When Day Fades To Night3 When Day Fades to Night
By: Satashi
Part three

"What are we going to do today?" Sakura asked, laying on her bed.

"Well, I already have plane tickets..."

"And we can't go back to your home. It's two days away."

"Hm..." He looked down at the girl laying on the bed and sat beside her head, running his hands absent mindedly through her hair.

"Mmmmm........" Sakura closed her eyes and enjoyed it. "How about we take a nap?"

"Nap?" Syaoran checked his watch. "At Eleven in the morning?"

Sakura sat up and wrapped her hands around his waist. "We just started going together. Don't you think we should kiss at least? A kiss goodnight for a nap?"

Syaoran started to stammer. "Uh, I, well..." His face went red. "I've uh.... never kissed a girl before..."

Sakura's face turned a little red as well. "It's not that hard..." She was about to say 'I guess.' but Syaoran cut her off before she could.

"Been practicing with Tomoyo?"

"Eh?.....Hey!" She reached back and smacked his across the head with a pillow. "Not funny!"

Syaoran laughed and caught the pillow on the second swing and rolled on top of her, pinning her hands above her head. "Now what?"

She smiled up at him. "Don't know.... Never had a guy pin me down before."

"I never pinned a girl..."

The two looked at each other nervously. Slowly Syaoran bent down a little and closed his eyes. Sakura followed his lead and closed hers, slightly parting her lips. She could feel his warm breath tickle hers and soon felt his lips finally touch. The kiss didn't last a second, but it was followed by another one, and then another, each getting longer and more passionate than the last.

After the tenth kiss Syaoran pulled back to catch his breath a little and Sakura opened her eyes, breathing just a little faster than normal.

"Wow..." She breathed, smiling sweetly at him. "That was nice." She giggled lightly.

"Yeah.... I could get used to it."

Sakura pulled her hands from above her and wrapped them around his neck, bringing him back down. "You need more practice."

Syaoran grinned, face still red. "I think so too." They kissed again.



Click. "Hai.." Syaoran took in another breath. "Moshi.....moshi?" He tried to control his breathing.

"Syaoran? Are you okay?"

"M-Mom!" Syaoran stammered and rolled off of Sakura, letting her sit up and adjust her shirt. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, are you okay? Your breathing hard!"

"I...uh..." He looked at Sakura, blushed, and then turned to look at the wall. "I was ...running... yeah, running."


"A shadow monster...attacked us. We beat it and ran back here."

"A shadow attacked at one in the afternoon?"

"One!?" Syaoran looked at the clock. "Oh man, time flies..."

"Yeah... well, are you okay?"

"Fine, yeah. Hey, I'll call you later.... I need to rest."

"Okay... be sure to call me as soon as you can, okay?"


"Love you."

"Yeah, you too, mom."


Sakura giggled and sat Indian style. "Running?"

Syaoran tossed the phone across the room and onto his bed. "Well that shattered the mood."

"But you looked so cute trying to think of something to say." She closed her eyes and smiled. "Why not tell her you was making out for the first time in your life and didn't want to stop?"

"Hey." His faced did the impossible and turned a shade darker than he already was. "And why do you say that?"

Sakura opened one eye and stuck her tongue out slightly. "I don't recall pulling my shirt up, Syao-chan..."

"I..Uh..." He turned away. "Gomen...."

Slowly he felt arms wrap around him and she whispered in his ear. "I do, however, remember liking it..." She blew softly and licked his earlobe lightly before nibbling on it. She let him enjoy this a few moments before pulling away. "But it is all kind of weird.... All these emotions..."

Syaoran looked down. "I know.... It was such a rush all of a sudden..." He offered her a smile. "I guess we're still new to this relationship thing."

"Guess so." They each grinned at the other.


"Keroberus, what is the status of my mission?" Touya asks, walking his throne room. "They will act soon. I can feel their energy fluctuate."

