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V.Return to Home

Chapter 61

As Moe and the others got out of Sully's car, his cell rang, answering he quietly greeted the caller with a sharp, "Yea," then listening a moment or two responded, "we're at the ninth street bridge. Yea, ok just have them waiting," then as the others watch curiously, wondering who he could possibly be talking to, he added, "Okay Jimmy, see you soon."

Hanging up, he saw the others looking at him, Faith said, "You TOLD JIMMY, what we are doing; are you crazy?"

"No, Faith, I'm not, and yes I told him," he is the Lieutenant over there you know, we need a bus, and I'm not going to be waiting for one when we get them out of there."

"You never fail to surprise me, Bosco," Sully commented, as they joined him walking quickly to the back of the car.

"You and me both, Sully," Faith added, then asked Moe, "Who is he sending to 'wait' for them?"

"Doc and Kim," Moe answered her, "Look guys, he's only expecting Faith and me, so make sure you don't get seen, we know he has at least two guys with him, but I'm betting there is at least one more. So, stay alert."

Moe opened the trunk of Sullys car and took out the lanterns, handing one to each of them, then reaching back in he pulled out extra weapons, and passed them out too. Turning to them he asked, "Ready?" and without waiting for an answer walked to the entrance of the subway, heading down the stairs rapidly, the others following close behind.


CJ slowly regained consciousness only to find that he was in a great deal of pain, his shoulder and leg on fire, and his head felt like it was splitting open. Opening his eyes took a great effort, and when he finally managed it, he was shocked to find himself on the floor, free of the handcuffs. He didn't move for fear of letting them know he was awake as he closed his eyes to mear slits, allowing his head roll to the left where he had heard someone moving around to see Jamie sitting on the floor next to the chair leaning on it her eyes closed, but carefully searching the room he didn't see anyone else.

He kept staring at her; his eyes opened a little wider hoping she would 'feel' him looking at her. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and turned her head towards him but if she saw he was awake she gave no sign then in a minute she scooted closer to him and reaching out she lifted his wrist gently with her fingers and began checking his pulse. Then just when he thought he'd have to speak to get her to see him awake, not daring to move his hand and let someone else in the room who might be watching see him move, she slowly turned his hand over and with her other hand using her forefinger Jamie carefully wrote the word, 'Hi' onto his palm not actually looking anywhere, just staring off into the distance a bit, as if she were 'counting' his pulse.

CJ slowly and deliberately blinked and then squeezed her finger with his pinkie before she let go of his wrist, lying it back on his stomach, then she nodded as if she were 'satisfied' with what she had 'counted' as she sat back against the chair, but stayed closer to him than before; closing his eyes again CJ relaxed some knowing she was aware he was 'with her' again.

Vance was watching her from the doorway, as she checked on her patient, then as she sat back, he moved back into the office, to check the clock. It was nine forty-five now, Maurice only had fifteen more minutes to go. "Be a real shame if he misses all the fun of me killing CJ after all," Vance said quietly to the men with him, "but hey, I will just have to show him and that bitch cop what they missed first hand when I do get his ass!" The two men in the room with him exchanged glances but were silent.

Jamie could see the clock from where she sat now and she found herself holding her breath as she waited for Maurice and Faith to arrive, frustrated that she couldn't tell CJ about them having been here, or that help was on the way.

CJ having opened his eyes to slits again was watching her closely, he had a vague memory of Vance and someone talking about Moe having been here, but since Jamie couldn't confirm it right now for him, he wasn't sure if it were true, or mearly a hopeful dream he'd had. Then seeing her hands clutch her gown he noticed the ripped front of her gown and realized that she wasn't just 'clinging' to it, she was holding it closed and then what Vance had said became clearer. His face flushing as he looked at her, his thoughts were of denial, 'It can't be true, Moe would never…" Then as CJ thought back to what had gone on in the last two months he began to doubt his thoughts as Jamie had not given him any sign that what Vance had accused Moe of as not being true, and looking at her face now, with the large bruises, he felt sick to his stomach as he tried to reason, 'Is it possible, could Vance have actually driven him over the edge, like he claimed he'd done? No, no not Moe, he'd never...he couldn't, not to...' CJ couldn't think straight with the pain and dizziness, and decided to wait before making a jump in that direction.

