Summary: Brian always had two secrets he couldn't tell the DT crew, but what happens when they see one of his little secret. Can the crew learn to trust Brian again? Even worst, can Brian learn to trust the gang again? And what happens when the DT crew finds out Brian's REAL story?

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Brian coughed out violently stopping all the commotion in Tej's garage. For days Brian's been coughing out loud at the most random moments. And it scared them all. It was a hoarse, raspy cough that made their blood run dry.

"Hey bro, you seriously need to go to the doctor," Tej said breaking the tense silence.

"No I'm fine!" Brian said weakly.

It followed by another fit of coughs making them all sick to their stomach.

"Bull shit," Rome spat out.

"Seriously! Guys stop worrying. I'm honestly..." Brian said reassuring himself more than the gang.

Everyone in the garage rolled their eyes finishing Brian's sentenced. "...fine!"

"Just drop it ok? I'm taking my break," Brian snapped surprising them all dropping his dirt rag onto the top of the engine he was working on.

No one argued as Brian did his best to stand up straight despite the fact his chest burned. In all honesty, he felt horrible. He's felt horrible all week, and the Advil medicines weren't cutting it anymore. He only remembered one time in his life where he felt like this. But that was such a long time ago.

Jimmy watched the older man stalk out of the garage, his usual clean blonde hair disheveled around his head and his clean face had little pricks of hair sticking out under his lip and around his chin. His normal tan color replaced with a pale white one and his dancing blue eyes somber.

"Man you guys, you think Brian could be in any bigger a denial?" Suki asked shaking her head walking over to the center of the garage.

"No damn white boy ever there has the thickest head ever. Tej, you got any snacks in here?" Rome asked now also dropping his wrench in the tool box heading over to the old fridge sitting in the corner of the room.

"Focus Rome," Tej said rolling his eyes.

"I'm really starting to worry about him though. He's never looked so..." Suki said trying to find the right word.

"I know what you mean girl. We all are worrying about the guy. I mean if he can't see the doctor for himself he should do it for Jamie," Tej said nodding in agreement.

"You guys don't think...?" Rome asked not able to complete his sentence feeling his voice drop a bit as he felt a lump form in his throat.

"NO!" Jimmy said loudly.

Tej and Suki shook their heads vigorously, they too not wanting to think of that possibility.

"The doctors said it was gone. No way," Tej said loudly as if it would scare it away.

"TEJ!" the conversation was interrupted by a high squeal followed by the sounds of small feet walking towards the group.

They all put on fake smiles and nodded to each other in silent agreement they would talk again later and keep this a secret from the little seven year old walking towards them.

"Hey Jay, how was school kid?" Suki asked bending down to be eye level with the blue eyed girl.

"Sucked. This girl called me a guy and so I punched her. Where's my dad?" The girl asked tilting her head a little as if it was normal to hit a guy.

"Late lunch break. He'll be back soon. In the mean time..." Tej grabbed the girl unsuspectingly making her shriek out loud. "I do believe that you my princess are in serious need of a bath," He said noting the mud on the girls pants.

Jamie rolled her eyes but left the garage anyways, taking the rest of Rome's Pepsi along with her.

"HEY!" Rome called out after her. "THAT WAS MINE!"

"Mine now!" She screamed lightening up the mood considerably.

"Daddy?" Jaime shook Brian awake.

"Hmm?" Brian said keeping his eyes closed turning so his back was to the little girl.

Jaime frowned a little but jumped over Brian so his face was once again turned to her own curious one.

"Daddy?" The girl asked again now with a little more concern evident in her voice.

"Hmm?" Brian said once again.

"You have to wake up for the races now," Jaime said persistently.

Brian groaned. Normally just knowing he was going to go to the races would be enough to keep him up all night, but today he felt like he couldn't care less. However, he got up, not wanting the crew to worry about him more than they already did. Sighing he ran his fingers through his curls in attempt to somehow fix the messy clumps of hair on his head.

"Daddy, you need like a hair cut," Jaime said looking at Brian through the mirror.

"and you know Jamie," Brian said smiling mischievously. "I think it's time to tickle you!" Brian turned around tickling the young girl as she shrieked with delight.

"Daddy!" Jamie yelled in between giggles.

Brian was laughing too but it soon just turned to coughing as he stopped tickling the young girl trying to stop coughing in front of Jaime.

"Daddy? Dad are you ok?" Jamie asked scared as Brian kept coughing.

When Brian didn't respond Jaime ran out of the small boat house and into the lighted garage trying to find anyone who would listen.

"Jimmy," Jamie screamed taking Jimmy's unsuspecting hand into her own little one dragging the man towards the boat house. "There's something wrong with daddy."

Jimmy felt the blood leave his face as he ran to the boat house.

"YOU GUYS BULLET'S HURT!" Jimmy screamed.

Inside the boat house Jimmy felt as if he was going to puke. Brian was in the bathroom, his head bent down in the toilet puking. The vomit was not of food but instead of blood. A lot of blood. Too much blood.

Tej ran inside the boat house along with Suki and Rome; Jamie behind them all. "Where's my dad?" Jamie asked trying to push through.

"Don't let her see this!" Tej said taking command.

Suki could barely see through her tears. She herself couldn't stand the sight of any of her friends hurt, much less when they were hurting and they wouldn't take her help. She scooped the young girl into her hands and walked out of the boat house trying to reassure the girl that Brian was fine. But how do you reassure someone when you're barely sure yourself?

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