Alice eyes fluttered open and saw the sleeping form of her father the bed next to him. She sighed thankfully when she saw him sprawled out on the bed. He was just asleep and not seriously injured. She turned her head in the quiet room and saw half a dozen chairs where her friends were dozing in their seats. Alice sat up and snickered when she saw Owens' head resting on her bed. He hadn't drooled, but there was saliva coming really close to forming a long strand.

Alice looked up and saw Susan walk quietly over. She closed her office door quietly and hugged the girl she immediately accepted as her daughter. "How are you feeling?" Susan let the girl go and started casting spells to check her health.

Alice yawned. "Fine, a little tired still."

Susan smiled, "I think you more than over exerted yourself on Friday."

"Friday? How long was I out?"

Susan ruffled the girls' hair, "Its Sunday morning right now." Alice looked surprised and thankful when she saw her friends still here at the castle when she new they were all planning on going home for the holiday.

"How long had they been staying up?"

"All night, I think they all fell asleep about three hours ago." Alice gave a smile and lay back down on the bed still tired. She closed her eyes before opening them again. She looked over to Susan. "He is still going to do it tomorrow isn't he?" Alice reached to grip Susan's' hand. Susan squeezed it back and leaned over and kissed the young girls forehead. Alice felt her eyes go heavy and fell asleep. The last thing she remembered was a tear dropping from Susan's face.

Chapter 18 mind the gap

Harry sat on his chair after a hot shower. He had dressed in blue and tan robes and started catching up on the few days of news he had missed out. After returning to Hogwarts he had effectively barricaded his family in the hospital wing and watched over Susan while she tended to Alice. Now that Alice had gained consciousness it was time to read what news was most likely saying about him. Several headlines were interesting.

Harry Potter teaching special class at Hogwarts!

Wizengamot demands Ministers to step down from their demands for equal education for all countries!

France rescinds their charges against Harry Potter!

Harry Potter destroys assassination ring!

Blood Knights, who are they?

Alice Niete, rich girl? Or woman of intrigue?

Harry had to sigh exasperatedly at the last one. Leave it to the papers to single out Alice for something asinine. A knock came at Harry's door and the door opened, revealing Severus and Tonks. "Come in." Harry leaned forward and dropped the papers on the small table in the center of the room. Harry stood up and gave a hug to Tonks and a handshake to Severus. "I am glad that we were able to finish this without loosing any of you." Tonks nodded. Both Severus and she took a seat. "Was the omission that I did this by myself a choice?"

Tonks smiled. "Susan told us she wanted to give the impression that you did this by yourself. Needless to say, the French Minister of Magic was a little angry and scared. He called up charges on you that the Wizengamot promptly squashed."

Harry raised his hand and a scroll appeared in it. "Give this to the Wizengamot; this was the list of people Cyan planned to Assassinate." Tonks nodded and Harry looked to Severus. "What is it you haven't told me?"

"There was a custody battle with France over who will hold Cyan. We just won it this afternoon. She is in a cell as of now in Bakan prison."

"She is getting a Wizengamot trial isn't she?" Severus nodded. "When is it?"

"Tomorrow morning." Harry shook his head. "No good, I need to speak to them now." Harry stood up and his robes changed into black slender ones. "They must not know her motivations on what she did. It will start a break down of trust between the Wizengamot and many of the European nations." The scroll flew back into his hand. "I think that I will show them this personally."

Severus and Tonks stood. Tonks spoke first. "I'll tell Hermione to ask for an emergency meeting."

"Harry are you still planning on doing this tonight?"

Harry looked at them both. "Unless either of you two have a doubt about it, we are going to perform the sealing ritual tonight." They both nodded and left. Harry followed them a few minutes later after writing a personal note to himself in case he did loose his memory. He had been drafting it a hundred times from the moment he realized he will have questions no one would be able to answer about himself. He folded the letter and went down the hall in time for the closing of lunch.

Harry walked around the halls of Hogwarts with a surreal feeling flooding him. He had been a teacher as Professor Dursley outside his class room for eight months. It was very nice to walk the halls again as Harry instead of being James. Harry walked into the Dinning hall and smiled at the students who still stared at him. There were only 3 now, but the awe that Professor Dursley was in fact Harry Potter would most likely be in many more faces when the break will end. Harry greeted both Alice and Susan at the staff's table. Every single student was sent home regardless of if they were signed up to or not after the abduction two days ago. There were very few exceptions unless there were extenuating circumstances. The only students at the table now were two third year twins, a first year and the students who left Hogwarts to save Alice.

"Hello Alice." Harry sat across from his daughter who nodded. Harry looked at her and sighed silently to himself. He looked up to Susan and she gave him the same look. An eagle owl flew into the Great Hall and dropped a letter in front of Harry. He took read it quickly and smiled that the Wizengamot would be willing to convene for him. Harry nudged Remus who was going to leave after his dinner for his transformation. "I am going to go in a few minutes, I'll see you tomorrow Remus." Remus looked at him and merely nodded. It struck Harry no one told him about the ritual he was going to take. Harry messed with the older mans hair fondly. Harry finished his meal and quickly brought both of his girls to a private class room. "I am going to appear at an emergency meeting of the Wizengamot in a few minutes. I don't know how long it will take but I will be here a half hour before midnight at the latest." He gave both girls a warm hug. They each latched on to him and squeezed him tight. Harry kissed Alice's head and parted lips with Susan before he said one more good bye. Then left Hogwarts.


