The seventh part of differences can be deadly! :) So Syaoran is dead... or is he? EXTREME SAKURA CARD ARC SPOILERS! Actually, none in this part. Hehehehehe.

"LUNE!" Yue and Cerebus shouted as they dashed into his apartment. "Too late." Cerebus said as soon as they had gotten in, staring at the obviously dead moon guardian lying on the floor. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Yue shouted. "CLOW DYING WAS BAD ENOUGH! WHY?" Cerebus shrugged. "How are we going to explain this to Sakura?"

"Um, I don't know." Yue said, dumbfounded. * I never thought about that...* He picked up Syaoran's limp body and cried. Cerebus cried too. True, he was a pain sometimes, but he had grown to like the little guardian again... (After they were sealed, I mean.) He knew Syaoran had had feelings for his 'false form', but he had proved them wrong. Now, too late, he realized that he loved the young moon guardian. Unfortunately, Lune had fallen head over heels in love with his mistress, and she had broken his heart. He couldn't take it. Syaoran though, seemed unaware of Yue's feelings toward him. After all, it wasn't as if Yue had given him any sign.

True, Yue himself had wanted to die, to disappear, to sleep forever after Clow had died. But he hadn't realized Syaoran had loved his mistress that much. Cerebus probably had known. Yue shot a glare at him. "You knew he was in love with the Card Mistress, didn't you?" he asked. Cerebus nodded. "I know. I thought they would end up together. Clow did plan something like that..." He trailed off as Yue grabbed him by the scruff of his neck. (If you can imagine that, remember, he's not Kero-chan sized now!)

"Why?! Why didn't you tell me?!" Yue cried. Cerebus was very surprised. "I thought you knew. Didn't you tell him that there was someone else he loved and that he was only attracted to you because of your moon power?" (Now remember, Yue talked to Syaoran LONG BEFORE THE FLOAT CARD EPISODE!)

"Well, yeah." Yue confessed. "But I didn't think he'd actually believe it!" Cerebus frowned. "Why wouldn't he believe it? He loved Sakura. That was enough."


Yue looked thoughtful. "Don't tell her."


"Don't tell her. She'll believe he went to Hong Kong. He told me that she wouldn't notice if he disappeared. Let's hope he was correct." Yue said. He took the silver key and crystal hanging at Syaoran's throat. The moon key. And the moon crystal. Yue didn't know if they could use them to bring Syaoran back, but he decided to give it a try.

"Death was a moon card." Cerebus said. Yue stared at him. "What?" "Death was a moon card. It's the equivalent of Dark in the clow card deck. Life is its opposite, she's the equivelent of Light in the clow card deck."

"So you're saying if we can activate the cards we can bring Lune back?" Yue asked. Cerebus shrugged. "It's worth a try."

"Okay, we'll try it." Yue said. "Now where would he put the book?" They searched Syaoran's apartment thoroughly, but they couldn't find it. That was strange, since it was supposed to be giving out magic energy like the Clow book, but it seemed that this was different.

Finally, Cerebus noticed that the blue trimming on Syaoran's robes looked a lot like the backing on the moon cards. He put two and two together and touched Syaoran's forehead with a paw. Nothing happened.

Yue tried it. Instantly, the air around them sparkled with magic. A lot of blue/silver cards flew out and surrounded Syaoran and Yue in a complex chain. One halted in front of Yue. Life Card. "Life Card! Please bring Syaoran back to life!" Yue cried. The card glowed as silver light went into Syaoran's body. Syaoran's eyes fluttered open. He saw Yue leaning over him and his eyes widened in surprise."

"Aren't I supposed to be dead?" He asked. Cerebus sweatdropped. "Yue brought you back to life." he said. "WHAT?!?!?!" Syaoran shouted. "Yue, what did you do that for?!?!?!" Yue picked him up. "Clow died so you could make a new future for yourself! Are you just going to throw that away?" Syaoran looked down. In his self-pity, he had forgotten about Clow's sacrifice.

"No." Syaoran whispered. Yue relaxed a tiny bit. "Well, let's go to Hong Kong then!" Cerebus said excitedly. Syaoran sighed, before reverting back into Syaoran. (Sounds confusing, ne? Don't be confused. Please! it's not that difficult to understand that Syaoran= Lune. It's like Kero-chan = Cerebus. Get it?)

