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He sighed as he stepped out from the Thestral drawn carriage. This was going to be the hardest year yet. His father, the

wealthy and fearless Lucius Malfoy had been named a Death Eater and thrown into the wizard prison, Azkaban. His mother

had always been fragile. Her health had deteriorated and had been sent to St. Mungo's while he was home during the

holidays. It was terrible having to watch his mother struggle to lift her arm just to touch his face. How she smiled wanly as she

said, "You don't have to be afraid of your father now. You can live your life the way you want it."

Malfoy was ready for a new start. He wasn't sure what he wanted as of yet, but he knew that he could finally throw away the

image which his father had created for him. An image which won him nothing but bitterness and loneliness, as well as fear.

Hermione sighed as she leaned back against her chair and rubbed her tired eyes. Ever since passing her OWL's in her fifth

year, she had been successfully allocated to the entire advance NEWT's classes. It was a heavy workload in conjunction

with her prefect duties. She wasn't coping as well as she thought she could. Her old wounds were acting up again. She had

taken several heavy blows from the Death Eaters during their battle at the Department of Mysteries last year and she had

never recovered. There were times when she would be overcomed by breathlessness and fatigue. However, she had to keep

a brave front, especially in front of her friends. After all, Harry was going through more than she was. His one and only family

had died. And she knew that there was something about the prophecy which he wasn't telling any of them. This made her


The clock at the far end of the library sounded the time. Hermione sighed as she shook her head to clear it of her thoughts

and gathered her books as quickly as she could. She would have to finish her work in the common room despite the

noisiness. The library wasn't going to stay open the whole night and she still had patrol duties with Filch and Malfoy tonight.

The thought of her partner made her grimace.

Malfoy had always managed to get under her skin. Even though it didn't show on her face, she felt like crying everytime he

called her a mudblood to her face. He always managed to make her feel like she wasn't worth the air she breathed whenever

they were on patrol duty. But tonight, she thought, I will make an exception. If he gets to me, I will hex the shit out of him.

Hermione grinned to herself as she made her way to the Gryffindor common room. The thought of turning Malfoy into a ferret

seemed to comfort her as she got ready for her patrol duties.

Malfoy leaned against the pillar as he waited for his patrol partner – Hermione. He didn't hate her. He was just taught to hate

muggle born wizards and witches. They were an insult to the wizarding world, according to his father. He had always called

her a mudblood to her face. Now, he thought he was a prat for doing that. He never considered how she felt.

Hermione approached Malfoy, bracing herself for another verbal attack and tapped him on the shoulder lightly. Malfoy

turned around, startled out from his thoughts and his face nearly touched Hermione's. "I'm sorry I'm late." She said

breathlessly as she pulled away from him, blushing slightly on her face. Malfoy frowned, turned his back and started walking

down the corridor. Hermione felt baffled. Normally, Malfoy would be pissed off and call her many names. But this time, he

just acted cool. I wonder what's he playing at? She thought as she rushed down the corridor after him.

Tonight's patrol was uneventful. Everything went by peacefully and very soon, Malfoy and Hermione were dismissed by

Filch, who was disappointed at not being able to catch the first-years risking their necks by coming out at night. Hermione still

had no idea what Malfoy had in store for her as they made their way up the stairs. Finally, she broke the silence and stopped

him in the middle of their way up the stairs. "What is it you're playing at Malfoy? If you want to do anything, just do it now. I

can't bear it when you act like nothing's going to happen." Hermione already had her hand on her wand and she was ready

for the worst. Malfoy stopped dead in his tracks. His ice-cold blue eyes caught hers and she gave a shiver. Suddenly, she

became aware of the change in him. His white blond hair wasn't gelled back. It hung loose, long and straight. His features

were sharper. His fingers were long and graceful. His body was masculine and angular. The part which changed the most was

his eyes. His eyes held something she had never seen before. Pain, and hurt. And something else. Was it lost of direction?

Hermione sucked in her breath at this revelation. "Is that what you were thinking of? How I wanted to do you in? Is that what

you want?" Malfoy asked in a low voice as he broke their gaze and turned towards the large windows which filtered the

moonlight. Both Malfoy and Hermione stood on the stairs with the moonlight bathing their surroundings. It exuded a mystical

feeling. Hermione squinted. She saw something glistening on Malfoy's face. Tears. She couldn't bear to see anyone cry. She

had seen enough tears. She reached forward and placed her hand on his cheek. Malfoy closed his eyes. Her palm felt warm

on his face. Her touch was different. Caring. Concern. Hermione pulled him closer and held him with her arms. Malfoy didn't

resist her. His arms went around her waist as she held him on the stairs and they remained in that position as the light

surrounding them slowly gave way to darkness while the clouds covered the moon.

