His Bride

by Cherokee Girl

Disclaimer I don't own Harry JK Rowling does I only wish that his world were real and I had a quick quotes quill instead of a pc that has recently developed a temper

Author's Notes A story told from the POV of Harry's wife years after the final battle and their wedding

Chapter 1

The Last Day

My life had taken a turn for the worst my parents were dead killed in an attack on Hogsmeade when I was 11 years old. I had seen him a few times before that day never realising that soon our lives would be forced together. I had seen him in passing before The - Boy - Who - Lived as they called him, once and awhile he and his friends would come into my parents shop. But that day was different that day was the day he bacame The - Man - Who - Won . That day Voldemort had attacked the villiage of Hogsmeade hoping to lure Harry out of the safety of Hogwarts. It was a warm day in mid May, I had just turned 11 a few weeks before on April 21st I was looking forward to summer and starting my first year at Hogwarts come September. I had no way of knowing my life would forever change that day I was still an innocent child without a care in the world that was to change very soon.

I was helping my parents stock the shelves in our shop Honeydukes, my mother had inherited the shop from my grandparents who had started the business many years before. It was an ordinary day until I heard screams of fear and panic coming from outside our shop door, and someone yelled DeathEaters and another voice screamed something about Dementors. My father took my hand while brandishing his wand in his other hand and pulled me downstairs into the cellar. He pushed me into a hole in the floor and told me to stay there, that he and my mother had promised Dumbledore as I later found out many of the other shop owners in Hogsmeade had that should Voldemort attack that they would help defend the villiage and if necessary the school. With a final goodbye and I love you I found myself in the dark. Soon I realised I was in a tunnel of some sort, I don't know how long I was there hours is the best guess I have. I heard the screams and explosions caused by the powerfull spells and curses that were being cast just above my head in the streets of Hogsmeade then all was quite. I don't know how long I stayed huddled in a little ball on the floor of the tunnel too affraid to get up and see who had won the battle, but what scared me more was neither of my parents had come to get me. Finally I got up and in a daze walked through the wreckage of what had once been my parents shop. I found my mother dead behind the cash register in our shop, she had been hit by the Avada Kedavra curse. Had it not been for the akward angle she was laying in and the blank stare in her sightless eyes I could have told myself that she was only asleep but I knew better. I screamed hot tears blinding me but still I ran I somehow managed to find my way to the doorway of our shop no longer caring who won. I was just running in shock and terror it was just as I stepped onto the sidewalk outside our shop when I tripped over the dead body of my father. He too had been cut down by the killing curse I then feel to my knees sobbing and shaking screaming my little heart out, my parents were dead and I was utterly alone in the world. It was then that I felt soft hands on my shoulder I looked up into the eyes of a man with a young face and graying hair.

Are you allright miss. He asked softly.

N no I stuttered out my d dad a and m m my mum their dead I choked out between sobs.

Soon the man with the kind face and graying hair had called over a girl with long flaming red hair to set with me. She never said much she just held me and rocked me until two faces that were very familiar came. One was the face of the grandfatherly looking man I knew to be the headmaster of the school, the other was the man I knew to be the gentle giant everyone in Hogsmeade loved to have visit their shop Hagrid. I noticed the man with the kind face and graying hair was back as well.

This is the poor child I was telling you about Albus he said.

What is your name child? the Headmaster asked a sad worn look in his startlingly blue eyes.

I I um I'am ah Sayward um Sayward Mac Neill I stuttered out through my tears.

Why she's Anna and Matthias's little girl said Hagrid Honeydukes here's her parents shop I'd know the little lass anywhere said the giant.

Well said the headmaster tiredly in a vioce that sounded like he wanted to be alone so that he could have the good cry that I had just finished.

Take her to Poppy in th infirmary she will no doubt need a dreamless sleep potion tonight.

With that the giant swept me up into his huge arms my 97 pound frame nothing more than the weight of a feather in his massive arms.

As we walked away headed for the school I finally came to my senses enough to ask what had happened. We won said Hagrid Harry defeated You - Know - Who we lost alot on our side but in the end Harry beat em he said. Harry is a tough lad he's up in the infirmary now Madam Pomfreys says he's in pretty rough shape but he'll make it. All I managed to get out was an Oh thats good my mind just could not comprehend everything that had happened in so short an amount of time the war was over my parents were dead I was now an orphan it was all to much to think about I just wanted to sleep.

When we finally arrived at the infirmary one of the medi witchs helping Madam Pomfrey gave me a dreamless sleep potion, after making sure that I was not injured, and sent me up to the Gryffindor girls dormitory. Since many of the girls from Harry's house had fought in the battle and many were injured and spending the night in the hospital wing and sadly other's were dead, after finding an empty bed I fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke the next morning to find the red haired girl and another who introduced herself as Hermione standing beside my bed. The one who introduced herself as Hermione informed me that she was the headgirl and had been asked by Professor Dumbledore to wake me so that arrangements could be made for me. She led me to his office saying the password of hershey's kisses, a muggle candy that he had recently become fond of my parents had just the week before ordered a batch for him it seemed wierd that a week ago life had been so normal, and now how could it ever be normal again. I was amazed as the great stone statue began to move revealing a staircase after riding up the staircase, I was amazed by all the trinkets and baubles in his ornate office that and all the portriats that seemed to all want to talk at once it was sort of a sensory overload so many things to see. And then there was the bird a beautifull red and golden colored pheonix who promptly burst into flames.

Oh what a shame the stress of the last few days must have caused Fawkes to have one of his burning days prematurely said Professor Dumbledore.

He still looked tired and worried but at least he had a smile today. I remembered from the times he had visited my parents store that he always had a smile and a twinkle in his bright blue eyes. I had always instinctively liked the man he just seemed like a doting grandfather, a wise old man who had life figured out for the most part and found it somewhat humorous to watch others try and figure it out. You could tell he had seen alot in his hundred and fifty odd years.

So Miss Mac Niell.

Please sir call me Sayward.

Yes then Sayward your parents are dead and we have to find a place for you. And we will need to make arrangements for their burial there is to be a mass memorial service here at Hogwarts this Sunday but we will still have to take care of the burial.

Yes Sir I managed to get out.

Sayward do you have any other family? he asked gently.

No Sir I answered my Mum and Dad were both only children and my grandparents all died when I was small or before I was born there is no one Sir.

Oh dear he said then we will have to inform the Ministry, but take heart child so many have been orphaned by the war that the Ministry run orphanages are over crowded anyone who is old enough to attend Hogwarts shall live here full time all year round so you do not have to worry about an orphanage.

Oh thank Merlin I said the relief must have been showing on my face becuase I saw just briefly the twinkle that would normally have been in his eyes.

Now not to upset you again, But do you know if your parents had made provisions for their burial should anything happen to them? he asked.

Um Yes we have a family plot in the graveyard on the edge of the villiage. I think they kept all the papers pertaining to that stuff in their vault at Gringotts Sir I said.

Thank you then Sayward and if you need anything at all even just to talk feel free to come see me.

Thank you Sir I said as I left.