Hermione Granger-Weasley was the most famous politician of her time. She led the British government out of a recession that threatened to break the country directly after Voldemort's fall. She re-instituted social services that were set aside to fatten the previous minister's pockets and made reparations for those families that were destroyed due to the Ministries negligence for the two years the war was waged. Auror's numbers went from a paltry thirty three members to six hundred strong. Minister Granger-Weasley started several programs that aided students who wished to become aurors reach their goal and instituted student aid programs that opened many careers to students who never had the grades to be able to enter the career they wanted. It was this Hermione Granger-Weasley, the Minister of Magic that was told the whole story of Cyan, her plans and the politics that she foresaw.

"We can't let this get in front of the Wizengamot tomorrow." Hermione leaned back in her chair and sighed. Harry had walked in two hours ago and they had a quiet meeting before the Wizengamot would convene in a few moments.

"If we show them the list, a few of the members may understand the motivations, but that is as far as the trial has to go. I am going to propose a closed trial. I also want to extend leniency."

Hermione raised her eyebrow at him. "She tried to have me killed." Hermione didn't show any rancor in her voice. Only confusion.

"I know that, and she kidnapped my daughter with the intent on either killing both of us or making me a slave. But the woman understands old social politics better than anyone I have ever met. That includes you. I still don't understand why she never just proposed the facts to you or to the courts."

Hermione gave a harsh laugh. "I have heard of Cyan bastard daughter of the Niete. She had so much done to her career she could never do something so open. Fudge made sure of it. Most politicians would never even be seen with her. And others would have tried to find a way to lock her up. There was no way she could do the things she wanted. It could always be traced back to her. It was also timing. The economy here is just getting back into the swing before Voldemort's resurrection. Internal issues were more of a concern than external." Hermione looked thoughtful for a moment. "I agree though." Hermione picked up a quill and parchment and wrote a quick note. "Dawn!" A young girl fresh out of Hogwarts appeared. "Give this to Kingsley at Bakan Prison. Have him take a cohort and bring Cyan to the Wizengamot." The girl looked surprised but nodded. "We are going to need her to testify on a few answers with out letting her answer the ones we don't want."

"Will the Wizengamot request Veritserum?" Hermione shook her head. "I don't think so. I was surprised by the audacity they showed when they forced you to take it." Harry just smiled. "After the ear bashing some of my fellow ministers took I am not sure they will be willing to do it again, but this is an actual trial. It's up to Cyan."

The two left the Ministers office and flooed to France. The French Minister, Minister LeBlanc, requested that they held the trial there since the incident happened on their soil. Harry said a few parting words to Hermione before she went ahead. Harry sat in the waiting room until an older man entered and beckoned him to follow.

Harry entered a great hall where sat the Wizengamot. They all peered at him. It was the second time he appeared in front of them in so many months. Harry looked to Hermione who stood up. "We have been gathered here for this meeting by Harry Potter-Black guardian to the Heiress of Niete, to give information about the events that have transpired this past Friday, April 3."

Harry walked forward and looked at the group. He recognized the men who had hostile intentions on his students. He saw a few in the news papers and recognized their names from the paper. Harry saw a few faces who were honest, some that weren't and none that were in between. Harry raised his hand and floated the scroll from his robes to Hermione. "This is a list of those who were planned for assassination." Hermione did not open the scroll. She held it tight until Harry was done speaking. "In there you will find over one hundred names. A few are from this court." There was murmuring at this. "I ask that this scroll be sealed permanently. From press and from the Wizengamot itself."

One man stood up and said in a faint Italian accent. "Why would we do this? If this is a list of names we should know who and why they were planned for assassination."

Harry looked at the man carefully. The man was honest, and Harry smiled that it was simply a temper flaring and there was no under lying motive to his words. There were a few arguments to this. Harry raised his hand. "It is because of the reason the Assassins have that troubles me. This council is built on trust. If this scroll is made public, or read by this council I fear that the trust on cooperation will dissolve. The motives for these assassinations are one that is more complex than just greed, anger, revenge, or power." Harry summoned the scroll and sealed it with a spell and banished it back to Hermione. "That is my reasoning. I want this scroll to remain in the unseal-able archives. It may be opened after one hundred and eighty years past for studies of history. But not by the present population."

There was a knock on the door and Cyan was escorted in by Kingsley and several of his guards. "We brought the woman named Cyan." He broke off the restraints but kept their wands trained on her as she was examined. The medi-witch nodded and stepped to the side.

A few of the Wizengamot looked out raged. "How dare you bring such a dishonored witch to the council's presence with out permission!"

Hermione and Harry exchanged a look of surprise. Harry turned to Cyan. She held her head high and ignored the barbs. Harry started. "As you had planned to make a public trial, I think it would be best that we have a private one now." Before anyone could start to argue Harry raised his hand. He glared at a few of the Ministers silently wondering how many of them were like Fudge the previous Minister of Magic in Britain. "Do you want me to repeat the reasons why I asked for this meeting? Or do you need to be reminded that the Wizengamot is threatened to fall apart if we do not do this trail now!"

Harry's voice ringed in the hall and everyone fell silent and started at him. Harry looked over to Cyan who nodded ignoring the others around her. She walked to the witness stand and sat in the chair. Her chains were released from her back and chained her to the stand. And Cyan moved her shoulders relieved of the strain form her arms and back. Hermione took control before anyone else recovered. "Cyan you have been charged with attempted assassination, conspiracy to assassinate, abduction, illegal refuge in another country and the destruction of a priceless castle that has just now been rediscovered. How do you plead?"

Cyan looked to the woman she had planned to assassinate and realized what this woman and Harry were doing. She closed her eyes and said in a steady voice. "Guilty."

