What if Syaoran never told Sakura that he was in love with her. And Sakura ended up with Tomoyo before she found out Eriol was Clow and couldn't beat him by herself? And what if Touya didn't have magic and Yue had to get his magic from another source(evil grin)? My little fanfic based on the anime series.One other thing, Syaoran still has the 9 cards that he caught.(Time, Return, Storm, Dash, Freeze, Voice, Sand, Twin, Dream)

This is approx. a month before Eriol's final match with Sakura, when Yue is feeling very drained. Sakura has changed all the cards up to the sleep card episode.(the episode before syaoran calls her sakura/float card episode)

Note: I do not own Sakura, Tomoyo, Clow Cards, etc. I only own Syaoran's other form and the set of 104 Moon Cards.

And yes, I am the sole advocator of YuexSyaoran pairing. SO DON'T FLAME ME!

"You did it Sakura!" cried Tomoyo excitedly. Sakura smiled at her cousin. "I knew I could do it if you trusted me Tomoyo-chan." said Sakura as she smiled back. Outside, Syaoran watched with a strange smile. Yukito was nearby, sitting on a bench outside by himself while Touya was busy trying to get Nakuru off himself. Syaoran decided that now would be a good time to talk to Yukito, so he headed for the bench.

"I need to talk to you about something." said Syaoran in a soft voice to Yukito. "Yue." Yukito stiffened and followed Syaoran to his house. As soon as they were inside the door, Yukito transformed into Yue.

"What do you need to talk to me about." asked Yue, looking miffed. "Listen, I happen to know that if you don't receive magic from another source soon, you're going to dissapear. And that would make Sakura unhappy. I don't want her to be sad." said Syaoran. "Besides, Sakura has given her heart to her cousin. I can tell. And I'm not staying here any longer. I have no reason to."

Yue looked at Syaoran incredulously(if that's possible). "So you are going to justify giving your magic to me with that reason?"

Syaoran nodded. "Besides, if I dissapear, she couldn't care less. I have my own cards and my own life. If you dissapear, she'll cry. Unless you want to dissapear?"

Yue stared at Syaoran before walking over to him. "I have to protect my master. It's my duty as her guardian. Very well. I accept your offer."

Yue walked over to Syaoran as magic swirled around them. When the mist cleared, Syaoran was leaning against the wall looking drained. Yue looked at him strangely. "This isn't your real form is it?" asked Yue. "Otherwise, you would be in worse condition." Syaoran's eyes went wide as he nodded. "Key that hides the power of the moon, release your true form before me, your master Syaoran commands you, Release!" When the magic that had surrounded him cleared, Syaoran stood before Yue in his real form.

"Lune?" asked Yue, staring at Syaoran. Syaoran's real form had a double pair of silver wings, shoulder-length silver hair, and golden eyes. He was dressed in silver robes trimmed with black and gold embroidery. Yue thought back to his time with Clow Reed. Oh yes. Clow had 'created' another gaurdian who would not be sealed in the book and would have magical powers outside of his form as gaurdian. He guarded a second set of cards. The moon cards.

"Yes." said Syaoran. "I still retain enough magic to activate my cards, so you need not worry about me. I will simply discontinue using my other form and stay in hiding." There was a catch in his voice as he said that. "Your other form is only expressing your emotions outright." said Yue. "You are still in love with the Clow Card Mistress, are you not?" Syaoran nodded. Yue sighed. Gaurdians were definitely not supposed to fall in love, but Clow was dead, so the rules could be bent, right?

"You'll be okay by yourself?" asked Yue. "Why,are you worried about me?" asked Syaoran. "If you are really unsure than I can stay with you. I'll simply use this card to Hypnotize your grandparents into thinking I'm your cousin."

"But you won't be able to hypnotize Sakura, I don't think." "I'll take care of that problem when she finds out about me." said Syaoran. "Until then..."

"Yuki, I never knew your cousin was living with you." said Touya. Yukito laughed."He's just staying with us for a couple of months until someone else can take him in. His parents were killed in a shipwreck a few days ago so he was sent to live with us. He'll be coming to our school."

Touya studied Yuki's cousin. He had hair that was almost white and blue eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses like Yukito's. He looked kind of mournful, but that was understandable, considering his parents had just been killed. "What's your name?" asked Touya. "Satoshi." said Syaoran, thinking of the first name that came to mind. "Oh." said Touya. "Nice to meet you." (Hehehe. This is very different from the great glaring contest.)

Syaoran headed out to class. During lunchtime, he was ambushed by Nakuru. "Let go of me!" said Syaoran as he kicked her. Nakuru released him and stared at him strangely. (He has magic) she thought.(Pretty powerful magic at that. I should tell Eriol. He might be a potential threat.)

After school, Yukito and Satoshi walked home. "Yukito-san!" cried Sakura excitedly. "Who is this?" "Oh. This is my cousin Satoshi. He lives with us. His parents were killed in a shipwreck." (I feel like I've met this person before, but its impossible.) thought Sakura. (It must be my imagination.) Syaoran looked a little bit sad, but hid it. Yue took note of this.

End of Chapter 1!
Moon card explanation
Card #1 Hypnotize-This card is used to hypnotize people for long periods of time, but it requires more energy than most cards.

Yes, I know the name satoshi comes from pokemon but I couldn't think of anything else!I'm not japanese!