"Eriol has obtained both arm pieces, sir." Keroberus said in his deep voice. "He knows that the power in them is great, but I do not think he knows their true function as of yet."

"And his power?"

"It is ninety percent returned, sir. However, if he should remove the magic gauntlets from his body then his power will leave him again."

"They will attack before that." Touya chuckled. "I tire of such a weak body."


The plane ride was long. They had hit another storm coming back to Japan and Syaoran and Sakura were tired when they left the landed aircraft. The sky was covered in clouds, almost as if the area around Tokyo was being covered, blocking out the sun. Eriol and Tomoyo were waiting for the two at the airport and nodded in their direction when the couple came through the doors.

"Don't look around." Eriol stated, walking next to them, like they were strangers. "People are looking at us weirdly..."

Syaoran's eyes glanced around, but he left his head looking straight. Sure enough, quite a lot of people were following them with their eyes. His lips turned to a frown and he looked forward, talking to Eriol, but in a way where no one would know they were friends. "How long has this been going on?"

"Ever since we landed." He replied, taking Tomoyo's hand to make sure she wouldn't get pulled away from them. Syaoran did the same with Sakura's. "Something is going on...."

"I'll say."

The group exited the airport and walked through the town of Hiroshima. The air was thick with an evil feeling, causing all to go on alert.

"We can't walk to Tokyo." Sakura stated a fact.

"We can't fly either...." Syaoran breathed, looking at a cat who seemed to be hissing at him. "The use of power would attract ...the Evil card."

"Then what do we do?" Tomoyo asks, looking around.

"Take the train." Eriol pointed out. "Look, not everyone has an evil aura. That means that Touya hasn't completely taken over this city yet."


Eriol set his face firm. "Gomen, Sakura-san. You know what I mean.... Still we have to keep moving." They nodded.


"You're back." Yue greeted the group as they walked into Syaoran's apartment.

"Yue-san?" Sakura blinked. "When did you..."

"I've been here for a few days....If you didn't notice, the entire town is taken over by the influence of evil."

"You can say that again." Syaoran grumbled, tossing his bag into the corner. "I got so many cold looks I still feel out of it."

"Yue-san," Tomoyo began. "What is wrong with the sky?" She looked at her watch. "It should still be light outside."

"It has been like this for several days now." Yue replied, moving the curtain to look out the window. "About when you left we had a huge storm. The sky has been clouded with blackness ever since." He turned to address everybody. "Kero's symbol is the sun, right? Without him....." His voice trailed off.

"Oh this is just great." Syaoran muttered. "Now we will have to fight the large plushie as well....."

"You never really got along with him anyway, Li-kun." Eriol said, pointing out the obvious fact. "I don't think you'll hold back, ne?"

"Whether I hold back or not is up to me, Hiiragizawa-kun." Syaoran replied, laying on the couch. "The point of the matter is that we need to come up with a battle plan. I'm sure Touya knows we are back. Yue's power radiates like a fire with gas thrown on it."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Sakura pulled Syaoran's legs up and sat down, placing his legs over her lap. "I don't want to wait longer than we have to..." She said quietly. "Ni-chan.... Otousan.... Both are under the card's control....." A tear fell from her eye and onto Syaoran's legs.

"Hey, hey..." Syaoran said, moving so he could put his arm around her and give the girl a hug. "It'll all work out okay.... I mean, we have the card that will stop all of this...." He looked into Sakura's eyes and set his face determined. "Let's go right now."


Syaoran stood and paced. "Think about it. It's the last thing Touya will suspect! We have the element of surprise!"

Sakura stood as well. "Right! He's right!" She looked at Eriol and Yue. " What do you say?"

"........ Why not? We have nothing else to lose...." Yue cracked a half smile, half smirk. "It's my job to protect the card mistress. It's not like I really have a choice, ne?"

"My oh my...." Eriol stood with the rest. "I guess I can fight right now."

"Mina...." Sakura breathed out happily. "Arigato!"


