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Mia rushed out of her car desperate to make her 5:00 orientation time. She looked at her watch which read 4:57. She had approximately 3 minutes to make it before she starts off on the wrong foot. Of course, Vince and Leon's great idea of turning off the alarm clock and letting her sleep through almost the entire day helped her greatly.

She crossed the street running in front of a car driven by a mad nurse clearly also late for work. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a man doubled over in pain throwing up what looked like everything he ate in the last two months. She sighed and once again looked at her watch. 4:59. Mia started walking faster into the hospital when she noticed the man's curly blonde hair falling in wisps over his head.

Mia walked over to the man uncertainly, deciding whether or not she wanted to be late to her orientation. But then again, she was late anyways, what's the harm in asking a man if he needed help?

"Hey are you ok?" Mia asked concerned.

The man looked up surprised. Mia was too. She felt herself at a lost for words as familiar blue eyes greeted her own chocolate brown ones. However, there was nothing in the blue eyes that reminded Mia of the man she once knew.

"Brian?!" Mia asked surprised.

"Mia!" Brian said returning the surprised tone straightening up. "What're you doing here?"

"I work here," Mia answered. "What are you doing here?"

"I live here," Brian answered. Before Mia could respond Brian doubled over in pain once again finally heaving out what was left in his stomach.

"Are you ok?" Mia repeated the same question feeling somewhat uncomfortable seeing Brian in what appeared to be his most vulnerable moment.

"Yeah fine. You know how food poisoning is now a days," Brian said unconvincingly. "Hey you know you should stop by one of these days. Look for Tej's garage."

Mia nodded looking at Brian. There was something wrong. She could see it in his eyes. They were no longer dancing like so many times before. His skin was pale and his hair looked messy.

"Bullet," a young man around Jesse's age pulled up in a tricked out Honda Civic with it's radio blasting nodding his head over at Brian disrupting Mia's thoughts. "Damn dude, even when you're sick you still got it," Mia felt her cheeks turn two shades darker.

"Naw Jimmy. It isn't like that. This here is Mia Toretto," Brian said pointing at Mia.

Jimmy looked surprised. "The Mia Toretto? As in the girl who knocked some sense into my boy Mia Toretto?"

Mia laughed slightly as it was Brian's turn to feel his cheeks turn two shades darker. "Yeah that's me I guess," Mia laughed shyly.

"Yeah, but here Mia, here's my number. And here's the card to Tej's garage. You tell him if they ask who you are. We should…talk…" Brian said looking over at Mia.

Mia nodded. "I have to get going inside. I'll call you."

"Don't be a stranger," Brian nodded getting into Jimmy's car.

It took nearly what was left of Brian's energy to keep a calm somewhat happy face on while Mia was around. She couldn't know what was going on. She didn't need to be worried about things and it wasn't like she was even going to care anyways. Once Mia said good bye he fell back into the passenger seat too tired to do anything else.

Mia slammed the door to the apartment shut throwing her things on the ground promising herself she would pick it up later. Her boss was nice to her about being half an hour late to orientation, but she still knew she started off on the wrong foot. She sighed and walked into the boys' room where Leon and Vince were sitting playing with their playstation 2 while Ryan was asleep in the playpen the two had set up.

"Hey Mi," Leon greeted without turning around. "You think you could be a little more quieter? I mean the big guy just fell asleep," Leon said referring to Ryan.

"Guess who I ran into today," Mia said laying down on the closest bed which happened to be Vince's.

Vince grunted in disapproval as Leon crossed the finish line. "Who?" Vince asked slightly annoyed that Leon beat him.


Both Leon and Vince whirled around to look at Mia. Vince felt himself get angry all of a sudden while Leon felt slightly happy the guy he needed to thank for saving his family was here.

"Where?" Leon asked knowing Vince would only want to know to beat the living shit out of him.

"In front of the hospital. He wasn't looking too good," Mia said concerned. "He gave me a number though."

Mia handed the two the card. Vince grabbed for it looking at the number and then at Mia, then at the card again. "Says here he's supposedly working at a garage. How sure are we it ain't another job?"

"Because he looked really sick V," Mia looked at Vince.

"How sure are you that it was him?" Leon asked earning a "are you kidding me" glare from Mia.

"I need to talk to him. He deserves to know," Mia said her eyes wondering to her sleeping son. Both Leon and Vince's eyes fell upon the baby as well.

Vince sighed knowing what Mia said was true. He knew that Brian had the right to know that he had a son despite the fact Vince hated the living shit out of Brian. He knew how it was growing up not really knowing who his father was. He didn't want that to happen to Ryan despite the fact his father was a total jerk. At times Brian got on Vince's good side, but he would never admit to it. Vince knew that asking Brian to actually father the child would be more than Mia would ever ask for, but he knew that Brian deserved to know.

"I'm going to call right now," Mia said taking out her cell phone. "Maybe get you two a job," she smirked looking at the two. "at least to get you out of the house."

"Tej's garage Tej speaking," Mia heard on the other side.

"Is Brian there?" Mia asked looking over at Vince who clenched his fist subconsciously at the mention of Brian's name.

He had betrayed the team. Dom had taken him in with open arms and he had stolen everything Vince ever had and trashed it into a thousand pieces. Why on earth would Vince forgive Brian.

"Yeah, hold on one second," Tej replied.

"Hello?" Another voice came onto the phone. This time a familiar one.

"Hey," Mia replied.

"Oh hey!" Mia giggled hearing Brian's smile through the phone. "Glad you called. We got to talk." Brian said getting serious.

"Yeah we do actually," Mia agreed.

"Not on the phone. Can we meet up somewhere?" Brian suggested.


"How about tomorrow?" Brian asked hopeful. "I could meet you at the races knowing that either Vince, Leon, Letty or Dom is with you. Kill two birds with one stone?"

"Vince and Leon. And umm sure," Mia replied surprised that Brian knew her better than she gave him credit for.

"Great. Meet me at the McDonald's on Street ave. That's where are the bets are going to be placed before we head out. You guys can follow me there," Brian explained.

Mia opened her mouth and was about to agree when another voice took over the telephone.

"Jamie gimme the phone!" Mia heard Brian scream.


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