So Syaoran went back to Hong Kong. He rejoined his family without them knowing that anything was out of the ordinary. They assumed that the magic floating around proved that he was gettnig stronger. They were also glad that he had caught some of the Clow Cards, and decided that he needed more training before he could catch them all. They were utterly ignorant of the fact that Syaoran didn't really care about the Clow Cards anymore. Or Sakura. He was starting to forget her.

Apparently his family didn't know that Cerebus and Yue were staying with Syaoran. When they did notice, they were glad and decided that this was proof that Syaoran was going to be the Card Master. * sweatdrop *. Unfortunately, within a month, the subject of Syaoran marrying Meiling was brought up again.

"I don't want to marry her." Syaoran said. He was talking to Kero-chan and Yue in his room. "I don't love her, and I'll never love her any more than a younger sibling. Why can't they understand?" Kero-chan shrugged. "I wouldn't know. The business of love is so complicated! You humans are so hard to understand!" Syaoran glared. Yue cut in. "Well, Lune and I aren't exactly human, but yes, we do have problems with this. I wonder why?"

"You loved Clow." Syaoran said. Yue nodded and looked down. Kero-chan shrugged. "I never have that problem. It's so confusing though!" Syaoran and Yue both sighed and then their eyes met. Kero-chan noticed this and his eyes nearly bugged out. * I know that look... it's the way Sakura used to look at 'Yukito'. Does this mean Lune and Yue...? Can it be possible? Both of them are guardians.... I bet Clow would know what to do. *

Meanwhile, Syaoran had just made the connection. * Oh my God. I love Yue. I can't believe it! I thought I had feelings for Yukito, but now, I don't know my own heart anymore! Does he know? Can he possibly suspect this? What if he rejects me? I won't be able to go on living... Oh Clow, what am I going to do? *

Yue was having problems with his own thoughts. * Does he know I love him? Does he even care? For some reason, I'm not attracted to Clow's reincarnation at all. I wonder why? *

Deciding that something had to be done, the spirit of Clow decided to drop in!

Syaoran, Yue, and Kero-chan all looked up simultaneously as they felt the flash of dark power. "Clow?" they all asked, looking extremely surprised. They weren't expecting an answer and all freaked when Clow materialized in front of them.

"Clow!" Syaoran said, launching himself at Clow for a hug, followed by Yue and Kero-chan. Clow smiled at them through his glasses. "I'm glad to see that you're all okay." he said. "I wouldn't want you to be too unhappy. And yes, I know my predictions were wrong. I thought Yue would fall in love with Sakura, but I guess I got it wrong." Yue and Syaoran looked at each other again and both blushed. Kero-chan giggled.

*Does he know? * All three guardians thought.

"Yue, Lune, Cerebus. I want you all to be happy. I don't care how you achieve that happiness." Clow stated. Yue faltered for a moment, before he walked over to Syaoran and put an arm around him. Taking this as a good sign, Syaoran mustered his courage and kissed Yue.

"Yay!" The two moon guardians spun around to see Kero-chan flying around in circles holding a camera. "CEREBUS!" They shouted. Kero-chan giggled and shot off. Clow smiled at the two stunned moon guardians before disappearing again. :)

"Yue.... " Syaoran said, sending a pleading look at the older moon guardian. Yue looked at the distraught Lune and decided that he had to do something. Yue smiled (Why doesn't he smile more?) and kissed Syaoran back. Syaoran gasped as he felt himself transform into Lune again. But this time, it wasn't nerve-wracking. It felt ..... right. * Unless Yue and I are meant to be together... *

Syaoran's 'family' wasn't pleased when they found out he didn't want to marry Meiling. "We'll disown you!" They shouted.

"Fine." Syaoran said. "I'm not really your son, you know, 'mother'. I know that you found me wandering the streets when I was just a kid. And I want YOU to know that my real mother is Li Sheujin."

"But Li Sheujin died thirty years ago!" The head shouted. "How could you possibly stay alive that long- and still be a child?"

"I'm not." was all Syaoran said before he transformed. Instantly, the moon cards were gathered around him. "Forget Card!" The blue creature came out and wiped their memories so they forgot about Syaoran. Unfortunately, he blacked out afterwards because he had to erase himself from so many people's memories.

Yue tenderly scooped Syaoran up as Cerebus joined him. They flew off into the sunset together.


Oh my goodness I's so sorry I didn't finish sooner, but it's so hard to write when you have writer's block!