Syaoran pulled up his sock and slid on his shoe, tying it extra tight. When it was securely fastened, he stood and tapped it on the floor for a test. Perfect. His fighting outfit consisted of loose black pants with gold trim and a green dragon design going down his right leg, and a loose fitting green short sleeved shirt with golden trim. His right wrist had the golden bracelet on it.

Eriol tied the belt around his waist and smiled. He was wearing dark navy blue fighting pants with a matching gi. Both his arms were covered in the golden magical gauntlets and his hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail that was tightly braided halfway down. He also wore his contacts as well as slip-on fighting shoes.

Sakura was wearing loose fitting pink fighting pants tied up with a dark pink belt. A matching female pink gi covered her upper body and she wore a very light pink undershirt. Her hair was left in it's usual manner and she didn't wear a hat this time.

Yue flexed his wings out and made sure he was comfortable in his usual attire. Tomoyo was recording all of them with a smile on her face, despite the grim circumstances around them all.

Sakura held up her right hand and let her two forefingers come up. "Cards of Clow, now cards under me..." The book of Sakura cards floated up from the desk. "I ask you to lend us all of your power...." the cards came from the book and circled her. "Syaoran....."


Sakura kept her eyes close in deep thought. "Lend Syaoran your power as well as me. If he ask for you, please aid him..."

".....Arigato, Sakura."

The cards slowly circled Syaoran and disappeared one by one. When all the cards circled both of them the book closed again and set back down on the desk. Sakura slowly opened her eyes and looked into Syaoran's.

"We can do this... right?"

"We have the cards, Sakura." He replied, gently. "We can stop all of this...

"Let's go." Yue said, opening the window. "We can fly there. He still won't have enough time to prepare anything."



Sakura landed on a building with a soft thump and Syaoran landed neatly next to her. Both their wings stayed obediently behind them. Yue sat down Tomoyo and landed himself. Eriol gently floated down and touched the top of the building without a sound.

"How did you get your power back?" Yue asks him, staring at the tower.

"These bracelets give me my power." Eriol replied nonchalantly. "Just be glad I'm on your side."

Tomoyo took Eriol's hand and squeezed it gently in hers. "You won't ever do anything evil again, will you?"

Eriol looked at the tower, eyes unmoving. "..No.... not anymore..."


"We have guest..." Touya said calmly, standing up. Keroberus walked over to him and nodded. "We should...greet them, don't you think? It would only be polite."

Keroberus nodded and looked at a building across from the tower.


A stairways of light slowly appeared at the observation deck and, step by step, made its way to the group.

"So much for the element of surprise...." Yue said bitterly, but walked to the stairway anyway.

Syaoran grimaces. "Remind me not to underestimate the card again...."

"I'll do that."



"Kero-chan!" Sakura shouted, running forward. Halfway there she was grabbed by Yue, bringing her to the side of a fireball that would have incinerated her.

"Careful." Yue scolded, setting her down. "He is evil now."

Sakura looked at Keroberus with sad eyes. The winged lion gave her a nasty look, but addressed the group again. "The master wishes to meet with you. This way, please." He turned and began to walk.

The Card captor group gave each other an uncertain look and Eriol took the first step to follow. Behind him followed Syaoran, and soon Sakura and Yue as well. Tomoyo was still outside, filming as best she could with a long lense.


"Hello, little sister." Touya greeted, standing up from his throne. "I have missed you...why not give your brother a hug?"

Sakura glared up at Touya. He had made the observation deck a sort of throne room, complete with old styled pillars and stairs leading to the throne. "My brother isn't here right now."

"Such cruel words..." Touya said, bringing a hand to his chest in fake modesty. "No matter," He let his hand drop and began to walk toward them. " I have a proposition for you...." He walked down the steps slowly, one by one. "Join me and have all your desires given to you, or oppose me and die along with the rest of the world?"

A silence passed over the group.

