Chapter 12

More Weddings and the Honyemoon

by Cherokee Girl


I'm not JK Rowling so I guess it's obvious I don't own Harry or any of the other characters.

Well here's chapter 12

Harry and I had been married a week it was wonderfull the last several days had been sheer bliss the morning after our wedding Harry and I had woke up in one anothers arms and had decided this was the way we wanted to wake up every morning for the rest of our lives we had made love again that morning before rushing like mad to get to our hotel in Paris Harry and I had checked into the fancy muggle establishment that conviently was located only a few blocks from the French wizarding community's version of Diagon Alley it was called Les Rue Magickal Harry and I had spent several hours in our hotel room making love again and then enjoying the bathrooms jucuzzi tub before I discovered the wonders of the muggle invention known as the television Harry and I laid in bed watching movies kissing and cuddling while resting up a bit later that evening we found a nice outdoor cafe and had a lovely dinner before we spent several hours just walking around the streets of Paris taking in the scenery we spent a few hours setting on a park bench that evening watching people walk by just talking enjoying the warm June evening and the scent of newly bloomed roses on the rosebush beside our bench we spent several minutes just staring up into the starry nights sky before Harry finally spoke.

I just wanted to let you know Padfoot wherever you are I'm safe and I'm happy and I've finally found love

What are you doing I asked

Well said Harry thats how I talk to him Sirius I mean there was never a body to bury so there's no grave I can go to like with my parents so I talk to his star you know he was named after Sirius the Dog Star he said pointing to a particular star. Yeah I started this after Remus showed me where my parents were buried it helped to have a place where I could go to talk to them and well since Sirius never had a grave I started talking to the star that he was named after.

Thats sweet I said does it really help?

Yeah he said it really does

Now I feel bad I said it's been a year and I still can't bring myself to visit my parents graves it's to depressing and besides I prefer to remember them the way they were sometimes I can still pretend that they're not dead at all that I've just been away at school and they'll be there when I get home it's kinda how I've got through this past year I dunno I guess I'm just not ready to visit their graves yet and beside their bodies may be there but they aren't not their soul's anyways I said.

Yeah I know said Harry maybe oneday when your ready we can go together.

Ok I said giving his hand a sqeeze

So he asked you ready to head back to the hotel

Yeah I said getting up as he wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked back to the hotel Harry and I were walking up to our room when we were stopped by a French police officer It took several minutes before Harry understood that he was being arrested niether of us spoke French very well and it wasn't until we were at the police station and Harry and I were being questioned by a detective who spoke fluent English that we understood that a misunderstanding had taken place. Harry and I fit the discription of a young brittish couple who had ran away from home together earlier that week after a bit explaining and showing them our marriage certificate Harry wasn able to iron out the problem although there was still questions about what a nineteen year old was doing married to a twelve year old finally Harry made up a story about us meeting at a party where I told him I was seventeen and that we sleept together and it wasn't until a month later when I showed up on his doorstep to tell him that I was pregnant that he even knew how young I really was and that we had decided to get married with my parents permission this seemed to sound like a reasonable explaination to the police and they soon released us Harry though was very quite the rest of the night it bothered him that people thought that we couldn't possiblly have married under any other circumstances it got worse the next morning when a very proud Harry introduced me as his wife in a small shop we went to and got a rather dirty look from the woman behind the counter soon Harry had stopped introducing me as his wife and simply called me Sayward after this happened several more times we spent a tense day roaming around the city we saw the eiffle tower the Louvre, Versailles the Arch de Triumphe and the Petite Triannon Harry's mood would lift for a little while when we were alone and then when he noticed that people were giving us funny looks he would get very withdrawn again

That night after having enough of feeling like he was ashamed of me I locked myself in the bathroom and had a good cry while Harry sat on the bed watching tv I had told him I was going to take a bath but when I came out an hour later dry and with puffy red eyes Harry knew something was wrong.

Sayward honey are you alright he asked

Just fine Harry a spat why would the fact that my husband who claimes he loves but is to concerned with what people might say or think to even call me his wife in public bother me it's not like I have feelings or anuthing.

Sayward honey he said reaching for me I'm so sorry

I pulled away from his hug and gave him a look that would have made most people cringe don't Harry I yelled you know you don't love me it's all been an act you figure if your stuck being married to me you might as well get laid that's all it's been hasn't it you couldn't possibly love me I mean I'm just a kid some little girl you got stuck with you don't know me at all cause if you did you would have realised how much you hurt me today.