Hermione looked satisfied and looked to the Wizengamot. "Cyan, for conspiracy for assassinating and for attempted assassination, the Wizengamot has proposed death by execution squad." Cyan only nodded and stared right at Harry. "But due to the mitigating circumstance of the exact nature of the assassination attempt and future plans, and to one, Harry Potter's own extreme actions that have left the woman known as Cyan with little magical power beyond a squib, I propose that an execution sentence be commuted to fifty life sentences with out the possibility of parole in Bakan prison."

There was an uprising roar at this. Harry simply raised his hand and everyone silenced. "I want you all to know that this verdict is something I agree with. Living as a squib for the rest of her life is fitting punishment enough." Harry ignored Cyan's almost miniscule smile. Harry gave a leveled gaze to each of the Wizengamot. A few looked thoughtful, one looked angry, others looked satisfied from 'well enough' to 'serves her right'.

Hermione also watched the reactions and wondered how right Cyan was. Judging from these people she sighed inwardly to herself. "Aurors take this woman back to Bakan and placed in D Block Maximum Security Cells." The Aurors complied and Harry looked to his watch. He had an hour and a half till he needed to return at eleven thirty. The Wizengamot discussed the verdict and Harry's role in apprehending and punishment he administered. A few were not easy that Harry had taken upon himself to administer justice.

Harry wasn't on trail and ignored their questions. The only response was, "We were in combat and I did what was necessary to end the fighting quickly." Few of the council nodded to that, seeing actual fighting themselves when Voldemort first rose to power thirty years ago. The others argued with each other about the incident but were quickly quieted by a few of the veterans.

Harry said his farewell to the council as they broke up and floo'ed to Albus's office. The young man only stumbled a little then heard a round of chuckles. Harry saw the people there with a look of surprise. Hermione was right behind him in using the floo and ran into him when he stopped staring at the office.

To a man the Raiders where present, Harry looked and saw others, the Weasley's, Susan, Alice and her friends, Severus and his wife. Harry was stunned at the warm welcome they gave him. Suddenly his arms were taken by the twin Weasley's. "As you can see dear old boy."

"We have taken the liberty to procure your friends…"

"And assemble them for one last look…"

"And make sure you don't forget…"

"What you have here when the night is over." Both men slapped Harry on the back and shoved him into the crowd where Mrs. Weasley took him in a large hug and began sobbing of what she heard he was going to do. Arvalis, Phor and Argent walked out of Harry and looked around for people to converse with. Harry smiled when he saw Phor fly and perch himself on Hermione's shoulder, Arvalis hissing at Severus and his baby and Argent who made a line strait to Pam who hugged the silver wolf and scratched his head. Harry smiled and spoke to everyone. There was a sudden flash of light that blinded Harry who grinned realizing Ginny was holding a camera.

"Thanks a lot Gin, I am never going to see again." There were a few chuckles continued to talk at a lively unannounced party that had erupted in Albus's office. Harry was passed around to every guest and chatted amiably.

He ran into Cho and Neville and it occurred to him that he never knew they were married. "How long have you two been married?" He asked while laughing at Cho's smile turn snarl.

"The idiot wouldn't see my parents before he asked. We had been dating for almost two years before he said he was going to do it only to back out." Neville turned beat red, resembling a very young Neville Longbottom rather than the confident man Harry knew these past six years.

"Your parents were frightfully scary Cho. They kept asking what my intentions were with their daughter."

Harry burst out laughing at Cho's sudden scarlet face. She glared at Harry that turned into a smile. "He didn't propose I did. He just couldn't get the words out when he had the ring in his hand." A few others never heard the story and began listening in and laughing along as well. Neville smiled but didn't say a word to interrupt. "There he was, on a sunset beach after a lovely dinner he had taken me out to, taking a small box out of his pocket and kneeled showing me the ring. I was in such shock and relief that he finally was asking me that it took me a second to realize he hadn't said a word." Harry had to sit from laughing so hard at this point and wiped a tear from his eyes. Cho smiled at Neville who lost the blush on his face and just held her hand and smiled at her. She smiled back brilliantly saying, "After a few moments I realized that he couldn't get the bleeding words out. I finally grabbed the ring pulled him up and asked him to marry me." There was a round of laughter as the whole group was listening now. Fleur caught Harry's eye and gave him a knowing look. Harry ducted his head and heard Cho say, "He just nodded dumbly like he is now." Cho looked at her husband who had simply nodded with the events as they happened.


Harry was quickly passed around the room again talking to several of his raiders that he had not spoken to beyond the mission that he had ordered them to gather for a few days earlier.

Harry met with Luna and Erika who stood alone sipping their own drinks. "Hello ladies,"

"Hello Harry." Both said in unison and giggled. Luna spoke first. "We wanted to wish you good luck with your ritual tonight, and if you need anything at all, just ask. We have already spoken with Susan." She stopped there and looked over to Erika.

"Maybe you should speak to her soon." The younger woman offered sportingly. Harry caught the hint and said a farewell to find his girlfriend.

Harry found her talking with Hermione and Ron. Susan was introducing Alice and her friends to the Minister and the Coach of the Chuddley Cannons. Harry chuckled at Owens star struck look that annoyed Alice. Harry cleared his throat and the group turned their attention to him. Harry received a hug from Ron and a kiss on the cheek from Hermione. "Did you have a hand in forming this?" He asked his three best friends.

Ron pointed a thumb over to Susan. "It was her and your girl's idea." Alice and Susan both hit the adult before reprimanding him for tattling. Harry chuckled and thanked them all. Harry grabbed Susan's hand and dragged her to a secluded corner.

"Thank you Susan, this means a lot to me." Harry wrapped his arm around her shoulder and looked at his friends and family talking amicably among themselves. Susan nodded and leaned her head against his shoulder. "How are you holding up?"