"You think we wou--" Sakura started to say, but stopped dead in her tracks when Syaoran took a step forward and kneeled.

"I'd rather live." He said, head low and one fist on the ground. It was a respectful kneel.

"Syaoran!" Eriol shouted, getting angry. "You traitor!?"

Syaoran looked up at Eriol with an angry face. " Shut up, Hiiragizawa." His voice was cold. "I never liked you anyway."

"Syaoran...." Sakura looked at the ground and let a tear drop.

"Stand up, Syaoran-san." Touya held out his hand. "Prove your loyalty by killing Hiiragizawa- san."

Syaoran nodded and stood, forming a sword in his hand via his bracelet. Eriol gripped his fist and his bo appeared. The golden gauntlet glowed bright with power and the bo caught fire.

"Guys!" Sakura yelled, crying. "Don't fight each other!"

Syaoran let out a yell and attacked.


I scream and lash in with my attack, slashing downwards at Eriol. The boy expertly catches my attack with his bo and spins around, missing my torso by a mear few inches. While he is momentarily recovering from the fast blow I rush in and hit him several times in the stomach. Eriol grunts, but manages to place his palm against my chest and blast me back with a dark blue blast of energy.

The attack sends me screaming at Touya, who lets me land at his feet. Sakura yells at me to stop, but I ignore her. This was for the both our goods.

I lash forward and bring my hands together and slowly pull them apart. "Thunder!" Lightning rips into my hands and I push my palms outwards, only clipping Eriol's left side. He grits in pain, but jumps into the air and throws several blast of magical energy at me. I dodge most of them, but a few hits me. It hurt. A lot.

"Windy!" I shout, bringing my hand up. The wind in the room changes suddenly and Eriol is forced to land. "Shot!" I point my finger at him and shoot several thin blast of magic at him, which he blocks with his bracelets. He attacks me again, but connects fully in my stomach this time, forcing me to double over.

"This is it." He says, bringing up the end of the staff to my chin and making me fly back at Touya's feet once again. I feel blood come from my mouth as I cough.

"To... Strong..." I say pathetically up at Touya, who looks at me with a new trust.


"Very well then." Touya says cooly. "Anyone else want to join me?"

"How...how can you be so damn calm!?" Sakura shouts out angrily. Tears were streaming down her face. "You...you.... You're a monster!"

"That indeed I am!" He replies.

"Yeah.... a dead one!" Touya turns surprisingly to Syaoran, who blast Touya in the chest with a windy spell. "Eriol! Now!"

Eriol rushes in and cracks Touya on the side of the head with his staff, knocking him out. "Heh..." Touya's body hits the ground and doesn't move.

"Ouch...." Syaoran touched his chin. "That hurt, dammit..."

Eriol scoffed and rubbed his side. "Like those punches didn't...?"

Each smiled at each other.

"Wha...what?" Sakura asks, looking confused.

"Don't you get it?" Yue asks, looking down at the girl. "Couldn't you sense Touya's power when you got close to him? There is no way we could get the evil card out of his body without him being unconscious." He pointed at Syaoran. " Syaoran there took it upon himself to fight so you wouldn't have to."

" Don't forget me."

Yue looked over at Eriol. "And Eriol seemed to think he would make things interesting for us..."

Eriol smiled innocently and kneeled next to Touya. "How do we get the card out?"

Keroberus made his presence known at that time. With a roar he attacked Eriol and pinned him down. A dark energy shot out of Touya and headed straight for Sakura.

"Sakura!" Syaoran yelled. "Use the card now!"

Sakura nodded and held up her staff. "HOLY!"

The Holy card appeared as commanded and formed before Sakura. The Evil card then showed his true form. He was a pure being of nothing but black matter that looked like smoke with red eyes and a mouth full of fangs.

The Evil card lunged at Sakura, but the Holy card pulled back into the young girl's body, knocking the Evil card away.

