you'll have to use mine. Hope you don't mind..-"

"Spring Breeze."

Syaoran blinked. "Uh...yeah... that kind." He glanced at the bottle and saw it was facing the other way. How did she know what kind....? Sakura looked down and Syaoran decided to leave. "I'll be around somewhere." He said gently before leaving.


Syaoran awoke slowly the next morning. Lazily he stretched out and rolled over...... right onto the floor. He landed with a hard thump and grimaced at the slight pain. Slowly he sat up and rubbed his head. With his free hand, he took off the blanket from around him and moved his pillow.

'Wait a minuet....' He thought before observing the cover and pillow. 'I don't remember....'

"You awake?" Sakura asks as she leaned over on the couch. A small giggle came from her lips. "I see you are."

Syaoran blinked. "You could have woken me up last night." He pulled himself up. "Thanks for the cover..."

"You looked to cute to wake up. I slept on your bed...... hope you don't mind?"

Syaoran blushed and looked away. "No...not at all."

"Sorry about last night." Sakura's voice was now serious, and a little sad.

"Don't worry. That is why I'm here." He offered a smile, in which she returned. 'I'll cook her breakfast before I call Kero over here. I'll explain then.'


"So you left after seeing the aura?" Kero asked, making sure he was getting all of this. "Sounds like he was possed or something. There is no way in hell Touya could knock the brat around like that."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Syaoran sneered.

They were at his house. Syaoran had just finished telling them his story and was currently letting it all sink in.

"This maybe a slight problem then..."

Sakura turned to Kero. "What do you mean, Kero-chan?"

"Well..." He floated over to her and stood on Syaoran's table. " How could Touya get possed?" He walked around a little bit. "I mean.... We all know he has some magical powers. He can see the dead for cryin' out loud! Not to mention he stares at me whenever he walks in your room, Sakura. Frankly I'm surprised he ain't figured me out jus' yet."

"So," Syaoran began. "Is there anything you know of?"

"...Yeah...." Kero looked down.

"What!?" Sakura demanded, looking down at him. "I have to do something! Even Otousan is acting mean now!"

"Calm down." Syaoran stated lightly. "We need to listen before we get jumpy." Sakura gave him a look, but softened when he returned her bad look with an encouraging one.

"The Evil card..."

"Card?" Syaoran asked, now walking over to him. "What do you mean 'Card'?"

Kero paced. "There are a couple of cards that are not in the book of Clow Cards." He started a little slowly. "That means that there are still Clow Cards out there. Cards that are not meant to be kept in a book."

"But I already fought Yue for the title of Card Mistress!" Sakura whined. "Kero-chan, your not making any sense!"

Syaoran was now pacing as well. "Cards.... not meant to be in the book....there better be a damn good reason for this."

"Syaoran!" Sakura scolded. "Watch your mouth."

Syaoran looked away, slightly red. "Hai."

"Anyway..." Kero continued, eying Syaoran "As I was saying.... Clow made two extra cards after completing the book. A Card of Holy energy and a Card of Evil energy. The Holy card and The Evil card"

"The two legendary cards." Syaoran stated just then. "I've been told about them."

Kero nodded. "The Li's were given the Holy card to protect. The Evil card was sealed away. It can't work unless it is inside someone."

"So you mean...Evil is inside Oni-chan and Otousan?"

"Possible." Kero stated seriously. "I can't sense these two cards because I was summoned before they were made."

"Aren't you helpful?"

"Stuff it, brat." Each glared at each other for a while before Sakura cut them off.

"So basically all we have to do is find the Holy card and use it to get rid of Evil?"

"I'm not sure." Kero confessed, taking back to his pacing. "All I know is that there are such cards. I don't know exactly what they do. Evil posses and Holy stops it. I guess Holy is some attack card that will fight Evil."

"Okay." Syaoran said, taking out his Lasin board. "Let's find it." A few chants came form him and the board glowed a second before shooting light out in every direction. "Damn."

Sakura kicked Syaoran lightly as he passed her. "Language."

"Gomen." He replied, not really paying attention. "I can't find them either."

"Looks like you're pretty much useless." Kero said, smirking at Syaoran.

"Na-ni!?" The boy slammed his hands on the table and glared at Kero.

"Wait." Each turned to Sakura. "If the Li's were given the card, then shouldn't Syaoran have it?"

Syaoran shook his head. "No."

"Then your family should." She finished, giving him a smile. "All we have to do is pick it up."

