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Summary: You've all been in agony, waiting for me to rewrite, reformat and repost YDS – Now its back! What you never thought they'd say. Chapter 1 – Alanna the Lioness – "Where's my WonderBra?"

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Chapter 1

The door was shut. The girl outside waited, tapping her foot impatiently. Checking to make sure that no one else was around, she knelt down and pressed her ear against the key hole under the doorknob, in an attempt to hear what was happening inside the room. Cursing under her breath, the girl shifted her body weight to press against the door so she could hear more clearly.

"...wish you'd been a runt like me. That would have made it..."

The two women sitting on the bed sprang up, caught unaware yet still ready, as the teenager tumbled into the room through the door, to land in a heap on the floor. Both were armed within a split second as the newcomer scrambled to her feet. The shorter of the two was already advancing on her an angry gleam in her violet eyes. The face of the taller, broad shouldered woman was blank.

Flashing the other two a quick smile, the teenager cleared her throat, attempting to salvage some kind of dignity. "Oh, sorry. Am I interrupting something? I can come back later."

This casual approach did not bode well with the Lioness. "What business do you have here, sneaking and spying?" she demanded, darting behind the girl to shut the door. Blocking the main exit point, she surveyed the newcomer.

The girl shrugged her shoulders. "Suit yourself. It doesn't fuss me." She looked around the room, wrinkling her nose. "Not really my taste, you know. I like a bit more colour, to tell you the truth."

Keladry took a different approach with the girl, ignoring the slight about her room furnishings. "Are you looking for someone in particular? Lady Alanna and I were in the middle of a conversation."

The girl grinned broadly at her. "Of course you were. Don't worry ladies, I know all about you two. Your secret is safe with me." She winked, pleased with something.

Alanna just stared at her for a moment, watching as she plopped herself down on a chair comfortably. "And you would be?"

"Katrina." She replied, though added as an afterthought, "Kat is fine, though my official title is Treanz-Alyce, but feel free to call me 'Your Majesty', they all work."

With that, Alanna lost it. "That's it, out you go." She headed over to where Katrina was to grab her and escort her out, but only got a few feet when Kat jumped up and brandished a small rectangular black box with red buttons. A lethal looking antenna sprouted from the top.

Kel grabbed her weapon as Katrina brought the remote control to point at Alanna's chest. "One more step and I'll use it."

Alanna rolled her eyes, though she didn't move forward. "And what might that thing do?"

"This little baby? Why, this is the... wrong one. Oops. This is the clothe-control - It basically makes you remove your clothing. Fortunately, I'm still underage, and old ladies aren't really my taste, so we won't be using it today - I'm saving it for Nealan." She confided, reaching into her pocket to pull out another, remarkably smaller, simpler and overall less threatening remote, as she slipped the clothe-control back. "What I want to use, on the other hand was this one. It-"

"I'm not here for games." Alanna snapped.

"But, don't you want to know what-"

"NO!" Alanna glared at Katrina, making the girl sigh.

"I tried to warn you." She shrugged. "Too late." She grinned at Alanna as she pressed the largest red button.

Alanna didn't have time to stop herself. "Cross-dressing is cool!" Shocked, the Lioness clamped her hands over her mouth.

Katrina cackled gleefully, pushing it again.

"Where's my WonderBra? How am I supposed to fight without it?"

Keladry stared at her heroine in horror as Kat pressed it again.

"My ultimate ambition in life is to be a housewife. I am totally against violence."

Alanna seemed to realize what had made her say such things. "Why you little-"She lunged at Kat, who dived towards the bed in an attempt to get out of the King's Champion's way. "I knit in my spare time." Alanna shrieked the last word, infuriated, yet unable to control it. "Eeek! I broke a nail!"

Keladry advanced on the gleeful Katrina, determined to put an end to the situation. Attempting to grab to remote, Kel found herself engaged in a tug-o-war as Alanna continued in the background.

"I wish I had become a lady"

Kel wrenched the remote out of Katrina's grip, the later squealing indignantly as she attempted to regain it, adding to the noise.

"I'm a virgin ... I swear ..." Cursing, Alanna entered to power struggle for the remote. "I was the one who screwed the Heir, King of Thieves and Shang Dragon, cross dressed for eight years and killed Roger twice, yet Keladry got the cool lady knight shield thingy. Life is so not fair."

Keladry froze, releasing her grip on the remote as she gaped at Alanna, allowing Katrina to grab it back. "What was that?"

Alanna opened her mouth to explain, instead proclaiming to Kel "I love you." Both turned back to Katrina, who was darting across towards the door.

Katrina threw open the door, and began to race down a hall. Not really a runner, and being chased by rabid lady knights, Kat knew she had to get out of there fast.

As she rounded a corner, she glanced back to see Alanna and Kel both quickly gaining on her. Pressing the remote several times, she heard the Lady Knight yell out "King Jonathan has crabs."

The window was just ahead. Katrina ignored her puffed lungs, and pressed harder on both her will and the remote button.

"I gave Neal tips about more than just healing." Alanna confessed at the top of her voice. "Delia of Eldorne is my idol."

She was almost there. Several feet from the window, Katrina leapt towards the window, throwing herself to safety. As she hit the glass and was knocked out cold, she realized one very important point.

It was still closed.