Jamie could feel him watching her, and glancing at him saw him looking at her hand holding her gown, and his face flush, and she thought she knew what he was thinking about, thinking to reassure him she looked directly over at him now about to speak as Vance had turned away completely and was looking at something.

Then stopped short as she looked up at a noise to see Vance returning, again unable to reassure CJ.

"Five more minutes kiddies, then we get to play again, this time 'for real',' Vance came back into the room, speaking loudly to them, then was smiling and humming to himself as he walked over. Jamie just barely stopped herself from rolling her eyes at him as she thought how much...'Man I really want to cut that smile off of him!'

CJ remained still, his eyes closed now, listening to Vance taunt Jamie, he knew her temper and he really hoped she would not let him bait her into losing it.

"Aww come on," Vance was himself hoping to do just that, bait her into giving him a 'real' reason to hurt her again before Moe got back, "don't you have anything to say to that? No smartass remark or even just a little 'look' for me?" Vance continued, then suddenly he stopped, "OOHH what is That..., I think I hear someone coming to save you," he reached down and pulled Jamie to her feet by her arm, "Come 'hear' dear, Do you hear them too? Listen." He grasp her jaw with his hand forcing her head up until she was facing him, then turning her body around he grabbed her by the throat with the same hand, "I asked you if you heard them?"

"Yes Vance, I hear them," she answered him quietly.

"OOHH Boy! Hope he got that computer for me," running his hand down her side he grunted, "bet you do too, huh," then seeing her flinch he laughed, "Oh wait that's right I bet you don't, cause if he doesn't I kill him and you, but if he does, then he gets twenty four with just you and him, alone, humm I wonder now which one would you pick if you had a choice, huh?"

Jamie was rigid in his grip as he leered down at her, she was praying that Maurice had that computer harddrive, because she knew that as soon as Vance saw he didn't…


Moving down the tunnel they stayed together Moe in the lead; there was no talking as they walked and the only sound now was the hum of the lanterns electric wicks and the slight crunch of the gravel under their feet as they walked quietly further into the dark tunnel. Had anyone seen them, they might have thought them spirits; four glowing lights swaying with the movement of the air down here, their shadows being the only bodies present as they were cast high up onto the walls around them.

Finally, upon reaching the platform and climbing up onto it, they nodded to each other letting each know the other was ready, then Moe pointed out the direction they needed to go, he and Faith first, with Sully and Davis understanding that they would follow after, without lights. No words were spoken, they had all worked together for enough years that only slight hand signals and looks were needed between the four of them to communicate.

Moe and Faith led off the small rescue party, turning their lanterns off as they moved down only a few feet into the dark tunnel, the small overhead lights again left behind. Having done this once already today made it no easier for him the second time and Moe fought his demons again, just as he had done all his life and like he would continue doing anytime he was in the dark, no amount of 'therapy' had been able to rid him of this fear as its source had not been found in his sessions with Doc Jedson. There were only a few reasons in the world that would make him do this for any reason, and two of those were in that office with Vance and his men, and he would do this how ever many times it took if it meant getting them out of there and away from him.

Faith heard his breathing grow rapid again, but this time he didn't reach out to her, instead he immediately forged ahead, and she smiled gently at his efforts, and quickly followed him. They had already discussed what they were going to 'say' when they got close enough for anyone to 'hear' them, and once they'd reached that area she started it off with, "Bosco, you can't do this! You can't give him this computer," she called out, 'angry'.

"Shut up, Faith," he yelled back at her, 'angrier', "we've already talked this blue in the face, and I Told you, I'm not going away without giving that bitch what she deserves!"

"Do you realize that you can go to prison for the rest of your life for what you're doing," she exclaimed, rather convincingly.

"Hell Yokas, it would be worth it to see her beg me to stop, I hate her and that bastard Jimmy, and when I'm finished with her, I'm going to visit him, shit maybe I'll get ole Vance to bring him to me, save me the trouble. I bet this harddrive is worth at least that much, not to mention all my efforts to get it to him," he snarled loudly.

