From now till forever

500 years into the future

"Sango! Just let him have a chance, Miroku loves you and you know it." A girl explained to her best friend since kindergarten over the phone.

Silence. Random noises over the other end.

"No he's not just looking for another good grope, he just expresses his feelings…differently that's all."


"Just give him a chance." She said drying her hair from the towel it was in.

"Kagome!" A voice yelled from downstairs.

"I've got to go Sango, but I'll call you later k?"

Silence. Mumbled words on the over end.

"Alright, later then." The raven haired beauty smiled getting out of bed. Kagome Higurashi was her name, a 16 year old teenager. She stepped from her bed and stretched her arms over her head letting the last yawn out. She walked over to her dresser and pulled out a red tank top and a pair of blue jeans, and combed out her semi wet hair.

"Kagome!" the voice yelled again.

"Coming mom!" Kagome yelled back skipping down the stairs. Entering the kitchen where her mom was cooking breakfast on the stove.

"Hey mom, where's Sota?" Kagome asked grabbing a glass of orange juice out of the fridge.

"He's at Sango's place playing with Kohaku." Miss Higurashi answered her daughter.

"Oh ok well I'm going to hangout with Sango and Miroku later today is that ok?" Kagome asked taking a bite out of a piece of toast that was on the table.

"Oh alright." Miss Higurashi said with a light smile. "Oh yeah, Kagome I forgot to tell you a boy called for you…what was his name." she tapped her chin lightly with her index finger. "Hmm can't remember but he said something about a date."

Kagome groaned "Hojo."

"He sounded like a nice boy. I don't know why you keep turning him down Kagome." Kagome's mother said flipping the omelets on the pan.

"Because that's all he is, a nice boy. That won't leave me alone! It annoys me so much." Kagome fumed.

Miss Higurashi just giggled. "Alright, alright you don't like him. Oh Kagome, Bouyo has been missing I'll morning. I think he went too far in the forest again can you go get him?"

"Yeah I guess." She sighed grabbing her shoes and putting them on her feet.

"Just make sure you can see the goshinboku tree alright." Miss Higurashi said in a motherly tone.

"I know, I know. I'll be careful." She said walking out of the house.

She lived at a shrine with a forest behind them. It was untouchable property that the shrine owns. They kept it the same for there jii-can who past away, he had adored this forest. Climbing over the fence to the forest she began her walk in the forest. An odd feeling came to Kagome as she entered the forest she felt warm and comfortable all of a sudden, but she shook it off as nothing but her imagination, and started yelling for her lost cat.


High in the trees a shadow followed the teenage women. Golden eyes starred down at her, a fanged smirk played its way on its lips.

Why me? You ask, because no matter what, true love is powerful and it's something that never dies out. Our destiny, our fate, our love has been set in stone for all eternity. And the funny thing is I don't mind one bit.

-With love Kagome

The End