Susan sighed but said, "I think I will be ok with this, either way, I will still be here. And so will Alice. We both love you very much." Susan kissed her boyfriend who held her while she hugged him tightly.

An hour later Severus walked up to Harry and nodded. Harry gave a thank you to everyone for coming and saw the camera sitting on the table. "Excuse me!" Harry called. The crowd stopped what ever they were conversing about and looked to their friend and hero. "I would like to get a group picture with everyone present." Everyone gathered in front of Albus's desk. The Weasley's on the edge, the Raiders filling out the group with Harry, Susan, Alice and friends taking up the middle. Argent stood next to Pam begging for another head scratch while Phor talked perched next to Fawkes, Arvalis slithered to sit next to Harry giving the man a wink before motioning him to look at Susan who was smiling and tearing from the support that rallied to Harry on such short notice. Harry moved his arm around her and kissed her soundly. There was a sudden flash and Harry pulled away slightly embarrassed that the picture would have him kissing her. The Raiders and guests went home leaving several tired students who decided to camp out in the headmasters office. Harry said good night to Alice's friends before Alice and Susan were left at the door that led to a completely different area of the office.

"I'll be ok. I promise that no matter what happens my heart won't forget either of you." He pulled both girls into a hug and they cried on him.

Severus and Tonks stood behind him. "I am sorry Harry but we need to start in a few minutes, the moon is just entering position." Harry nodded and kissed Susan's cheek and Alice's forehead before leaving both ladies standing there crying.

The three walked into a stone room that had no furniture. Runes were drawn in the center of the room in a circle with whole chains of runes fanning out form it across the ground and up the walls in ceilings and met again directly above the circle on the floor. Severus and Tonks both took position on opposite sides of the room and sat in two small circles that the Runes went around. Harry wordlessly shed his clothes and sat in the center of the room and crossed his legs as if he was going to meditate.

Both Tonks and Severus chanted in unison and the ceiling disappeared. The full moon was slowly moving over the circle of runes that was above Harry on the opaque ceiling. Harry felt the surface of his skin begin to warm and he started his own chant. All three ignored their surroundings and for a time all could be heard was deep mumbled humming of their droning chants. The runes began to glow red and all three chanters looked to the circle on the ceiling. The moon shone over the runes and turned the red glow to pure silver. The silver began to change the other runes that were connected to the circle until the runes encircling Harry were silver as well. Harry let him self shudder when he reached for a knife that had formed from the silver runes in front of him. He griped it firmly with his right and cut a long cut along the tip of his left index finger. Tonks and Severus both concentrated on the circle above Harry and chanted louder and controlled their timing to not chant faster.

The cut Harry made began to bleed in a ling thing string of red and Harry moved his finger over the large rune in front of him. It was the rune for immortality. Harry expected this seal to last forever with this rune. The blood dripped over the rune and the silver turned back to black and traveled up the flow of blood and onto Harry's finger. Harry sucked in his breath as he felt the rune climb onto his body and up to his forehead like it was being carved into his skin like Dolores Umbridge's detention. The circle above Harry finally dissolved and the linking chains of runes began to slide across the walls to Harry's circle. The runes crawled up Harry's still extended hand and the runes slowly moved across Harry's naked body. He gritted his teeth and ignored what Tonks and Severus were chanting. The young wizard just concentrated only on breathing and remaining conscious after feeling this much pain. Harry felt each individual run carve its way across his body. The next phase of the sealing was not fully understood by Harry, although Tonks tried to explain it. It was now with a sickening realization that he understood what the runes were about to do.

The runes turned blood red and cut openings where they laid on Harry's skin. The runes felling his body and then painfully slowly sealed up after they had disappeared. The scars along Harry's body healed instantly only to be replaced by dark markings in the shape of the runes along the surface of his skin. Harry leaned forward gasping for air. The pain was much more than he had prepared himself for. Something in the back of his mind reminded him that there were over three hundred runes drawn across the chamber and they had all gone onto his body. With Harry's last bit of strength he slowly set down the knife and drew a line of blood across his heart with his open finger. "Eun Cen Xom ic" Harry thought to himself at the same time. It is done.

Harry's body slumped forward and the moon disappeared from the ceiling as the stones above them returned to their visible state. Tonks and Severus both teetered on their feet. Tonks was the first to take a few unsteady steps towards Harry before they both fell to the ground and passed out.


Harry opened his eyes and gasped. His body was sore and he wondered if Dudley had beaten him up again. He blinked his eyes once and saw he was not in his cupboard. He recognized the ceiling and it came to him. Hogwarts… The young wizard remembered that he had just killed the Basilisk, that would be why he was sore. His eyes rolled into his head and he lost consciousness. He never noticed the two young ladies watching over him carefully.


When Harry woke again Professor Snape was watching him. Harry tried to narrow his as to why Snape was looking at him. Harry remembered that he had just finished the Triwizard tournament. That Cedric was dead and closed his eyes not wanting to think of it. Darkness engulfed him willingly.


Harry stirred and wondered why he was so sore. It couldn't possibly be that fixing that stupid fence made him so. He had done the work early yesterday morning. He opened his eyes and saw someone watching over him. It was the old man. Harry sighed and looked over to him. "What happened Dumbledore?" Harry's voice seethed irritation.

Albus looked at the old man and wondered when Harry remembers himself to be. "What is the last thing you remember Harry?"

Harry just gave him an irritated glance then said, "I was with the Dursley's. I was doing some chores and had Tonks send a letter…." Harry stopped there. The headmaster didn't need to know who he had been sending letters to.