Syaoran got at what she was getting to. "Ah, I see."

"What? What!?"

Syaoran looked at Kero. "I'm going home."



"You sure you want to do this?" Syaoran asks again as they boarded the plane.

"Hai." Sakura nodded seriously. "I don't want to go home when I can't help my family. I feel really bad...Besides, you so nicely offered to buy my ticket." Sakura had a short flashback of her hugging his knees, begging to come along.

Syaoran sighed and picked up her suitcase and slid it above their seats. "It's an eight-hour flight to Hong Kong from here." He picked up another suitcase and slid it up as well, followed by a third, and a small fourth. "Damn, how much you bring?" He winced at a slight slap on his shoulder. "Gomen."

Sakura giggled. "I'll help you break that habit soon enough."

"It's not a habit." Syaoran insisted as he found a place for his one single suitcase. "It just slips out."

"Uh-huh." Sakura sat down in the seat and laughed. "Three times since we left home isn't just a slip."

"Shut up. At least I got us a flight, didn't I?"

Sakura yawned. "Yeah, a midnight flight to Hong Kong. Thanks a lot."

"Geeze." Syaoran sat next to her, he had a window seat. Although he couldn't see anything but black with lights of the airport outside.

"Wake me when we get there." Sakura said sleepily as she turned in her seat.

"Can't sleep until we take off." Syaoran informed her lazily. This earned him a groan.


Sakura yawned to herself. She had gotten two hours worth, if not less, sleep on the plane. 'Stupid storm' She thought to herself as she sat next to Syaoran, half holding his hand like they did a few weeks ago. They were riding on a Taxi.

"We'll be there soon." He encouraged. "Just give it a few more minuets."

And that she did. Just like he had promised, they arrived at a huge house. Sakura gasped at the size of it, but Syaoran just laughed. "That's the servant's house." He said smugly. "I live over there." He pointed to what looked like a castle.



(A/N: Everything everyone says is Chinese, except for Sakura, who can't speak it very well. Although she can catch the basic jiff of what's going on, Syaoran will always speak to Sakura in Japanese. Also I have not seen any movies yet, so I don't know Syaoran's sister's names nor his mother's name.)

Two guards stopped the travelers at the door to the....house. Each held a spear, and crossed them when they got close.

"Halt." One stated, face stern. "Who are you?"

Syaoran smiled proudly. "I am Syaoran Li, future head of the Li clan." The guards looked at each other, back at Syaoran, then back to each other. Then they laughed. "Hey!" Syaoran started to get mad.

"Hehehe...Sorry...hehe.... You're...who?"

"Syaoran Li!" The guards laughed harder, one even bending over to slap his knee. Anger built on Syaoran's otherwise cool face. " I don't see what's so funny!"

"Sy-Syaoran Li is in Japan!" One guard managed to get out between laughs. "And besides.." He chuckled again. "There is no way Syaoran Li, future head of the Li clan, would be seen with-" He chuckled again. "Such a peasant girl!"

The guard's laugh was suddenly cut off when Syaoran's sword was pressed against his neck. The guard was backed into the wall and was now sweating very hard. "I. Am. Syaoran. Li." Syaoran said each world slowly so the guard could understand "I have had a long trip, and I'm very tired. Is that clear?" He pressed the blade closer to his neck. "And for your information, that peasant girl is very dear to me. Understand?"

"Syaoran.." Sakura began slowly, but stopped when the second guard blew a rather loud whistle.

"Shit." Syaoran grabbed Sakura's hand and kicked open the door.


"Sy-Syaoran!" Sakura said, gasping for air. "Why not just stop and explain!?"

Syaoran pulled her behind a pillar as several guards ran past. "Yeah, like they will listen. Very few guards saw me when I was little, now that I have been gone for six years, you think they will just bow to a kid who threatened them?"


Syaoran shushed her. "I messed up, so sue me." He flashed her his mischief smile. "Let's get to my mother and it'll all work out."

"Why are you smiling like that?"

"Oh, no reason.... Say... can I use a card?"


"YeeeeeeeeHaaaawwww!" Syaoran rooted loudly as he flew through the castle. He beat his wings and smiled brightly. He always did want to make a big entrance when he came back. He had even managed to get his angel wings out without ripping his shirt to shreds, a fact that he was quite proud of.

