Title: Discovering a Shadow

Disclaimer:I own neither love hina or zoids, this is created from my own sick mind and all I ask is someone sits down and reads it

Chapter 1 :A strange Cavern

It was a beautiful night in Tokyo as Keitaro Urashima once again sailed through the skies praying that there were no airliners in his way to the middle of nowhere courtesy of Air Naru, he still had nightmares about the time he crashed through a cargo 747 resulting in a rain of bananas over Hinata that kept Su happy for weeks. "I wonder what Naru is so mad about this time, its not like I walked in on her changing or taking a bath this time around, I didn't think that calling her a beautiful young woman was enough to send me flying, hey I think im going to land soon, I wonder where I am this time"

Suddenly realizing hes gone a lot further and is falling a lot faster than normal Keitaro suddenly curls into a ball and whimpers, he may be immortal but this landing is going to hurt a lot but by doing this Keitaro fails to realize that the point he is going to impact is not the most solid piece of real estate in the area. In a cloud of dust our immortal friend and victim of random acts of violence by women crashes through the ground and falls into a mysterious cavern before picking himself up and dusting himself off

"Hey where am I, this isn't the normal situation I end up in when Naru sends me on a moonlit flight. Its to damn dark down here and something just don't feel right, its almost like a great evil dwells here. Motoko is never around when she is needed" Fumbling forward in the dark Keitaro's luck manifests itself and he walks into a smooth round object in the pitch black room "Hey what is this thing, its smooth like class but its warm" Keitaro exclaims while running his hands over the capsule before a loud click is heard throughout the cavern and an eerie green glow emanates from the capsule. "Uh oh, ive really done it this time" Keitaro whimpers as he backs away from the capsule which is now pulsing with light at an ever increasing rate.

Without warning the glass of the capsule shatters and a black dragon creature with glowing blue eyes emerges and glares at Keitaro before roaring and charging at him. It must be noted that when an organoid is first born they need to be tamed and Keitaro's immortality is extremely handy for being bashed around. It doesn't take much to realize that the organoid is now having fun beating Keitaro around with its tail. However even organoids have emotions and this one is no exception.

Keitaro groaned and picked himself up off the floor and looked into the hard blue eyes of the creature with respect for its strength and commented "Man your stronger than Naru, but u aren't a girl so while I don't retaliate against Narusegawa's brutal attacks you I can do something about". Keitaro lunges forward at his top speed tackling the black creature to the ground and pins it to the hard floor where it thrashes around for a few minutes before stopping.

Suddenly a voice is heard in Keitaro's head, 'Well done young master, u are worthy of my respect. It has been many years since I was awoken and I sense much has changed in the time I have slept. Please call me Shadow, it was my name last time I lived and I like it'. Keitaro rolls off of Shadow and looks at him confused. Shadow then stands and opens his chest compartment and absorbs Keitaro and takes off to the Hinato Lodge while Keitaro thinks how am I going to explain this to the girls

The End (for now)