"Yes to Miss Bones I imagine." Said the old man sagely. He looked at the boy with concern.

"What? Did Tonks tell you? I trusted her!"

"Harry, calm down, that summer has passed years ago." Albus set a gentle hand against Harry's shoulder and Harry laid back down on the bed.

Harry furrowed his brows in confusion. "Do you remember anything after that morning."

Harry nodded slowly. "I dated Susan for a few months…" Albus smiled at that.

"Harry, it has been six years from that latest memory." Harry looked at the old man stunned. "You have defeated Voldemort, and had a very powerful curse laid upon you. You, with the aid of Nymphadora and Severus set an ancient seal on your body."

Harry for the first time looked at his hands then his arms. Black runes covered them in a swirling pattern. Harry gripped his hand and mumbled "The Raiders…" Harry suddenly looked at the old man. "So it was really over? I don't have to worry about that prophecy?" Albus smiled. It was all Harry needed to see. He closed his eyes and began to cry in relief. Albus patted his head. Harry saw several flashes of memories. They were of the raiders fights before Christmas. Harry took several breathes to compose himself to ask Albus a few more questions.

He was interrupted when he heard the soft foot steps from behind the old man and Harry was surprised to see a beautiful woman standing in front of him and a younger girl who must have be only a first year hiding behind her. The older one looked familiar. Her hair was a different color when he had met her and it was much longer then, than it was now. "Susan?" The woman smiled and stepped forward.

She reached for his hand and stopped when he didn't move for hers. Susan looked to Albus. "How much does he remember?"

"A little farther than he should had the sealing gone wrong. I think it is a good sign that he will recover." Susan smiled and sat next to Harry.

Harry looked at her and said, "What happened to your hair?" For the first time, Harry reached out and gently touched the locks over Susan's face. "It was red the last time I remember."

Susan blushed. "Well I wanted to dye it after a certain red haired girl made a scene."

Harry looked confused for a second then started laughing. Susan didn't say a word to the girl behind her. "Ginny, I remember her little rant in the great hall." Harry continued to laugh and reached for Susan's hand. Susan took it and squeezed his. Dozens of other images flashed through Harry's mind, from Ginny and her frustration about men in general, to the finding of the Book of Persephone. More flashes passed through the young mans head of his love for Susan, the hunt to stop Voldemort's hunt for the Staff of Perdition. Harry sighed remembering a long ago rant of his own.

Harry closed his eyes and sighed. "What time of year is it?" He asked to no one in particular. The light in his normal eyes showed of someone who didn't have a care in the world.

"It is the first Wednesday of April." Harry hmm'ed for a second. He finally looked over to Susan and smiled. "I would like to start my garden soon then. The weeds probably set in while I been sleeping here." Susan smiled in agreement.

"So you remember the curse now?"

"Yes, Its there and it isn't… Its not gone. But its like a memory." Harry smiled to himself glad that he no longer had to worry about that vileness creeping out. The girl behind Susan stirred. "Who is this?"

Susan looked to Alice uncertainly. Susan stood up, "This is your adopted daughter, Alice."

Harry sat up and beckoned the crying girl to him. He gave her a warm hug. Harry felt the flashes of memories talking to this girl and protecting her from others and from herself. "I knew I was forgetting something." He hugged her tighter and she hugged back happy to see that she got her father back.


Harry sat against the couch and sighed. "It's not that bad really Harry."

Harry just smiled at Susan. She always keep thing in perspective and had been doing a good job for the past few days. "I know Susan, it's just kinda sad that I might have to find a wand now." Harry raised his hand and visualized the way the magic would form when it left his hand. "Accio book" The book only moved along the table before Harry gave up. He looked over to his girlfriend who sat next to him and kissed his cheek. He smiled and said, "Its not like I have forgotten how to do this, and the magic is there. Bit I just can't seem to find my self able to focus like I used to. I can't even summon any more." That was the hard blow that, even though Harry knew before hand, was difficult to let go. Those three were his friends.

Susan nodded. "So would you want to go look for a wand?"

Harry remembered his vow never to take up a wand of his own again. "Not if I can help it." Harry looked at his rune covered hands and grimaced at the cut lines of 'I will not tell lies'. He concentrated and the cut and the runes disappeared. "Why didn't you tell me that my body gave out on that?" Harry said a bit peevishly.

Susan giggled and leaned against him. "I knew it would frustrate you." She kissed him again and said, "It will work out. That's what you always told me isn't it? Besides it's not like you have to do anything now but substitute for the other teachers."

Harry gave her an annoyed look. "I am more scared of the students now; it was one thing to say James was doing it. Now that they know it's me…" Harry sighed again.

Susan smiled, "You're cute when you're frustrated." She kissed him again and Harry grinned back at her positive attitude.

A knock came at the door and then burst in as Alice dragged Tonks behind her. Tonks smiled weakly at the two and tossed Harry a set of gloves. Harry recognized them instantly. "Where did you get these?" Harry looked at them again. "These ones are different. What did you do?"

Tonks sat with Alice across from Harry. "Well I just kinda inversed the spells you used on your old limiting gloves. These are more focus orientated."

Harry looked at the three girls in the room with surprise and put the gloves on. Harry concentrated on the manipulation of his magic and new instantly that it came quicker with the gloves. "Accio book" the heavy book he had summoned earlier flew into his hands. Harry gave a weak chuckle and stood to hug his friend. "Thanks Tonks."

The Auror smiled and shoved Alice forward. "It was her help you need to thank, I could never have inversed the spells you used has she not been there to show me how."

Harry grinned. Not many of the students he had taught realized that they could manipulate the magic they were seeing. It was something he did not think he should tell them, but to let them find on their own. Alice had been no exception. "Thank you Alice. And I guess you just mastered sight."