"Syaoran!" Sakura squealed from her place against his chest. She was being held around her waist by both his arms and she was looking down at the ground while her back was pressed against him. "This is crazy!"

"I want to make an entrance." Syaoran said smugly as he flipped around and broke through another door. So far thirty guards were chasing them. "Besides, We'd get thrown in prison if they caught us now."

"You're crazy!"

"You bet!" Syaoran broke through a familiar door and came into a large room. Instantly he beat his wings a few more times and dodged several spears thrown at him. With a laugh he flew over them and landed, setting Sakura down. Before the guards could turn, he flipped a card into the air. "Windy!" He thrust up his magical sword and the pink card glowed brightly as the wind spirit came out and blew the guards from the room, as well as closing the door.

Suddenly a collective gasp rang out in the room and Syaoran turned, addressing his mother and four sisters with a big smile on his face. "Tadanama!"

Sakura took in a good breath and called back her card. Next time she would make him answer when he wanted a card.


Sakura turned and almost leapt back when four girls came and hugged her friend. Questions shot at him one after another. This continued until another woman stood up.


Instantly all five people dropped into a respectful kneel. Bending over, however, made Syaoran's wings spread out behind him, showing off his ten feet wing span.

"Syaoran..." The woman sighed. "Come give your mother a hug!"

Syaoran beat his wings and literally flew into her arms, even lifting her up with his embrace. "I'm home, mother." He stated happily.

Sakura blinked several times. She was about to ask a question, but the guards broke into the room just then and surrounded her before she could utter a single word.

"Let her go!" Syaoran yelled frantically, setting his mother down and flying over to Sakura. Before he got there, a net was thrown over him and he was ripped from the air. "Aaahh!"

"Let go of my son and his girlfriend this instant!" Syaoran's mother yelled loudly.

The guards blinked several times, but let them go. Each kneeled in respect and uttered apologies.

"Do you not know my brother when you see him?" One girl in the room asked, putting her hands on her hips. "I bet anything he stated who he was when he got here!" Two guards stared to stammer at that comment, but all were sent away, to be delt with later.

"Syaoran, I thought you would make a civilized entrance." Another girl said as they helped him out of the net.

Syaoran flexed his wings out when the net was removed and he floated up, only to drop when Sakura called the Fly card back. He landed with a loud thump and Sakura laughed as he rubbed his butt. "Ittteeee...." He glared at Sakura. "Tell me before you do that!"

Sakura stuck her tongue out. "Serves you right for putting me through that, and not even introducing me to your family!"

"Oops." Syaoran put his hand behind his head and blushed lightly with a chuckle. His shirt felt loose around him now with two large holes i nhte back.

"I'm Ashley." One girl said before running over to Sakura. "You must be some kind of angel! Syaoran rarely did anything but frown when he was here!"

"Yeah!" Another girl agreed, running over to Sakura as well. "He was always so mad!"

"Heather!" Syaoran cried out. "Don't tell her that!"

The other two girls ran over to Sakura and chatted with her, making Sakura rather nervous.

"Let them have their fun." His mother said calmly, walking over to him and placing her hands on his shoulders. "You've grown so much!"

"Yeah, well.." Syaoran blushed and grinned at the same time. "It happens." His mother hugged him again.

"You're finally back. After six long years... You even control Cards now..."

Syaoran stammered slightly. "Well...um.... that is..."

Everyone immediately looked at him.

"Let me introduce you...." He pointed at Sakura. "This is Sakura..." He coughed. "The, um, Card Mistress."


"Syaaaaaooorrrrrraaaaaannnnnnn!" Me-ling burst into Syaoran's room and instantly hugged him. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming back!?"

Syaoran hugged her back and spun her around. "I wanted it to be a surprise." He let her go, but she still hung onto him. "I, uh, can't breathe."

"Silly. I don't care right now." She hugged him tighter. "You never called, you never wrote..."

Syaoran sighed. "I was busy." He explained, getting slightly irritated at her refusal to let go. "I thought about you--"

"You thought about me?" She looked up happily. "Oh, Syaoran, I'm so happy!" She hugged his neck now.

"Gah! That's not what I meant!" He pleaded loudly.


"So why did you suddenly decide to come back?" Syaoran's mother asked as they ate. They were sitting at a long table. His mother sat at the head. To her left sat Syaoran, Sakura, and Me-ling. To his Mother's right and in front of Syaoran sat Ashley. To her right sat Heather, Jessica, and Samantha. Finally at the other side of the table sat Melinda.

