The Green Hornet

Run Dusty Run


This fanfic is based on the TV series more than any other incarnation of The Green Hornet. The original setting (Detroit, courtesy of the radio show) is left intact, and a little license was taken with the description of the secret entrance to Britt's home. Otherwise, I tried to remain true to the TV series.

The plot of this story is heavily influenced by the fact that I pass Churchill Downs every day on the way to work. A good deal of fun was incurred when picking out the names of the horses (the name "Wild About Saffron" comes from the Donovan song "Mellow Yellow"). The fanfic's title comes from a Long Ryders song about a man who "bets a horse with someone else's money." The start of the horse race is a paraphrase of a line from another great song about spending too much money and time at the track, "Meet Your New Landlord" by Sonny Landreth.

With much respect to the creators, producers, directors, writers, and actors who made The Green Hornet the classic that it is,


November 2004