Sousuke held his driving dark hair out of his eyes as he waved to the small jet. He could see Kaname's blue hair and brown eyes in one of the tiny windows before it was off.

He smiled and stood that way for a minute, letting his dark coat and hair absorb the sunlight. That fish they'd caught, the first time he'd ever showed his emotions to anyone, even if it was for a slight moment.

Hair dropped over his face and hid his eyes from view.

No. That wasn't the first time.

Mommy! Mommy, I love you!

Mommy? Where are you?

Daddy? I love you too... Where did everyone go?

"Hey Sousuke... I heard you took Kaname into the woods"

Sousuke jumped, forgetting the long-dormant memory momentarily.


"So, did anything... happen?" Kurtz asked suggestively.

"Negative. If I am correct in assuming you are saying that with sexual connotations." Sousuke pasted his all-saving military fa├žade on again, the lost child's voice still echoing in his head.

"Aww... c'mon man, you need to get some guts!" Kurtz prodded playfully.

Sousuke remained silent, allowing his eyebrow an annoyed twitch before leaving Kurtz to his own devices.


Back aboard the Tuatha de Danaan, Sousuke laid on his bed, waiting for sleep to overtake him. He closed his eyes and rolled onto his side.

Mommy! There you are... What's wrong?


But... Mommy, what happened... where's daddy?


Mommy? That rope... The-... MOMMY NO!

Sousuke sat bolt upright, grabbed his gun that he kept under his pillow and aimed it at the door.

"Great welcome... you really need to work on that one." Melissa Mao said sarcastically. "What's been with you lately anyway?"

The woman left her position leaning against the doorframe and sat on the sergeant's bed.

"Nothing. There is not a problem." Sousuke said officially.

"Did something happen with Kaname?" She ignored his denial.


"Don't just keep me guessing... tell me already!" Melissa crawled towards him seductively, causing him to inch back slowly.

"I... uh... please Sergeant Major Mao..." He looked ready to bolt. Melissa sighed and gave up her playful pursuit.

"We've been worried, that's all." She admitted. "You've just been acting... quiet... ER, lately." She mumbles a few words to herself before looking at him. "And jeez, you musta been having a nightmare before you woke up... I thought the wall was done for..."

"That would explain why my fist hurts..." Sousuke said, massaging his red knuckles and conveniently sidestepping the subject.

"Well... it's obvious that you're not gonna tell me." Melissa sighed, "Dinner's ready, anyway. Plus I think we've got one last assignment before you can return to Tokyo."

"Wait... You and Kurtz are assigned to Miss Chidori as well, are you not?"

"That's a negative sergeant. Tessa said you're on your own now that Gauron's out of commission." Melissa saluted and disappeared down the narrow hall.

Sousuke just stared after her blankly.

"There is not a problem." He whispered to the bleak metal walls before he slipped on his jacket and boots to head for dinner.


Kaname's eyebrow twitched violently as she watched her newest wannabe boyfriend kneel before her.

"Please Miss Chidori! Just give me a chance." He squeaked helplessly.

"You think just because Mister Military isn't here, you can go and beg for a date. Well, I'll have you know..." Tiny fangs were visible, as she got ready to stomp him to the ground.

"Kaname?" Kyoko's voice rang through her anger. "Perhaps you're being a bit harsh.

'Right... always has to be the good little voice inside my head.' Kaname mumbled to herself before removing the looming foot and stomping away, Kyoko following lose behind.

"You really do miss him don't you?" Kyoko said dreamily. Everything made sense to her; they had a secret relationship they didn't want anyone to know about. Sousuke had to be SO romantic to make Kaname act this way! Kyoko rocked back and fourth while tears of joy rolled down her cheeks and her eyes sparkled.

"Who?" Upon this, Kyoko fell over with a loud crash.

"Um... Mister Military? Who else?!" She exclaimed, picking herself up off the ground.

"Feh. I'm ENJOYING my time away from him. He's coming back for next week you know. I'm certainly looking forward to THAT." She ended sarcastically.

Kyoko rolled her eyes and stayed silent for the rest of the walk to class. If there was anyone in denial on this planet, it was certainly Kaname...


