Sousuke sat on his perfectly made bed cross-legged, his shoes and shirt arranged neatly next to him. His eyes burnt into the bare cement. A bottle of Advil and an empty glass sat on his bedside table.

Someone knocked on his door and he ignored it, deciding instead to pretend he wasn't home.

"Sousuke?" A muffled voice called.

Kaname. Someone he needed so much to see, and yet needed not to see right now.

The door opened and Sousuke remained unmoving, his eyes furthur penetrating the cold cement in front of him.

"Sousuke? There you are. I knew you were..." She trailed off upon realizing his pensive position, and his current status of shirtlessness.

"You know that could be considered breaking and entering." The bare-backed figure spoke.

"Well I knew you were home... I was just worried. Melissa told me I should come and check on you."

"There is not a problem." He asserted, still facing the wall.

"Sousuke, if there really wasn't a problem, you would have answered the door with a gun in hand thinking I was some sort of terrorist or something... Just tell me and then I can make it better and go home, ok?" Kaname came and sat uncertainly on the edge of his bed.

"I don't know."

"Don't know what?"

"What the problem is."

"Oh." She glanced at him quickly and blushed. 'Man he needs to put a shirt on...' His developed muscles taunted her.

"I've been having these weird thoughts lately... memories... ever since you left the base."

She remained silent in hopes he's further explain.

"My mother... I remember her voice." Sousuke said and massaged his head.

"What's she saying?"

Silence... The kitchen sink was dripping. Drip. Drip. Drip.

"What's she..."

Sousuke's fist made contact with the cement, hard. His knuckles bled and he just stared at them as the blood trickled down his bare wrists.

Kaname gasped and backed away a little in caution.

"That's what I am isn't it..." Sousuke mused. "One of those 'unfortunate kids' people always whisper about. Scarred."

"Sousuke, I'm sure people don't say that about you."

"That's because they don't know me. No one knows me. Hell, I don't even know myself."

Kaname kept her mouth shut, nothing comforting coming to her lips.

"I forgot... about what happened back then."

"What DID happen Sousuke..." Kaname looked at his profile intently.

The house was dark.

"Mommy! Mommy, I love you!

Mommy? Where are you?

Daddy? I love you too... Where did everyone go?" a boy's lost voice echoed through the chilled air. His tiny footsteps sounded room to room and finally stopped.

His mother stood on the bed, her eyes were bloodshot and wild. Above her, from the light fixture, hung a noose.

"Mommy! There you are... What's wrong?"

"Get away! GET AWAY FROM ME!"

"But... Mommy, what happened... where's daddy?"


"Mommy? That rope... The-... MOMMY NO!"

The woman stepped off the bed, her neck situated in the noose. The rope cinched and her neck snapped, nails clawed at the thick rope until her breathing stopped and her arms fell to her sides. Death had overtaken her.

"She..." Sousuke took a rattling breath. "The claw marks... the blood."

Tears found their way to Kaname's eyes and she embraced the shaking figure.

"She said she hated me, and then she... she... "His pupils were small with the fear of remembering.

Kaname sobbed for him into his dark hair, both discarding the awkward situation.

"Never... never say you hate me again." He pleaded.

"Never..." She continued to squeeze with all her strength.

"If I said I loved you... would you step off the bed? Would you end it?"

Kaname gasped, better putting together what must have been going through his head.

"Never... but... does that mean..."

"What is love, Kaname?" Sousuke asked.

"I don't know... I... know I loved my mother."

"I think what I'm feeling towards you is love. Do you hate me because I love you?"

"No... No, I love you." She sobbed. "I could never hate you... I..."

"No one's ever said that to me before..." Sousuke whispered. "That they loved me. Thank you."

He finally wrapped his arms around her, breaking his vow of stillness to feel the reassuring warmth.

The face wouldn't go away. The dead eyes, pale skin and horrifyingly agape mouth. The woman that made him, and then made this horrible image for him.

Kaname leaned back onto his probably military issue pillow to look at the ceiling, her arms still wrapped tightly around his neck.

Bringing a little reality into the picture, Sousuke then realized his face was right in....

He blushed and moved Kaname down so that her head rested in the crook of his neck. Then he realized that she was on top of him. He sighed inwardly and hoped the romance of the moment would excuse the sexual connotations of the position they currently found themselves in.

"I love you." Kaname repeated again on some impulse.

Sousuke smiled in closed his eyes. This was not a problem... Not a problem.

The End.

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