Syaoran looked deep into the wine he was holding. Silently he swirled it around in the glass and didn't answer. Everyone at the table remained silent, waiting for a reply. He tried to give it to them a minuet later. "I...." He closed his mouth and again stared into the glass. "I.... there is..." Again he couldn't find the words. Finally Sakura came to his aid.

"We are on a quest to find a Card." She smiled at Syaoran when he gave her a grateful look.

"...Oh...." His mother said sadly. "Are you not... Staying?"

Syaoran looked back into his glass again before drinking it all in a few gulps. The alcohol didn't help him the way he thought it would, and he still found himself thinking straight. ".........I don't know."

Sakura closed her eyes. She was hoping for a definite no.

"What about you, Sakura?" His mother asked, changing the subject. "How long have you and Syaoran been together?"

This made Syaoran look up and pour himself another glass and down it just as fast as the first. Sakura opened her mouth to say something, but closed it, mimicking what Syaoran had done moments earlier.

Syaoran's sisters blinked at this and gave them both a look. Syaoran was now on his third glass, waiting for Syaoran to answer.

"We...Ah... that is..."


Everyone turned to stare at Syaoran, who was passed out, empty glass next to him. His mother sighed and stood. Walking over to him, she checked his pulse. A little too slow for her liking. "I shouldn't have given him wine...."

Everyone, including Sakura, laughed at this. Syaoran even hiccuped in his unconscious state.


"Syaoran.... Are you okay?"

Syaoran groaned as he sat up. "Ugh....... What happened?"

Sakura giggled. "You passed out. Drank too much wine when you had nothing in your stomach."

"Remind me never to do that again." He said woozily. "I feel like shit." Sakura popped him on his head. "Itttee... Gomen, gomen!" He held his head with both hands.

"Anyway." Sakura began as she took the wet cloth and placed it in the small bowl of water. "Your mother planned a ball tonight, to celebrate you coming back."

"A ball?" Syaoran almost yelled. "When!?"

Sakura checked her watch. "Three hours." She handed him some medicine. "Your hangover will be gone by then. A good thing you have such a low tolerance or you would have drunk more."

"Yeah.... hey!"

Sakura giggled and got off his bed. "Well I'm off. Your Sisters want to talk to me."

"Don't believe anything they say!" Syaoran whined. "They'll tell you all sorts of lies!"

"Oh, I'm sure your just paranoid."


Sakura couldn't stop from laughing. "He..." She gasped for air. "Wet the bed till he was six!?"

"Yeah!" Ashley confirmed, laughing as well. This only made Sakura laugh harder.

"That isn't anything!" Jessica butted in. "He once passed out after one glass of campaign at Christmas!"

"Really!?" Sakura breathed out, trying to steady herself from laughing fits.

"Yeah!" Jessica took a steading breath. "Just picked up the glass." She imitated him. "Took a sip." She brought the glass to her lips. "And fell back before he could set the glass down!"



"Ah-choo!" Syaoran sneezed rather loudly. "They're talking about me! I just know it!" He paced around the room, ignoring the people in it. "I told her not to listen. But does Sakura ever listen to me? Of course not, Syaoran, you know that..." He grabbed his head. "Ggggrrrrr!!!! Your talking to yourself again, Syaoran! You think I don't know that!? Oh great! Now I'm answering myself as well!"

The servants in his room slowly made their way out, scared of the young boy.


"Hoooeeeeee......I didn't think I would be in the ball!" Sakura whined as one of Syaoran's three sisters, Jessica, helped her get dressed.


Sakura half smiled, half frowned. " Just ignore that word."


Luckily Jessica knew Japanese. That was one of the reasons she was helping out Sakura. The other reason was that she was also the best in prying out information, and the four sisters couldn't resist a chance to tease Syaoran.

"So how did you meet Syaoran?" She asks as she looked through the many dresses she had.

"We...uh... kinda had a fight at the beginning. He wanted my cards."

"Sounds like him. He was raised to be a warrior. I bet he was confused to see a girl collecting cards?"

"Oh yeah."

"I bet he gets really embarrassed around people he likes, huh?"

Sakura let an image of Syaoran running away from Yukito enter her mind and she laughed. "Yeah, you could say that."

Jessica held out a pink dress. "What do you think?"

Sakura smiled brightly when she saw it. It was pink, and had puffy shoulder sleeves. She could tell it would be tight around her chest and stomach, but it flailed out at her waist into a dress. "Hyaaannn..."