"I'm sorry Bos," Faith said after they reached the door to the office, beginning to back away, "but I can't do this!"

Moe had already grabbed the doorknob and turning it had opened it wide looking in, he saw Vance standing there holding Jamie and glancing down at the floor when he didn't see him in the chair, saw CJ on his back on the floor; schooling his face to stay hard, he turned back to Faith, yelling at her, "YOU DON'T HAVE A FUCKING CHOICE! IT'S ALREADY DONE!"

"Yes, I do," she said forcefully, again backing away slightly, "I'm leaving," then she turned and walked away, moving rather slowly.

"FAITH, STOP," Moe yelled at her, but she kept going, again; slowly.

"Stupid bitches are all alike," he said shaking his head, "I get so fucking tired of this shit, always arguing instead of just doing as they're told...," then pulling his gun from his belt, Moe raised it and shot Faith in the back, the loud report of the gunshot echoing into the office and down the corridor.

As Faith fell to the hallway floor, though Jamie couldn't see her only heard her, she started screaming in horror at what Moe had just done. CJ having rolled his head to the right eyes open now as he heard Moe and Faith yelling his mouth open in shock, cried out, "NNOOOOO!"

Vance was as shocked as the other two and released Jamie go for a second as she collapsed to the floor; she saw Maurice turn back to them, smiling as he shrugged with a harshly spoken, "Would have had to do that anyway. She never could keep her trap shut, bitch would be yapping to the Boss as soon as she realized this wasn't a 'rescue' after all, then he entered the room pulling the door closed behind him putting his gun back in his belt holster, then walking up to Vance he handed him the harddrive; looking down at CJ and then Jamie as he did so.

The two men of Vance's that were standing in the small office's doorway were now watching this and as they saw him hand Vance the harddrive responded to Vance's waving them off by holstering their own guns as Moe had done his.

The he shocked them all to silence, including Jamie and CJ when turning back to Vance he stuck his hand out to him as he announced in a hard voice, "Hi, names Louis Boscorelli."

Vance's mouth was actually hanging open.

"Hey, come on Vance, get a grip, didn't really think Maurice was the only 'other' one of us did you?" he laughed, then seeing Vances stunned look he added, "You did? Wow, would have thought you'd have caught on by now. Oh and let you in on a little secret, Moe didn't 'rape' this bitch here. He's too good, too much in 'love', but me, I found out I like to hear them scream, just like you. Oh and Vance, Moe brought reinforcements, two more cops, they're waiting outside, take care of them would you?"

Then he reached down and pulling Jamie up by her hair, looked into her face and said, "We haven't actually 'met' before, let me introduce myself, I'm Louis, nice" looking her up and down, " to meet you lady, Damn but Moe's got good taste, umm," and then winking at Vance he proceeded to drag her into the 'bed' room and kick the door shut, adding happily as he did so, "twenty-four hours, huh, hell I'm not going to need a third of that with something this fine!"

Vance was looking at the door as it slammed shut, his mouth still hanging open as he listened to CJ yelling for Boscorelli, whichever one that had just gone into that room and shut the door behind him, "Let her go, don't do this, Moe, please!"

Then Vance coming out of his shocked state, started laughing, turning to his men he yelled, "HOLY SHIT!! I LOVE THIS GUY!!" Looking down at the harddrive in his hand, then up at them again he was wearing a bemused expression on his face as they again exchanged glances with one another.

About that time they heard 'Louis' laughing from behind the closed door, and hearing the gown Jamie had been wearing rip, and her began to scream as she pleaded with him to stop. Sounds of a struggle came loudly to them, then they heard him hit her and the cut off scream as she hit the wall, and now he was the one laughing while Vance stood again silent watching the door in stunned amazement.

CJ was near mental collapse when he heard her begging and he turned his head to see Faith's feet laying just inside the edge of the slightly opened doors view in the corridor outside the office, and as he heard Vance give orders for the men to 'take care of the other cops' tears ran down the side of his face as he wondered what kind of being would invent such a nightmare as what his life had turned into.

The End

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