Sayward honey please I do love you he whispered your not just some kid to me you are my wife it just hurt to see people judge us who had no idea what the real story was I thought it was making you as uncomfortable as it was me having people look at us as if we had done something wrong please baby forgive me I don't want to fight with you I love you so much he said getting up to pull me into his arms please baby forgive me for being such a clueless jerk it just hurt because I'm so proud to have you as my wife and I want to tell everyone I see that this beautiful girl beside me is my wife but then when they look at you with either sympathy or disgust in their eyes I just feel like someone let the air out of my balloon when they don't smile and say what a cute couple we make.

You mean you aren't ashamed of me I said

No baby he said never I love you so much

Will you tell people I'm your wife to hell with what they think I asked

If thats what it takes to make you smile for me again yes I'll yell it from the damned Eiffle Tower if you want me to he said smiling

Really I said

Really he said stepping out onto the balcony of our room and smiling at me before yelling at the top of his lungs I Harry Potter love my WIFE Sayward more than anything in the world I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER! we were both laughing when he pulled me into his arms and asked

So am I forgiven? I noddedand he planted a passionate kiss on my lips before carrying me to our bed

So I said I guess we just had our first fight

Yeah I guess we did he said but thats ok

Why I asked

Because now we get to makeup he said winking at me suductively before giving me a mischiveous grin and nuzzling my neck before he began working on trying to give me a hicky.

Harry I whispered

Yes he said

I love you too you know that don't you

Never had a doubt he said before rolling us over so that he could tickle my sides before his tickles turned into passionate caresses and his kisses became more demanding once again I was in his arms marveling at how wonderful it felt to make love to him the akwardness had begun to wear off and I felt comfortable enough to experiment with touching him and finding out the things that he really like apparantly Harry enjoyed this because we spent most of the night making love before he finally calapsed onto me in the early morning hours to tired to even move and so that is how most of our nights were spent that summer we traveled during the day seeing all the places we had talked about only stopping to go home to be at one of the weddings of our closest friends Harry and I ended up being in Remus and Dierdre wedding I was her maid of honor while Harry was Remus's best man I was also a bridesmaid in Antigone and Ginny's weddings both of which were beautiful weddings I was shocked to see how well Antigone and Professor Snape were getting along she had seemed to bring out a whole new side to him one that hardly anyone had ever seen he smiled and laughed he even told jokes that were'nt at anyones expence he was even wearing colors who would have guessed he would look so good Slytherin green robes with silver trim but the colors actually looked very nice on him she had even gotten him to do something about his hair which now looked clean and neatly combed but what really got me was the way he looked at her it was the way Harry looked at me he waould look at her and his eyes would light up and he would get the biggest grin on his face and when she saw him she would get a far away look in her eyes and smile and blush I was so happy for both of them Remus and Dierdre seemed to have only grown closer since we had seen them last and she was fussing over a rather tired looking Remus who was still recovering from the last full moon Harry commented that she must be taking good care of him because he looked much better than he usually did after a full moon .

And so the weddings and the weeks passed Harry and I visited Rome and saw the Collesium and the Vatican we went to Egypt andvisited the Pyramids at Giza In Israel we visited Jerusalem and saw the Temple Mount, Garden of Gethsemine and the Garden Tomb we also saw Bethelehem and the Jordan River before we headed to Sydney Australlia and then to Chinia were we saw the Great Wall and then on to Hawaii and thento the mainland stopping first in California were we sawDisneyland and Hollywood before we went to Sacremento and San Francisco were we walked downLombard Street supposedly the worlds crookedest street and then spent an afternoon watching street performers onthePeir we had our supper in Chiniatownbefore renting acar and riding across the Golden Gate Bridge where Harry pointed outAlcatraz Island Harry explained how Alcatraz prison had once housed some of Americas worst criminals in much the same way as Azkaban held Englands worst wizards we travelled through the Next we travelled through theAmerican Heartland before we visited the deep South and Florida and then travelled our way up the Atlantic coast stopping at Myrtle beach andthen the beachwhere Harry told me muggles had first learned to fly using airplanesWe stopped in Virginia beach and the Chesapeak bay before visiting Washington DC we saw the Captial Building the White House and the Vietnam,Jefferson and Lincoln memorials the Washington Monumentfinally theSmithsonian Museum we nexttravelled on up the coast to New York city and took in the Statue of Liberty and Times Square we walked through Central Park and saw Broadways plays before it was finally time to return home to England.