"Where were you last night?" Lavender questioned Hermione with her large eyes as she settled across the table for breakfast.

Ron and Harry raised their heads at her question and peered at Hermione. Hermione carried on eating her eggs and looked

at them. "What?? I do have to attend to my patrol duties, you know? And there were a couple of first-years who were out

roaming the castle last night."

At that moment, Malfoy was making his way down the hall and heard her last comment. "Granger, Professor Snape wants to

see us about the incident which happened last night. The meeting's at 8 this evening, in his dungeon." Ron and Harry looked

on with menacing eyes as Malfoy walked over to the Slytherins table.

"This probably is the first time he has talked to you without making a personal attack." Harry commented. "I still don't like

him though. That stupid git with a Death Eater of a father." Ron added along to Harry's voices.

"Can't the both of you shut up for once and let us get on with our breakfast?" Hermione snapped, out of irritability than

sympathy for Malfoy. She had come to the conclusion that Malfoy was only trying to get to her by acting emotional and she

was determined not to let him get his way.

"I can never get all of this done by tomorrow." Hermione thought worriedly to herself as she shuffled through the avalanche of

parchments on the table in front of her. The library was empty now and the lone light flickering in the corner was her only

company. Professor Dumbledore had issued a letter of exception to the students in the NEWT's classes to be allowed to

stay in the library after closing time and so far, Hermione was the only student who had been using this issue to her best

advantage. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the armchair. Sometime, closing her eyes and leaving the rest of

the world behind her would be considered a smart decision. But she had a lot to live up to. Her father and mother, both

muggles and dentists, had pinned their hopes onto their only child. They wanted her to succeed in all aspects of her life.

Hermione had been able to achieve good grades in every thing ever since she was young. Not because she was a genius, it

was only due to the fact that she wanted to be able to live up to her responsibilities and she hated to lose out, academic wise

to others. She smiled to herself subconsciously. She had indeed inherited her father's penchant for not being able to handle

failure and her mother's attention to every minute detail.

"Hermione." Hermione opened her eyes, only to stare into a familiar pair of ice-blue eyes. "Are you all right?" She was taken

aback. This was the first time he had ever addressed her by her name and asked her about her well being. He was really a

meddling git.

"What makes you think I wouldn't be all right? I'm perfectly fine. Now go darken the other corner of the library and leave

me alone." Hermione straightened her shoulders, as if trying to make herself look taller and glared at Malfoy. Apparently,

Malfoy chose not to listen to her and took the seat across her. His features were hard to apprehend. The candlelight

continued to flicker as a gust of wind blew through the library. Hermione shivered slightly. She was suddenly scared. What if

he tried to do something to her now? No one would hear her. The library was out of bounds of any classrooms and teachers

offices. She pushed herself deeper into her chair and her clammy fingers found their way around her wand which was under

her robes.

Malfoy continued to look at her, without making a sound. Hermione started to get uncomfortable. "Thank you for last night."

His cold voice pierced through silence suddenly. He sounded sincere. "I've been through a rough summer. My holidays were

terrible. My father..." A scowl flitted through his face. "As if you don't already know... My father was sent to Azkaban and

my mother... She had a break down. She was never strong and she was not able to handle his sentence too well." Malfoy

confessed as he looked into Hermione's eyes. "You can laugh all you want now. I know how much you hate me. Now, it's

your turn to laugh at me. You can jeer me, and call me all the bad names you can think of. But, I just wanted to let you know,

that yesterday night, was the closest thing to real emotion I had ever experienced. And I want to thank you for what you did."

With that, he got up to leave.

Robes rustled slightly. Parchments were pushed aside. She ran towards his retreating figure and caught with him. "Wait!" He

stopped, without looking behind him. "Did you mean what you just said? Every, single word?" She asked in a breathless


"Yes, Hermione Granger. This is the first time I have ever meant anything I said." She could hardly make out his words. But,

she still heard him, loud and clear. She made a step towards him but stopped. Will she regret what she was going to do next?

