R. K. Averomono

"You'd be surprised how much more appreciative I'd be if you'd take in to consideration my...experience. Besides, it's a bond. Shouldn't we be a little closer?"

He had grown adept at sensing the precise moment the hypodermic needle plunged in the hollow of her arm and began sucking out warm, sweet Hellsing blood. Alucard squirmed with gratification, telepathically observing his master's blood being drawn out of her veins. "Mmm. Won't you join me for dinner for once?"

"I'd rather not watch you guzzle down my blood while I eat, thank you," Integra thought to her servant. She shifted uncomfortably on her bed. She was careful not to disturb her IV. The practitioner sitting beside her had no idea that she was carrying on a conversation with a vampire who dozed three floors below them.

Alucard smiled at his absent master. "Actually, I was thinking more about doing it the old fashion way."

"You can take the old fashion way and shove it."

"But I like it." He sighed. "You'd be surprised how much more appreciative I'd be if you'd take in to consideration my...experience. Besides, it's a bond. Shouldn't we be a little closer?"

The nurse withdrew the needle. "Should I have this iced and stored with the rest?" he asked the knight.

"No!" Alucard roared inside his coffin, the feigned innocence vanished faster then a drop of water on a sizzling frying pan. "I want it while it's still hot! Have them bring it to me!"

"Goddamn baby." Sir Integra muttered. She sat up slowly and rolled her sleeve back down. The vampire's desperation irritated her. Alucard could be a true cold blooded monster, unknowable as he was evil, and then turn around and throw the most petty temper tantrums over the most preposterous bullshit.

Playing master was easy. Playing mommy was hard.

"Please give it to Walter on your way out the door, he'll take care of it."

A few minutes later, the vampire was standing at the top of the sub-level stairs, waiting impatiently for Walter.

Alucard waited for this moment all year. This would be the 11th time he would receive a medical bag full of warm, virginal, noble, female Hellsing blood.

He had never been able to formulate an intelligent plan of action to make this highly anticipated pleasure last. All he could do was ravenously gulp and suck. Always, it only lasted a second before it was gone. And even though he mentally reminded himself that this time he was going to drink slowly and savor every drop, he was trembling with expectancy. There would be no self-control this time or any other time. He was a slave.

Walter carried the blood bag neatly on a tray. "Sir Integra has already left with the driver, as you probably know, and she'll return promptly on Monday morning—when you're no longer likely to be a mess."

"Who, me?" But even as Alucard said it, his voice sank into a resonant growl. Walter's chit-chat was getting in the way of his dinner.

Finally meeting Alucard, Walter presented the blood by extending the tray towards him, making a point to stay as far away from the ravenous vampire as possible without being self-conscious. No matter how many times this exchange occurred, this never stopped being awkward. Even though Alucard would be feeding on Sir Integra's blood without any harm to Integra, it made Walter's skin crawl. "Enjoy, sir."

Alucard wanted to snatch up the bag and quickly make his escape, but finally confronted with it, he handled it gingerly, as if it would burst if he handled it too roughly. Holding it with two hands, he turned and walked back down the stairs, shutting the heavily bolted door behind him for privacy.

A little distance outside London, the Rolls Royce cruised down the highway.

Light rain pelted on the windshield. Outside, the black tress rustled against the cloudy, gray sky. The street lamps generated halos. Even as the Rolls Royce was putting miles between herself and the Hellsing mansion, Sir Integra felt she was still trapped inside, felt Alucard's dead breath against the back of her neck.

Integra kept her hand clasped firmly over her bandaged arm. It tingled.

She tried to put it from her mind and focus on her vacation. The weekend would be spent at a privet home where she could rest after giving so much blood. It was customary. If she stayed at home, she would be tempted to work and that would ultimately cause her to collapse.

It wasn't enough that Alucard had to be fed her blood year after year. In fact, she had discovered the best way to keep him sated was to mix a trace amount of her blood in with every pint that Alucard, and now Seres, drank. This meant that Alucard wasn't a mess by the end of each year, skulking about and causing mischief because he was slowly slipping from her control. Of course, he still became a little wild, a little more daring. And this year, especially, he'd been worse then usual. Because Integra had had a complete blood transfusion due to the vampire attack all those months ago, she had to put off giving her annual feed.

Alucard had been beside himself. But now, all of that would be over, or at least it would be by the time she went home.