"Nani!?" Yue gasped, shocked. "The Holy card is a defensive spell!"

"Oh shit." Syaoran whispered.

"Keroberus." The Evil card said calmly. "Plan one has failed. Go to plan two."

"Right." Keroberus looked right into Eriol's face and opened his mouth. A second later Eriol's body caught flames and he screamed in pain.

Eriol thrashed about madly on the floor when Keroberus let him go, screaming loudly and with such a pain filled voice that everyone in the group could almost feel the pain he was going through.

"Your mine!" Evil screeched, lashing onto Eriol, turning the flames into whisks of pure black energy.

"No...NOOOO!!!" Eriol thrashed about some more, holding his head.

"Hiiragizawa!" Syaoran shouted, running over to him. "Fight it!" Keroberus blocked his way and snarled at him.

Suddenly the gauntlets on Eriol's hands started to glow a bright golden color. The young boy's screams reached its peak and a flash of light temporally blinded everyone in the room. When the light fades the group's eyes slowly turn to Eriol.

Eriol was looking down at his hands with a twisted smirk on his face.

"Oh no...Eriol-kun...." Sakura's voice caught in her through.

"Hiiragizawa..... Not even you deserve this...."

Eriol began to laugh insanely, creating a huge ball of black energy in his hands. "It worked...it worked! He didn't even realize the armor was mine to begin with! Hahahahahaha!"

Yue held out his hand and a diamond appeared in the palm. "Evil..... Leave the boy, or prepare to fight."

"You think you can beat me with moon magic?"

Yue's wings came from behind him and spread to full wing span. "I can try!"


I fling several diamond shards at Eriol as I take to the air. I had sensed something wrong with Eriol when I saw him earlier, but couldn't pinpoint the gauntlets. Who would have thought that they would be evil enough to allow the card to posses him.....

I dodge several blasts of energy, spinning around most and slapping others out of the way. Quickly I thrust out my hands and send several more shards of diamond at my opponent, who ducts behind Syaoran, forcing my attack to stop.

Syaoran was too preoccupied to attack Eriol's back at the moment, however. The poor boy was fighting off Keroberus while trying not to hurt him too much.

All I had to do was knock him out and the card would leave.....Either that or kill it in his body.

"Yuuueeeeee!" Eriol's scream grabs my attention and I avoid more blast. "You're fighting me!" more blasts are shot, to which I am hit and sent screaming toward the ground.

Vaguely I see Keroberus leap over me, followed by several blast of fire from Syaoran.

"Wind! Become a binding chain!" Sakura hits the card and the wind spirit comes forth, but passes through all of our opponents.

"Windy won't work!" Syaoran yells, forming his sword again. It was already beginning to flicker. He was almost out of energy.

"Use power!" I yell, tossing more shards at my foe.

"Useless!" Eriol retorts, letting them hit him. "I am too powerful for even you, Yue!"

"Cheeeee!" I rush in and use the power of the fight card to go hand to hand with Eriol. I manage to connect several blows in, reinforced by the power card. Eriol doubles over from the blows and coughs up some blood, yet he still manages to grab me and blast me straight through the wall and into the night.

"Yyyyyaaaaahhhhh!" Eriol leaps out after me, using his power to fly by himself. Quickly I look inside the tower. Sakura was using card after card to help restrain Keroberus and strengthen a very tired Syaoran.

The night was almost pitch when I could open my eyes from the blast. My wings beat once subconsciously and I am once again ready to fight.


Eriol screams out another battle cry as he puts both hands in front of his waist and forces a large black of dark energy to gather and shoot at Yue, who quickly drops out of the line of attack and shifts the wind around Eriol, making him land on a roof top.

"Eriooolll! Fight it!" Yue lands across from him and form a Basterd sword made of complete diamond. "You're not that weak! Fight it!"