Sakura blushed. "Ignore that word, to."

Jessica shrugged. "Okay... I think you'll look lovely in this."

"You think so?"

"Uh-huh. Syaoran won't be able to keep his hands off you." She smiled mischievously at her.

"I..Uh.." Sakura blushed bright red.

"Well, he is your boyfriend, right?"


"Well it's obvious. He likes you." She patted Sakura on the head. "You saw him drink when he had to answer that question today."

"Y-you think so?"

"Positive." Jessica held the dress in front of Sakura. "He is probably just to shy to ask you out."

"I don't think he likes me.... I'm too scared..."

"Oh, you poor thing." Jessica hugged Sakura gently. "You're worrying over nothing. Tonight it will all change."

"Why do you say that?"

'Because Me-ling will freak out when Syaoran chooses you instead of her for the opening dance. And that means she'll confront him tonight, and he'll have no choice but to say what he feels.' Of course she didn't say that out loud. It was more like: "I just have a feeling."


"Seems like we wear the same size."

Sakura looked at the dress and blushed lightly. "Guess so."

"It's so hard to catch guys' attention without much 'help' isn't it?"

Sakura's blush grew redder. "I..."

Jessica poked her cheeks. " Don't tell anybody but I think Syaoran has a thing for girls like us."


Jessica nodded and both broke out laughing.


"Ah-choo!" Syaoran looked at the cloths in front of him. "Oh no... They must be dressing Sakura..." He threw his head back at the knowledge of everything she would tell her. "Dammiiiittttt!!!!!"


Syaoran stood stiffly as he searched the crowd of people for his Cherry Blossom. Unconsciously he pulled at his collar. He was wearing a brownish gold dress shirt that covered most his neck and split off from there in an inverted 'V' shape and went down his sides. The part that wasn't covered was a dark yellowish gold. His long sleeves were red and the ends of his shirt were actually cuffs that folded back, revealing a matching pearly white with a golden brown ring that circled the end of the cuff. He also wore matching pants and even his boots complimented his outfit. He looked like a prince from some fairytale.

The lights suddenly dimmed and a spotlight hit his mother. 'Damn' Syaoran cursed mentally. ' It's starting...'

"May I have your attention please?" His mother's voice rang from the speakers cleanly. "I would like to welcome you to this dance in honor of my son returning." Another spotlight hit him, causing him to sweat. "The first dance will be between my son and the girl of his choosing."

Syaoran swallowed hard. He forgot this ritual. It was said the girl he danced with tonight would be the one he married. He slowly took a step and, Lord help him, all the girls ran to line up so he would see them.

He took a deep breath and started to walk steadily, looking for the one he wanted to dance with. The spotlight followed him as he walked through the girls, searching frantically. Then he saw Me- ling and walked over to her. Just as he thought, his Cherry Blossom was out of the way, almost hiding.

' They'll yell at me if I don't choose her.' His mind told him. 'She'll be hurt if I don't dance with her.' He continued toward Me-ling. ' She'll probably cry...' He closed his eyes for a second. He was almost at her. ' I don't care.' He answered himself. 'I love her.' Me-ling's face saddened as Syaoran passed her. Sakura's eyes went wide as he offered her hand when the spotlight hit both of them.

"Kinomoto Sakura.... May I have this dance?" He held out his hand and bowed like a prince.

"I... I don't know any Chinese dances." She stammered, blushing.

A slow song started to play and Syaoran made eye contact. "I'd rather dance with you than anyone else." He face was turning red now.

Sakura slowly lifted her hand and placed it in his outstretched one. Instantly everyone pulled away from them.

Syaoran took Sakura's other hand and felt his face get darker with his blush. Sakura found that she was glad Jessica did her make-up. She was sure it covered most of her blush. She soon found herself moved slowly with the guidance of Syaoran. He moved slower than usual, and repeated the same thing three times before Sakura got it down perfectly. He then switched to another step, which she learned as he lead. Halfway through the song they were dancing like the song was made just for them. Somewhere along the way they found themselves drawn close. So close in fact that Sakura's head was resting on his shoulder and his hands left hers and were placed on her waist.

The song ended and applause rang out through the large room. Sakura and Syaoran slowly slid apart, but still held together at their waist, each looking in an opposite direction, blushing like crazy.

"Thanks for the dance." Sakura said politely, finally making eye contact with him.

