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Chapter 1

The light reached the young girls closed eyes. Opening them up slowly letting her eyes adjust she swung her long slender legs so they were over her futon touching the wooden floor. She yawned and brought her hands to her wavy ebony hair and tied it in a low ponytail.

'Another day, another hour of herb collecting, and then off to the village to help the needed villagers.' Kagome thought.

Kagome Higurashi, a beautiful 16-year-old young woman. She lived with her Okan-san and brother Souta; she also used to live with jii-can but he past away a year ago from old age. The family lived in a rather good-sized hut. It was enough to find homey and big enough to get privacy. She lived in an average size village, not to crowded. Everyone in the village was human; most of the population was males. Kagome wasn't too happy when some of the men thought they could own her by saying that 'they were the best she could get' or 'you are too beautiful for someone else' something corny like that, but in a way they were right she was beautiful, almost like a goddess.

She had shoulder blade length hair, and she usually had it down blowing in the wind. She had a crème skin tone that showed she did get outside and was healthy. Midnight blue pools of emotion were in the color of here eyes.

She was a very happy girl, but knew when she had to be responsible or brave of any sort. She was also a miko, a powerful one at that. Keade, their villager's eldest healer and also miko, was amazed on how strong she was. She made sure Kagome never said she was a miko to anyone, but her family and Miroku and Sango, Kagome's best friends.

Kagome walked out of her room and into the eating and living area of the hut. In the middle of the room was a fire place (thing, what is it called?) where her Okan-san was making breakfast like she did everyday.

"Oh, hello Kagome, I trust you slept well?" Okan-san asked.

"Yeah, I had a good sleep, I just didn't want to wake up that's all," She said with a giggle.

"Well breakfast won't be done for a bit. Why don't you go get some fresh air or something?" She asked while stirring the soup in the pot.

"I guess so," Kagome paused and thought for a second. "I think I'll take a walk in the forest" Kagome replied.

"Umm, I don't really like you wandering in the forest, but you are old enough. So just don't go in too deep, alright?" Kagome's Okan-san said with worried words.

"Alright, thanks mom, I'll see you in a bit." Kagome bent down and kissed her mom on the cheek and ran outside, to where the cold breeze sent shivers down her body.

"Hey Kags!" What you doing up this early in the morning?" A girl with long dark brown hair and chocolate eyes asked running up to Kagome.

"Oh, morning Sango!" My mom said that breakfast wasn't for awhile and said I should get some fresh air that's all, and umm Sango, Miro...."

Kagome was cut off by Sango's scream.



"No matter how early or late it is, he is STILL a hentai!" Sango said trying to calm her nerves. Kagome tried to stop herself from laughing at her friends.

"Why! Sango good morning to you too! I was just getting some wood when I heard your lovely voice and decided to say hello." A man around Kagome and Sango's age said.

He had violet eyes and brown hair, which he tied a tail in the back of his head. With also a very red hand print on his left cheek.

"Say hello my ass! But sure as hell, you grabbed mine!" Sango inquired. Kagome couldn't help it any longer and burst out laughing at her two friends.

"Ha, ha very funny Sango, well I'll see you two later, I must be off!" And with that, Miroku ran the same direction he came from.

"Yeah, I best be off also, see you later Kag!" Sango waved and left the opposite direction from Miroku.

"Ok bye" Kagome said to Sango, even though she knew Sango couldn't hear her.

She started to walk towards the forest, until she heard her name being called again.

'God Damn it! Why can't I just go for my walk?' She signed and turned around to see Hojo running to her.

"Kagome!" Hojo yelled.

"Hey..." she said in the most bored voice to try and get him to leave. It wasn't that she didn't like him; it's just that he was SO annoying!

"Hey, I was...umm...wondering if maybe some...time or day or something you'd like to have a picnic or something with me...umm yeah" Hojo asked, looking at the ground the whole time and playing with his hands.

Kagome sighed. "Hojo piss off!" is all she wanted to say to him, but she was too nice to say that to him.

"Hojo, I just like you as a friend, nothing more!" She said as sweetly as she could, and trying to give him a clue to leave her alone!

"Oh...ok maybe next time!" He said, and then ran back to his home.

"He is blind, god! Just give it a rest. I'm never going out with YOU!!!" Kagome yelled the last bit a little too loud.

She REALLY needed to blow off some anger now. She needed to blow off some anger now. She turned on her heal and ran into the forest. She was running and running passing a lot of trees. She stopped when she found her self at a very tall tree; though all the trees were tall this tree seemed gigantic in comparison.

She walked up to it in-till she was on one of the long brown roots. She sat down, her back to the trunk, she brought her legs to her chest and her arms rapped around tightly around her shines.

"God I hate that bastard, he gets so annoying soooo fast!" her eyes started to well up with tears.

There was a rustle in one of the bushes next to her. She turned her head and was surprised of what she saw.

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