Eriol seemed to hesitate for a spilt second before yelling out another battle cry and bringing his bo staff into life again. The space between the two vanishes almost instantly and weapons clang together, sending the sounds of battle over the possessed city. Several drops of blood came from cuts and bruised on both sides of the battle. Each combatant's cloths were torn and blood stained from the steady onslaught.

"Eriol is dead!" He screamed, attacking again and again with his bo. "Only I remain!"

Yue frowned and got in a position where he could grab Eriol's shoulders and look him directly in the eye. "Eriooolll!"

Time seemed to stand still for the dark-haired boy as he fought internally with himself. And then, without warning, the reincarnation of Clow Reed screamed and grabbed his head. Eriol frantically stepped back wobbly and shook his head, still screaming for all he was worth. "Noo....no..Get out...get out..ggeettt OOOUUUUUUTTTTTT!!!!"

Dark shadows ripped around Eriol's body as he fought with himself. Eriol continued to step back and scream. Yue's eyes widened slightly when he realized just what was going to happen. Quickly he ran forward, but was too late. Eriol's body fell from the roof top.


Tomoyo Screamed when Eriol's body landed next to her on the rooftop next to the one Yue had been fighting on. "Eriol? Eriol!!!"

"Too..Strong....too...strong.... I'm gonna lose....it..." Eriol's body barley moved, despite the pain he felt. "Tomoyo....Please...." Eriol forced his hand to move down to his ankle and pull a knife. "It's...too strong... We can't beat it...When it's..." He swallowed hard. "Out of me, it'll get Yue... Then Syaoran..." He held up the knife with a wobbly hand. "Please..Kill me.... End it now."

Tomoyo's eyes went wide. "N-no! I can't!" She grabbed his other hand in hers and squeezed it. "Fight it, Eriol.... You can win..."

"N..No....I can't...." Eriol's eyes closed and he felt the blood running from his body. All the hits he took were starting to get to him. "It's trying to leave me now... Yue won't stand a chance against it..The moon is gone... He is weak after our battle..... I could.. Tell he was using too much power..." Eriol coughed, sending some blood from his mouth. "This is it....your chance to help out... You've always wanted to help fight.."

"Eriol......Please...." Tears came to her eyes. "Don't make me.... please... fight it.." She lowered her head to his hand clasped in hers. "Please.... You can't die..."

"He..Hehehe..." Eriol felt the chuckle come from him. A wry, ironic laugh. "So this is how I die..." He felt the card once again try to leave, but he pulled it back into his weak body. "Tomoyo...when the card is out.... it'll kill you before taking over Yue... Please..." He moved his hand and slid the knife into Tomoyo's. "If I die.... I want to know that you're safe... I love you too much to let you be hurt."

"...Eriol..." Tomoyo squeezed his hand harder. "I love you too....please... not when I just heard you say it... there has to be a way.."

Shadows ripped up from Eriol's body, but were pulled back into him by a navy blue power. "He's scared... If I die, he will too...Tomoyo... End the pain for me. It's hurts so bad..."

Eriol's hands slipped away from hers, leaving the blade wrapped in her delicate fingers. "Eriol..."

"Tomoyo.... I love you.... Please, be happy for my sake too." Eriol let his body relax and waited for the death that would end the screaming pain inside of him.

"Eriol...." Tomoyo closed her eyes once more. "I love you, too..." The young girl chocked on her tears and forced herself to bring the knife up above her head. She let one more sob wrack her body before bringing it down....



Syaoran leapt from the tower and wings came from his back. His cloths were torn in several places and blood leaked from him constantly. He landed on the building holding Tomoyo and Eriol and almost fell down at the light impact. The blood stained wings disappeared from his back and he limped over to the crying girl.


Yue landed on the building as well and walked forward. "I can't feel the card any more..."

Sakura landed next to them and slid tiredly off of Keroberus. Both looked like they have seen hell.

The small group fell to a sitting position and breathed heavily. The sky above them was quickly reverting back to a starry night and the negative energy around them was slowly going as well.