"Thank you, Sakura..."

She smiled up at him and took his hand and squeezed it. "We will have to do it again."

"You bet."


Syaoran danced a fast song with Me-ling next. They held hands, much to Syaoran's displeasure, and even had a circle form around them with people cheering them on.

Sakura was talking to Jessica again. They had become good friends since she had arrived at Hong Kong. She was fussing over the dance and encouraging them to do it again. Sakura was blushing like crazy and trying to find something to say, but froze when a hand touched her shoulder.

"May I have a dance?" Sakura turned to see a tall good looking man with blonde hair cut just right. He had sparkling blue eyes and was dressed in a black and red tux. He smiled, his teeth shining.

"I..uh...." She looked over at Syaoran, who was being pulled away by one of his sisters. Slow music was playing. Sakura, being the overly nice person she was, answered positively. "Okay."

She let herself be led to the dance floor, but shot Jessica a regretful look, which she returned.

Sakura mentally frowned as the man place his hands on her hips and started to sway to the music, much to close for her liking. She, however, let it slide and began to dance with him. He pulled her closer as they danced on and whispered in her ear.

"So what are you doing after the dance?"

Sakura was tempted to say something about being with Syaoran, the future head of the clan, but decided not to. "Nothing really."

"How about coming over to my place?"

Sakura was starting to get a bad feeling. "I'd rather not."

"Oh come on." He slid his hands to her butt and squeezed gently. "I have money."

"Let me go." Sakura tried to pull away, but found he was too strong.

"I saw how you held onto the 'prince'. You know you want some."

"Let me go!" She said a little louder, but found his hands going to all the wrong spots. "I said-"


Syaoran landed from his flying punch just in front of Sakura. His face held rage like she had never seen before and his right hand had blood on it. The music stopped and everyone looked at the man whom he had just hit. Blood was coming from his nose and mouth, not to mention he was on the floor.

"You...you... Basterd!" The man leapt up at Syaoran, but missed. Syaoran grabbed the man by his collar and jerked him around, bringing his fist into his gut. The man doubled over, but was forced back up by an uppercut.

Syaoran's face was deathly angry. Without a word he held out his hand and his sword appeared. He raised it to strike, but stopped when Sakura grabbed his hands. "Syaoran..." She whispered to him quietly, scared. "Stop... he's hurt enough..."

The man who was attacked wasn't moving. A few medics checked his pulse and neck. "His neck is fractured and his nose is broken, as well as a few ribs and maybe internal bleeding."

"Rodger." The other medic signaled and some men took him away.

Sakura held onto Syaoran as the man was pulled away. His sisters came over to Sakura and asked questions if she was okay and such. Syaoran looked at his hand silently and walked over to clean it off.

He let the cool water run over his hand and thought back to what happened. He had seen Sakura dance with someone else, and had moved his dancing partner over to get closer. He had stopped dancing when he saw the guys hands touch her. He began to walk at first but later ran when Sakura tried to pull away. He never felt that mad before.

Syaoran was vaigly aware of someone stepping next to him. It was his mother. He looked over to her and then back at his hand, which still had water running over it. After a few moments he took it from the flow of water and dried it off. Without even thinking he walked over to Sakura and hugged her.

"I'll walk you to your room if you like?"

Sakura hugged him back. "I would like that." She let him take her hand in his and lead her away.

"He say anything?" Heather asked her mother as she watched him move away.




Sakura let Syaoran follow her into her room. She sat down on her bed and looked at her knees. "You can go back. The dance is for you after all."

"I can't." Syaoran said, not sure of how his voice sounded.


"For what?"

"Helping me out."

"I had to."

She looked at him. "Why?"

"Because I..... I..." He looked down. "I just had to, okay?"

"Thanks anyway."


A slow silence passed over them.

"Are we leaving tomorrow?"

"Hai. I'll probably have morning practice and then we will ask of the card. Once we get it, we can rush home and fight the other card."


Syaoran walked over to Sakura and placed a hand gently on her shoulder. "It's okay. Everything will work out."

"...Hai....." She looked up at him sadly. "Can I please have some privacy? I think I'm going to take a bath."

"...Sure." Syaoran helped her up and walked to the door. "I'll be down the hall if you need anything...anything at all."

"Okay... Thank you, Syaoran."

'I love you, Sakura... Goodnight.' "Goodnight, Sakura." He closed the door behind him and leaned against it. 'Coward.'