I had been feeling a little run down tired from all the travelling and was happy to be going home. When we finally arrived at Hogwarts I skipped dinner that night telling Harry I was going to do some unpacking and the take a nap of course Harry had noticed how tired I had been the past few weeks and decided to let me sleep after he had finished talking with Dumbledore that night It wasn't until the next morning when I felt someone sit on the bed that I realized that it was morning and Harry had let me sleep all night He was smiling and holding a tray with a breakfast of pancakes eggs and bacon on it I smiled back as he set the tray down on my lap I took one bite of the eggs before I realized I was going to be sick I jumped up of the bed knocking the tray over and ran for the bathroom I barely made it Harry was just steps behind me and soon he had pulled my long hair out of my way and was rubbing my back when I finally finished I sat on the floor holding my sides which were now rather sore I would have got up but the room was spinning and I thought I was going to be sick again and sure enough I was Harry held my hair out of the way again still rubbing my back before helping me up to sit on the edge of the tub while he cleaned up the mess and ran me a bath Harry helped me out of my clothes and held onto me as I brushed my teeth to get the bad taste out of my mouth I was still rather dizzy when he lowered me into the tub and then climbed in with me the bathroom in the Professor's chambers were much like the ones in the prefect's bathrooms and were more or less the size of a pool so harry stayed with me to make sure I didn't passout and drown myself he washed my hair for me before pulling me into his arms as we sat in the shallow water at one end of the massive tub

Better now he asked

A little I answered

Anything you want to tell me he asked

Um maybe I'm not really sure I said trembling a little in his arms

You ok he asked if your cold we could get out

No I'm not cold I said just nervous

Yeah I know so do you think we should see Madam Pomfrey this morning he asked

No um not yet I um don't know for sure if I just did'nt pick up some bug from all the travelling we did I mean it could be nothing just cause I was sick this morning doesn't mean that I said nearly in tears

Sayward honey are you ok he asked gently

No I'm probably pregnant I wailed before breaking down crying

Honey don't cry he said rubbing my back again as he held me close

Do you know how long it's been since you had your period he asked pulling me away from him so he could look in my eyes

Yes before our wedding I said still sobbing a little

You mean you have'nt had a period in over three months and you didn't tell me I mean didn;t you know you were pregnant after the first month

Well no and you don't have to yell at me I said my periods were never very regular I skipped sometimes and well we've been so busy travelling and all that I forgot

Sorry I didn't mean to yell I was just a little shocked for a minute there said Harry apologetically

Honey you do realize your pregnant and that we have to have you checked out soon don't you

Um yeah but can we find out alone together first before we have to tell the whole school

Um Sayward he said smiling we're the only ones here besides Dumbledore, Mcgonagall and Madam Pomfrey and they will have to know but first lets find out for sure ok

Do we have to go to the hospital wing can she just check here I asked

I dunno said Harry but I'll ask her he said helping me into bed you just stay here and rest I'll go get her ok as he tidied up the mess I had made made when I knocked over the tray on my way to the toilet then kissing me one the cheek he went to go get the old school nurse

When Harry got back he was followed in by Madam Pomfrey who asked me what symptoms I had

So you never threw up until this morning but you've been tired a lot lately and you three months late

yeah I said looking at Harry for support when she gave me a rather stern look

Well you are most likely pregnant she said but lets check to make sure Pull up your nightgown a little so I can see you tummy she said in a more gentle voice

I did as I was asked and Harry sat down beside me on the bed and held my hand grinning I love you he mouthed while Madam Pomfrey gently pressed on my lower stomach before pointing her wand at one spot in particular and there was a soft yellow glow and then as if my stomach had become transparent we could see the tiny little baby growing inside me

Is everything ok Harry asked it does'nt look very much I mean well is it ok

Yes Harry said Madam Pomfrey that's what the baby is supposed to look like at this stage don't worry over the next few months it will start looking more and more like what you'd expect a baby to look like .

Wow he said he's so tiny I mean aw he's just so little I can't believe Wow was all Harry could get out

I had tears in my eyes I had only thought of what a hassle it would be to be pregnant at twelve earlier and now I was looking at this tiny little miracle growing inside me our miracle Harry and I had made this little baby we had created a life this was our baby I already knew I loved this child more than life itself I was barely paying attention when Madam Pomfrey gave me instuctions on how to take care of myself and the baby until my next visit in a month when she had left Harry pulled me into his arms he was grinning from ear to ear

I'am gonna be a daddy he he said hugging me tight I love you so much and then leaning down to talk to my tummy and you too Daddy loves you so much before placing a gentle kiss on my tummy and then pulling away to give me a kiss then he slid into bed with me holding me close one hand resting protectively over my stomach So he asked have any names in mind; any ideas for the nursery; craving anything ?

No just feeling tired and dizzy and a little green around the gills so let me up before you regret it I said making another run for the toilet.