"He...gave his life to save us all....." Syaoran looked at the ground.

"Eriol-kun......." Sakura bowed her head as well. ".........."

"Gaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!" Eriol's eyes opened then and he took in a sharp gasp of air, managing to pull the knife from his body.



Eriol moaned and rolled to his side. "Don't... you know where the ...heart is..?" A slow chuckle came from him, making him wince in pain.

"Eriol...." Tomoyo sniffed several times and let the tears fall freely down her face. "You're..Okay...."

Syaoran slid next to them and placed his hands on him. "Sky of truth, sky of revealing.... Guide me using thy power of healing...."

A soft warm yellow light washed over Eriol's body, closing some of the major wounds and even gave a little blood to his system. Syaoran held the spell as long as he could before falling over and panting hard. Keroberus was a hell of a fighter...

"How.....?" Sakura wondered out loud, wiping her eyes.

"I guess the card was too weak while inside a mortal body... no matter the power...."

"Kero just stopped attacking us all of a sudden a few minutes ago..... I guess he was freed from the control.....?" Syaoran spared the lion looking beast a glance.

"Probably.... That sounds reasonable...."

"Well......" Eriol took in a breath. "That was easy."

Yue felt like smacking him then and there.


"What the hell!?"

Three nurses ran to meet the devastated group at the hospital door and two doctors came as well, all asking what had happened to them. Each of the Card capting group explained how they were drawn into an ally way and beaten by some gang members with knifes. Needless to say, all were rushed to ER.


"Touya and Yukito don't remember anything?" Sakura asks, laying down on her bed. Tehy hadn't been held overnight like they thought. It was one A.M. now.

"Not a thing." Kero confirmed, floating around. Syaoran had healed him as well after he rested at the hospital that night. "Each thought that they were attacked by some gang members."

"And how did Touya get possessed in the first place?"

"Probably picked it up while cleaning the basement....Your brother has powers to see things that others can't.... He maybe sensed the card and provoked it into attacking him....."

"I see...."

A knock at her window made Sakura's attention go to the other side of the room. With a small push, she slid open the diagonal window and let Syaoran slide in. He always did like to make an entrance.

"Oi, Sakura."

"It's the brat." Kero greeted.

"Kero-chan! Behave or no pudding for you!"

"Gomen ne, Sakura-sama......."

Syaoran chuckled lightly to himself before getting to business. "You watch the news?"

"No, what happened?"

"The blew the whole storm thing off as abnormal weather....go figure......but anyway, Tokyo Tower took quite a thrashing in the fight, they are saying Lightning struck it repeatedly, along with high winds!"

"Hooeeeeeee? Wind can do that?"



Syaoran sighed and flopped down on her bed. "It's okay. It's kind of stupid anyway." The young boy closed his eyes and took in a nice long breath. "I'm so glad this is all over with.... I'm beat... and staying in the hospital for six hours didn't help much...."

"Thanks for healing everybody more after you got some rest.... I know it must have been hard on you, since you can't heal yourself...?"

"Not really..... just tiring. I think I'll skip school tomorrow and sleep all day."

Sakura poked his ribs where he wasn't hurt. "That's not good."

"Darn it, Sakura, I'm trying to rest here." His voice and the slight smile on his face showed clearly he was playing with her.

"What did you say?"

"Darn it, Sa-"

"That's it!" Sakura smiled happily and clapped her hands in front of her. "You didn't cuss! You broke your habit!"

Syaoran opened his eyes and looked at Sakura. "I did?" She nodded, giving him a large smile. "Well hot damn!"



Gomen gomen gomen! It took so long to do this and it sucked really bad! I have been trying to write this for so long, but nothing came to me..... Maybe I'll write an alternate ending later on to make this lame part better. Don't look for it in hte futer becasue I have several mosre ideas floating around in my head ^_^ .If this story touched your heart in any way then please review. And Speacial thanks to everyone who told me not to quit.