"You know Tessa... I think something's wrong with Sousuke." Melissa said, lounging back onto the couch and popping open a beer.

"Yes, I have noticed this too. Do you think it may be something regarding Miss Chidori?" Tessa said, bringing the end of her braid to her mouth and twisting it in her fingers.

"No. I don't think so. Of that much I'm certain." Melissa took another swig of beer and leaned her head back to look at the ceiling.


Behind them, the broadcast played on the large LCD screens on the wall. Whoever decided what was broadcasted sure had an imagination. Currently, a large octopus was being attacked by colorful little fish.

"Do you think maybe... it's about his past?" Tessa said, her eyes unfocused.

"Well... if it is, we can only wait and see."


Sousuke picked up his small bag from the seat next to him and climbed out of the small helicopter.

He hoped that he might get some sleep now that he was on land... and near Kaname again. It was still sunny on the mainland, he noticed, and he knew that this morning he had to go to school once again, taking his position as bodyguard for Kaname Chidori, one of the whispered and therefore a likely target for terrorists.

School was within walking distance from the small landing pad, so he checked his watch and began the walk.

A cool breeze soared across the city, and Sousuke inhaled the sweet scent of the cherry blossoms long gone.

So intent was he on this smell, in fact, that he completely missed the teacher at the entrance who was checking bags.


"Affirmative, Ma'am." He took a few stepped backwards and opened his bag to reveal his latest weapon. The woman only signed in defeat and waved him through.

"I'm glad we have an understanding." Sousuke closed his bag and continued on to homeroom.

"Sousuke!" Shinji was the first to notice the seemingly mirthless figure that has just entered. Kaname spun around to make sure he was really back and uninjured.

After she had finished her assessment she groaned dramatically. "Great, and it was getting to be so peaceful!"

Sousuke nearly smiled. Nearly. No one seemed to notice.

"Hello, Miss Chidori." He said with his usual degree of military politeness.

He took a seat near her and began to ask Shinji what he had missed in his week of absence while Shinji tried to interrogate him about how his week with Kaname had gone and where he had been the past week of school. Sousuke divulged little about either, preferring to give ambiguous answers.

Sousuke jerked his head towards sprinting footsteps. They were coming towards to door... And slowing a tad. In an instant he had jumped up, grabbed Kaname and had his gun pointed at the door in time to catch their late homeroom teacher in quite a surprising predicament.

"I... HATE YOU!" Kaname yelled, throwing his arm off her torso. "When are you gonna learn that not everyone's out to kill me!"


The words echoed in his head and transformed into a less familiar voice.


Mommy? Your eyes... The-


He couldn't grasp it. The dream. Nightmare?

"Excuse me, I would like to get a drink of water." Sousuke ignored the startled faces and led himself into the hallway, needing a moment alone to sort out his head.

He bent to the drinking fountain, and then straightened again without drinking. His head hurt and he raised his fingers to his forehead and massaged.

"Sousuke?" Kaname had followed Sousuke out of the room, and he jumped in surprise.

'How did I not hear her coming!' Sousuke cursed himself and lowered his hands quickly from his aching head.

"Yes, Miss Chidori?"

"Look, I'm sorry... I don't really hate you... I just get annoyed sometimes, you know?"

"That is no problem, Miss Chidori."

Kaname tore her eyes off the fascinating floor tiles to look into his eyes... to search for any sort of emotion. His light brown eyes were distant and clouded, unwilling to make contact with anything of importance.

"You just wanted a drink of water then? Usually you have some excuse or explanation as to why you were pointing a gun at the door..."


"Kaname... you know how I said I feel like I could do anything when I'm with you?"

Kaname returned her eyes to the tile and blushed.


"It's still the truth..."

Though this was a lot coming from Sousuke, Kaname's face still fell, having expected some romantic outburst.

Mommy? Mommy where are you?


Sousuke shook his head in an attempt to get rid of the confusing memory.

"Well, we should probably get back to class then?" Kaname suggested nervously, unsure of how to handle the situation at hand.

"Yes. That would be a good idea."