~*hours later*~

Syaoran angrily swings his sword down and spins, swinging again. His face is set hard and determined. Mei-ling was sitting on his bed, watching him. He had taken off his shirt a few minuets ago, and now used it as a towel when he started to sweat to much. Syaoran had been doing this for an hour now, not letting up in the least.


"Yes?" He really didn't pay attention.

"Your not going to stay with me, are you?"

Syaoran stopped this time and looked over at her. "What do you mean?"

"Aren't you going to marry me?"

"You still think that?" He asks softly. "I--"

"You promised me!" She yells, tears coming to her eyes. "Syaoran.... I've waited for you for so long.."


"You promised me!" She shouts again, starting to cry. "You said that you would marry me!"

"I was ten, Mei-ling!" Syaoran shouted back. "I was, what, seven when I made that promise the first time? And I didn't even really agree to it!"

"A promise is a promise!"

"You said that until I found someone I loved more than you I would marry you!"

"And you have to keep that promise!"

" I can't!"

"And just why not!?"

"Because I love Sakura, dammit!" Syaoran froze. He just said it. To Mei-ling of all people.

"Is...Is that true?" Her voice was sad now, on the brink of new tears.

Syaoran turned away slowly. "Please leave."


"Please." His voice was soft.

Mei-ling slowly got from his bed and opened the door. With a soft sigh she closed it behind her and looked up, just catching the end of Sakura's cloths turn the corner. Did she hear?


Syaoran stood out on his balcony and stared at the stars in the sky. With a small sigh he leaps onto the railing and then onto the top of the house and jumps a few more times so he is sitting on the roof. The young boy sits quietly and picks up his acoustic guitar. Slowly a tune plays from it and he sings out in Japanese. A song he had written for his cherry blossom.

"If you were to be the wind... then I'd be the endless sky above.
When the sad sound o' rain... roots me to where I stand. I give my guitar a strum...
...and let it carry my heart away.

"Come on Sakura, try and get the feelin'.
You don't have to... understand it right away.
Come on Sakura! I'll lay it on the line for you!
I'll keep on... fighting to protect you! My soul for you!

"If you should ever lose your way... let a smile light the darkness for you.
All to take away your sadness, I will keep on singing until...
...my voice dies away.

"Come on Sakura. Oh, please try to believe.
Believe that I... will never ever change.
Come on Sakura, Like the sun could do... I'll give you light, for all of you! My soul for you!"

He hit the remaining cords and repeated the first chorus with tears in his eyes. Halfway though his repeat he had to stop and lower his head into his hands and cry, repeating the word 'coward' over and over again.


Sakura lay awake in her bed, looking at the ceiling in her room. ' He didn't mean that...' She told herself as she turned over and buried her head into her pillow. ' He was only saying it to get rid of Mei-ling... that's all, don't kid yourself.'

She had heard him play, but couldn't quite make out the words to his song. It had lulled her to sleep, though. That night she had dreams filled with Syaoran and whispers of love.


Syaoran sat up in his bed and threw the covers off him before yawning. Lazily he went through his morning routine and walked out into the courtyard. Six years may have passed, but he still remembered what he used to do every morning.


I hold my sword in my right hand, just slightly above my shoulder. The blade points downward slightly and I leave my fingertip a few inches away from the tip to guide my strikes. My opponent fights in a similar stance. When our advisor drops his hands we charge at each other. My opponent was way to slow, however, and I literally had to pull my swing in fear of decapitating him. Funny, this guy was supposed to be the strongest man in the clan.... Has fighting cards really made me that powerful?

"Match won by Syaoran Li." the instructor said, pleased.

I start to smile, but a bad feeling grips at me before it could reach my face. I roll to my right and avoid a bolt of lightning. Several more bolts follow me, but I remain just a split second in front of them. When they stop I look up into the air and see a solid black humanoid figure drop from the sky.

The shadow being looks at me with burning red eyes. The red is the only different color I can see. It was challenging me.

"Protect the 'prince'!" one man yells and several people slide in front of me. I hated the code name 'prince', but I hated somebody interrupting my fights even more.

The shadow attacks before I can say anything and five people drop to the ground. Quickly I chant and swing my sword down, blasting the shadow with an invisible wind. I didn't use that move too much.

My opponent seemed hardly fazed by my attack. It neatly slid back, almost riding the wind, and slid to a stop. A frown sets my face determined. Sakura was still asleep so that meant I would have to ask the card itself if I could use it's power.