Alice looked confused until she remembered her new application of the skill. "So I didn't do something you hadn't done before. Oh well, I'll find something else." The girls laughed and Harry set the book down silently thanking who ever was watching over him for his friends and family.


Fleur watch Harry skulk for the following days and finally stopped him while he was in front of a stair case that had stranded him on the fourth floor. When the stairs finally allowed him to go back up Fleur asked, "When are you going to ask her." Harry was passing her when she spoke and stopped in mid step. Harry sighed not bothering to deny anything. "It just didn't feel right earlier, I want to now. I just never found a moment when I can give this to her." Harry had a box in his hand that had never left his pocket since he made it.

"I know you too well. She will wait for you until you ask." Harry turned to look at the woman who had been kind of a councilor with his relationship with Susan. It was always weird for a number of reasons but Harry nodded. "I think I can ask now. And not worry about a lot of it. She is still here, I think she deserves for me to ask. Its just hard to get around how I have lived my life. I will ask, but I don't know when it will be." Harry started walking again. His posture was upright and he lost the skulking air that he had carried since he woke up. "Thanks Fleur. I needed that."

Fleur grinned but felt a little dejected that he would go and do it now. She had one more idea but it would have to wait for Remus' trip. She giggled to herself and ran to find Susan and told her about a great prank she wanted to pull on Harry. Susan was on board oblivious to the fact it had to deal with her as well.


Harry woke the next day and realized something about the past Friday. He swore at himself and got dress quickly. He didn't pass anyone when left the castle and didn't bother to Legilimens any one of his imminent arrival at Bakan Prison.

Seven wands pointed at him and Harry calmly raised his hands. "I am here to see Cyan." The administered Veritserum and he answered their questions until they were satisfied. Harry thank them for their diligence and was escorted to the woman's cell. He had no clearance to be in Bakan Prison except for the express permission of Minister Granger-Weasley to visit Cyan only. This was why he was being escorted by three Aurors. They eyed him wearily knowing that they couldn't stop THE Harry Potter if he wanted to do something else.

Harry entered the cell and looked at the woman named Cyan. He nodded to the Aurors who closed the cell and remained at guard. Cyan's cell was a maximum security cell that was lined with cushioning charms and wooden furniture with few stuffed cushions. The bed was a simple cot with a thinned lined mattress that sat on the far side of the room. "Do I have you to thank for these accommodations Harry?"

Harry shook his head. "I believe that they are standard for these cells since the person in them will never leave." Cyan nodded and took a seat at the table. Harry looked at her and finally said, "They all lived didn't they? Your Blood Knights are all alive." After he said it out loud he knew for certain that he was right.

Cyan nodded. "They will not interfere now." She looked down to her hands sadly. "I take it the Minister has seen some of the wisdom of what I saw?" Harry inclined his head. "Well, if you can keep her alive for four more years, I believe the main threat will be over. Your main concern will be France, for your own part played there during the war, a few leaders in Italy who will probably make their own faction that will attack here before their own country and the European alliance." Harry nodded thinking of the four small governments that formed the upper half of Europe. They had slowly been acquiring small communities that have yet form their own governments in the magical community.

"What of your Knights?"

"If there is war, and I think there is, they will come to your aid. As long as you represent Britain. You must understand that they come from all walks of life and from different beliefs Harry. You have mud blood haters standing next to muggle borns. They set aside their differences to make sure Britain stands strong. Make sure it doesn't."

Harry looked hard at the woman. "O.k. Thank you Cyan."

As Harry was leaving he heard her say, "Thank you Harry."


The students returned that Friday. The news had circulated that Harry Potter had been teaching a class to a few select students and that he was a current professor to the school. Many of the students sat at their tables and kept giving side glances towards the staff table where Harry Potter sat where Professor Dursley sat. Harry had managed to keep his metamorphmagus abilities back under control by the end of the week. It was a hopeful sign for Harry as it at least concealed that he had any kind of ritual on his body. The rune seals were invisible to everyone and Harry could only relax when he was by himself of with Alice and Susan.

Harry looked at the side glancing students with the same exasperated look that he gave news reporters. It was only after he heard the giggling girls saying he was cute this way that Remus had to laugh at Harry's expense. Harry just glared at him. The look did not go unnoticed by his admirers who just said he looked cute no matter what he did.

The speech was by Albus on the recounted events of the breakfast feast a week ago and the improved security so that no abduction may happen again. Harry grimaced to himself. The Blood Knights were all previous students and knew the castle well. The hard to navigate castle would be easy to go through for people who had lived here for seven years. It was only a matter of time for someone who was not on the watch list to exploit that weakness. A new ward was placed to warn of anyone who is not faculty or student has entered the grounds.


"I won't be long, I just need to go to this convention for a few days Harry, You sure you can handle my class for the next few days?" Harry nodded mutely. Remus laughed loudly. "Its not going to be that bad, there are only two weeks in the school year left, all you have to do is cover what we have done, well except for my sixth year class."

Harry sighed but agreed. "I am just not looking forward to the girls." The past several weeks had been nothing but his first week teaching at the school. The girls lined and mobbed him and finally Albus had to step in, saying that harassing a teacher would be given five detentions. The girls settled slightly at that but whenever Harry had to assist in a class the girls would go into full swoon. The other teachers thought it was hilarious including Susan who would just sigh dramatically and say, 'and your all mine!'.

Remus left before breakfast and Harry sat at his spot on the staff table. Fleur walked up to him and said, "I am partnering with you for the unforgivables lesson today with the sixth years."

Harry nodded, Remus had dragged him and Fleur to his quarters so Harry could make sure he was able to still break the Imperius curse. Harry was relieved when he still could. "Yeah, just like old times." Harry said with a smile. Harry had Fleur aid him in teaching the other members of the Raiders to resist the curse. "We should start with my demonstration that it can be done first before we discuss exactly how to do it."

Fleur said with a grin. "I think that would be a good idea. It's been a while since I had you under my control."

A lump was forming at the bottom of his stomach. Please tell me she was joking. Harry finished his lunch quickly walked to Susan and said, "Hi, just wanted to tell you I love you." He kissed her head and ran out of the hall before anyone, student or teacher, made a comment.

Susan just sat there stunned for a moment before looking at Fleur with a raised eyebrow. "Just want to keep him on his toes is all." She smiled evilly at Susan.

The girlfriend caught on and leaned closer to Fleur. Susan grinned, "Give him hell."


Harry taught his morning classes and finally began to pace with his impending sixth year class began to file in. A few of his students waved at him and Harry returned the greeting. When Fleur entered, Harry was relieved to see Susan follow. Then he realized that there must have been regulations set for this lesson. There were no demonstrations for the other two curses, but the Imperious curse could still be harmful if someone was to say something that the person begin controlled might hear and act on.

Susan sat in the back and Harry began the lesson and finally had the students move behind the barrier that Fleur had set up. Susan moved forward since she was not effected by the Veela's powers. "What we are going to do after I demonstrate this, is have you all experience the force of vela charm of what I will make that is equivalent to it." The girls suddenly gulped after remembering how the boys acted around the Potion Master if the wards were not effectively in place. Harry gave Fleur the go ahead and Fleur closed her eyes. When she opened them Harry immediately felt the need to show off to her. He moved one twitch of a muscle before he broke off and glared at her smug face. "That was a lot stronger than last time."

"I have been practicing." Was the cheerful reply. The class laughed at the exchange, but was more disappointed that Professor Potter did not break down and make a fool of himself.

"Now we will show you the Imperius."

Fleur raised her wand and pointed it at Harry. "Imperio!"

Harry felt his body go light and heard the droning voice that he knew was Fleur. Finally she gave a command to jump onto the desk and to do a song and dance. Harry said no and felt the spell break. The students applauded. Harry looked at the two women in the room. The both smiled at him sweetly. Fleur continued the conversation. "The problem with just using will is that it is extraordinarily hard to break when it is something that you want to do." Suddenly Fleur unleashed all of the might of her charm and Harry suddenly took a single step before he stood up with strain on his face to control himself. The students didn't notice Harry's sudden posture or the joyful glint in Fleur's eye. Harry looked at Fleur just as she said, "Imperio" Harry stood still and waited for commands. He had a good idea as to what she planned and wanted to both scream and thank her. "Do you know that Harry Potter here has had more girl troubles than I had with boys?" There were a few chuckles. "Yet in all his experience of handling them he could never get out what he wanted to say to the girl he loves." There were a few endearing awws to that. Fleur whispered something to Harry's ear and started walking to a very surprised Susan when Harry took a knee. Harry's body shuddered then and Harry finally broke the spell.

Fleur gave a sigh of disappointment and both Susan and Harry glared at her before Harry took a knee again in front of the woman and produced a ring. "Susan, you have been with by my side in all the hard times since we met, if not in body then definitely in spirit, you have shown me what love can do and that it does conquers all. I don't know what my life would be with out you and would rather see it with you by my side. Susan, will you marry me?" Susan just covered her mouth and heard Harry's words and say the honest openness of his eyes. She finally looked at the stunning ring that was three silver strands and a single gold strand wrapping three precious diamonds.

She let Harry slid the ring onto her finger and pulled him up to kiss him. She they pulled back she said "Yes." She hugged him and said through happy tears. "Took you long enough."

The students cheered and even the female population was moved by their Professors' speech. The class was over soon after with out the students ever getting any experience. But it didn't matter, one of the most memorable events in their lives occurred in front of them.


Harry, Susan, Tonks, Remus, Fleur and Severus sat in Hogs End relaying stories over the short few years where they lost contact with each other. Severus and Tonks spoke the most as Remus, Susan and Fleur had been together in Hogwarts for most of the time.

Tonks' stories were the best as she changed into various people she knew and did impeccable impressions during her stories. The group was already on their second bottle of Fire Whiskey when an owl rapped on the window Harry sat next to. Harry sobered up immediately and opened the window. The letter had the name Madame Bones. Susan looked over to the others before she opened it quickly and nodded. "Sorry I need to cut this short, there is a student I need to talk to." The group said good bye. And Susan kissed Harry saying its something that she can handle by himself. Harry gave one more good-bye kiss before Susan walked back towards the castle. She reread the letter and wondered what was going on.

Madame Bones,

Alice and Owen have been helping me with something I have had trouble handling, but I really need more help. But I don't want to ask Professor Potter. Can you please me us in the special room? Alice said you knew what that was.

Mathew Andrews

Susan burned the letter when she dropped it to the floor and walked up the flights of stairs to the room of requirement. When she entered Susan saw that Alice, Owen and Mathew were indeed there with piles of muggle spiral ring note books. They looked up to her and smiled. Susan thought of what she wanted and saw the room change to accommodate the new will that occupied the room. The door suddenly disappeared and markings lined the walls. Susan smiled at the changes, although she had worked in this room for years during her stay here, it never ceased to amaze her. "What's wrong? I would think that at least Owen would be out on Hogsmeade weekend."