"Jump." I say, running forward and leaping into the air. I clear five feet at max before I start to descend. "Dammit." Looks like Jump didn't like me to much.

Quickly I turn sideways, letting the shadow's sword Peirce my shirt. I drop my elbow down behind the Shadow's head and crack it's shoulders and neck. A normal human would of been killed instantly, but I remember that this is an evil beast I'm fighting so I also bring my leg up to it's gut and grab it's neck as it is forced up by my blow. I place my hand a the shadow's mouth and try another card.

"Watery!" Nothing. I feel my breath leave me. The shadow had punched me.

We both jump apart and take a short breather. After a few second I hold my sword up and call out my attack. "Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu,.... Ryu Tsui Sen!" I run forward at lightning speed and jump straight up at the last second. The ground leaves me and I feel the force of my jump. Soon I turn and look downward so I am falling headfirst. My body spins in a circle and I hold my sword vertical for the maximum blast when I strike.

Our swords make a clashing sound and it is soon followed by a loud crack and piercing metal. My eyes glaze over when I see my sword. It was half imbedded in the ground and the other half lay a good three feet away from me.

"Oh no..."

I feel the shadow kick my chin and I fly backwards and hit the ground hard. By the time I can raise my head up three more guards bite the dust. I can actually feel the steps the shadow was taking toward me, but my body wouldn't move like I told it to. The last attack has temporally paralyzed me. Soon the shadow is above me and it lifts his sword to strike, and it does.


"Geeze, Syaoran, your making me look bad."

Syaoran opens his eyes to see a dark navy blue bo in front of his face. The shadow's sword was on the bo, pressing down hard, but did not seem to affect the bo any. Syaoran then looked up at his savior and gasped. "Hiiragizawa !"

Eriol grinned down at Syaoran before flipping the bo up, spinning it rapidly over his head, and crashing it down on the shadow's skull. Before the shadow could even fall, Eriol spun around and smacked it in the chest, sending it several yards away. The young man flipped his head slightly, sending his long ponytail behind him, and offered Syaoran a helping hand. The sun reflected lightly on his contacts.

Syaoran pushed Eriol's hand away and got up on his own. "When did you get here!?"

Eriol gave him an innocent look. "No 'thank you' for helping?"

Syaoran grabbed his bo and looked at it. The bo had golden tips that radiated energy. "When the hell did you fight with a bo, huh!?"

The innocent smile still played his lips. "Oh, I could always use it, just never did. I had other weapons."

The chestnut brown haired boy grabbed Eriol by his collar and shook him. "Explain!"

"Guys, the shadow is getting back up."

Syaoran turned to Tomoyo and gaped again. "You're here too!?"

"Face front!" Eriol shouted, blocking an attack. Syaoran spun quickly and threw several wards at the shadow. That seemed to do it. The magical wards instantly caught fire and Eriol pulled back his bo and spun it forcefully, killing the shadow with a clear hit to the head. The beast dissolved into a black smoke before it even hit the ground.

Syaoran breathed heavily and waited a few moments to catch his breath before yelling at Eriol again, however, when he raised his head to talk, he stared into the lens of a V-8. Tomoyo smiled at him from behind the camera and spoke in her soft way. "Li Syaoran and Hiiragizawa Eriol have just fought their first battle together as friends, and even won!" She turned to Eriol, who was smiling. The bo in his hands shrunk and seemed to form a ring around his right middle finger.

"He is not my friend." Syaoran said sourly, grabbing his sword from the ground and looking at it angrily. His face saddened when he realized what had happened. The sword's magical energy had just gotten to low...

"More like a descendant." Eriol corrected, still smiling.

"Hoooeeeeee!!!" Everyone turned to Sakura. "I just get here and the enemy is already gone!" She looked at Eriol and Tomoyo. "You're here to!" Syaoran face-faulted as the overly excited Sakura hugs Tomoyo. "Tomoyo-chan! I'm glad to see you again!"

" The girlfriends are reunited." Syaoran whispered to himself wryly. He held his sword in both hands, but soon slid both pieces into the sheath and let it disappear.


"Well...." Sakura began. "Now that all the excitement is over, can someone fill me in?" They all sat at a table in Syaoran's room. Well, Syaoran was sitting on the window seal, looking outside and Sakura was just sitting below him, resting her head on his leg.

Eriol nodded and retold his story.


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