Mathew looked at the two older students nervously but they nodded reassuringly. Mathew swallowed and nodded. "Miss Bones, from what Alice says I am an oracle." Mathew looked at the Matriarch still slightly scared. Susan nodded her acceptance.

"And?" The look that Mat gave Susan was comical and she had to laugh at it. "Mathew, relax. Why would I think it was such a good or bad thing? So what exactly is the problem?" Alice and Owen grinned at Mat. He returned the grin with only a little less confidence.

"Well, Harry gave me a poem book." Susan remembered hearing about it when Harry spoke of Mathew. Mat had asked Harry one day what he was reading, and the older man handed the boy a book of poetry. When Mat would return constantly to read from the book, Harry simply gave it to him. "Well after that I tried to write my own, but some times they would come out weird." Susan was handed a few poems and she nodded her understanding. "After a few times where it got really weird, I stopped. I started up again and while me and Alice were talking it came into our conversation. So when she asked to read a few she recognized these." Susan sighed. She understood the three poems that was handed to her.

"So you write out prophecies of a sort." Susan said feeling slightly relieved.

"What do you mean Susan?" Alice was surprised by the way she said it.

"Some prophecies have longer reaching impacts than others. What he is writing are targeted for those he had met or will meet. And these ones act more as a warning than something written in stone. Its like- argh. Its hard to explain it. Albus did a better job with it." Susan looked from Alice and Owen to Mat who still sat on the table looking over a particular piece of parchment he had not handed over to her. "I take it you don't want to have your ability published?" Mat nodded. "Alright, since you're underage at least, you won't need to register with the Ministry until then. If you think you want to train this ability, I am sure that the headmaster can help. And though I don't like the teacher, I suggest you start taking divination when you get to your third year. The reading material is good enough but Trelawny can be a little… flaky."

"That's putting it mildly." mutter Owen. The medi-witch couldn't find the will to reprimand him.

"Miss Bones there is something else." Added Mat. Susan turned back to him. Not sure what to say, Mat simply handed the parchment to her. "Alice asked me to try and force a few poems over the winter break. This is what I wrote. I blacked out for a few hours when I finished writing it so I was a little scared."

Susan read the poem and widened her eyes. The young woman lost the strength of her legs and fell into a chair that appeared behind her. She didn't even notice the world around her, just the words written on the paper. The words slowly started to blur and Susan realized she was crying. Alice came closer to put an arm around her 'mom'. Alice didn't know what the poem meant. Only that she knew it had to do with her dad and that information was given by Mat who said it was a feeling he had. Susan just sat there and sobbed. Owen and Mat just looked at each other obviously rattled by the adult's reaction. When Susan was able to control herself again she took a deep breath. "Does anyone else know about this?" She said in a barely auditable.

Mat shook his head, "No one. Is it that bad?" Susan walked up to him and gave him a hug.

"Thank you." She released him and said to the three of them. "I don't want anyone of you to say a word of this to anyone." The three promised.

The three students sat in the room of requirement. "That was a little disturbing." Mat said slowly.

Alice nodded. "I didn't see how the poem was that bad. But I guess she knew something that we don't."

Owen sat there thinking to himself. He reclined in his seat and recited the poem.

Dawn starts the day of trails

Sunset ends the days of finals

The lost soul burns the heart and peaks

Joy is the freedom that desire seeks

Firebird, knife and hand fall to the will of the bane

Dawn and sunset choose to spare or destroy the slain


Susan sat in her quarters wondering what she would do. She remembered when Harry said he never would want to hear a prophecy about him. It could change things that would make it worse or make it come true. Susan nodded at the comment turned advice. She loved the man dearly. She looked at her ring and nodded. She would just have to wait.

Harry found her that night and they talked before they decided what they wanted to do that night. Harry saw her distracted glances but only nodded that she did not want to talk about it. He knew that there was no rushing something that a person was not ready to talk about. He just held her and they conversed the rest of the night away.


Harry woke up and looked over to his fiancé he did not know what the future brought be he knew that he would have a wonderful with a loving daughter and friends that will help see him through it all. He survived a war, an evil curse, urban life, and will live to see himself married and maybe have another child. He touched his future wife's cheeks and kissed her before closing his eyes to the bliss sleep of one who has lived a long life in a few short years.


The school year ended and Harry found himself not tending a garden but planning a wedding. The end of June was their wedding day and it was the same day the news broke out of their celebration. The wedding was held in Harry's back yard with the neighbors watching from the taken down fence. The next door neighbors were delighted to see the young man wed and happily volunteered their yards for the reception as well as space to hold the wedding itself.

Susan had Severus give her away and Hermione finally found herself as the maid of honor she wanted to be several years ago. Alice found herself with the bouquet and flushed at Owen's open mouth. Harry and Susan danced with every person that had attended and Alice scowled at Pam and Angela's looks of ecstasy after they had danced with their professor.

Albus found the soon to be second year and offered him a private tutor to help him develop and control his new found ability, after Harry finally mentioned how the students had gotten to France, as well as an offer on the staff after he had graduated. Mat's parents were stunned and grinned at their child who was as shocked as they were.

Harry asked for everyone for another large picture and smiled weeks later at the large magical photo that was over his fire place. Susan had decorated the house with more photos of them and Alice and her friends. Harry had a time adding to his house over that summer to create a new private room for Alice as well as an additional room for when the newly wed couple does have a child. Harry insisted that he do it without magic and he would find himself with the random friend that would drop by to help him, Susan and Alice.

Harry looked at his finished work at the end of that summer and smiled at Alice's friends when they ran through the house to get food. It was hard to believe that just a year ago he was happy to garden and to live a life alone. Now with a daughter, a wife, and friends, Harry Potter could never imagine a life with out them.

The End


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