Fate comes and goes.

Flits in and out of our lives, like a playful shadow, never noticeable.

How many times have I said, "I wish I had..."

How many time have I said, "How I regret..."

Now I sit, old and frail, with nothing to my name.

And remember the time, when she was so close to me, looking at me with those large, blue eyes.

Expecting me to say the words I felt. But they never came out.

Today, she is gone. Gone with the wind. Gone like the rays of the setting sun.

She reached over and put her arms around his waist. She laid her face on his back and closed her eyes, taking in the scent of

pine and freshly laundered clothes. She could feel drops of water on her hands as he lowered his head.

Don't hesitate to cry. The only strong men, are those who are willing to show their emotions and not hide behind an armour of steel.

It shows the love you're capable of sharing with others. It shows how much you care. It shows how human you are.

Don't hesitate to cry. You have me.

Don't hesitate to cry. I will dry your tears for you. Kiss them away for you.

Don't hesitate to cry. I will no go away.

Hermione led Malfoy to the back of the library. Where the most ancient books were stored and where no student had ever

ventured in. They sat on the ground and she tried to comfort him. It was there, his mouth found hers. His tongue explored

hers, touching and kneading. Everything tasted so sweet and bitter at the same time. They couldn't explain what was going

on. How they felt. His hands explored the body she had grown into. The body of a woman but held the mind of a girl. She

slid her hands under his robes, her touch felt warm to his skin as he climbed on top of her. The position they were in now

proved to be awkward. He knelt between her legs which were spread and both their clothes were askew. They stopped

kissing. Malfoy looked at her, a question in his eyes. He wasn't going to take this girl, not without her consent. She had

proved to be different from all the others. She was unique.

Hermione's eyes filled with tears and she nodded. The throbbing between Malfoy's legs was more than he could bear. He

slowly unhooked the fasteners of her robes with one hand while entwining his fingers around hers with the other. "You're so

cold." He whispered as he leaned forward to kiss her. "I'm scared." She whispered. Malfoy hugged her and she could feel

the ominous bulge between them. Finally, he had undone her robes and her body was revealed to him, glistening as pale as

the moonlight and it illuminated the candle light. He pressed himself on top her. He could feel her hands on his back as he

struggled with the fasteners of his own robes. After he had taken them off, he covered both of them. Hermione's hair glowed

a soft orange and there was a smile in her eyes. None of the hesitation which showed before mirrored in her eyes now.

Their kisses grew more fervent. Malfoy started to slide his tongue towards her breasts and her stomach. It didn't stop there.

He went further down, explored uncovered depths. She let out a soft moan. He sucked softly and stroked her gently.

Showing her all the pleasantries of love in ways she had never experienced before. He lay on top of her, and finally, entered

her slowly. She gave out small gasps and writhed underneath him. He knew that it hurt. He pressed deeper and finally found

her. He thrusted into her and her hips moved with his rhythmically and unison. He grasped her breasts and she bit him on the

neck. She had felt the initial pain but it was quickly overcome by another sensation. Both of them felt they were floating

among the clouds. Finally, he unleashed his passion as she did, and it was at this moment, their souls were bound and soared

high and free.

He looked at her tenderly as she snuggled up in his arms. "You felt different. You were so real." She looked up at him and

wriggled her eyebrows. "I never knew I wasn't human, if that's what you're trying to say." She stopped as she saw his eyes

glistening again. "This isn't a game, right? You didn't do what you just did just to make a fool out of me, did you?"

What was this? The almighty Malfoy really did care! She gave a little gurgle of laughter and threw her arms around his neck

and pulled  him close. Just the clean scent of her hair and warm body next to his, soothed his nerves and he wrapped his arms

around her as they lay on the floor of the library.

Malfoy slowly made his way to his bedroom and opened the door. He was greeted with snores which rivalled the frightening

thunderstorms which had once plagued the countryside of France, where he and his father had visited. He remembered being

terrified and couldn't sleep. The little girl with dark plaits and large green eyes had dragged her doll and cuddled up next to

him, whispering comforting words into his ears and they had gone to sleep with their arms around each other. Danielle

DeLancrue. They were young children back then.

He pulled shut the curtains around his bed, but before that, his eyes caught the picture which sat on the cabinet. A picture

which caught the moving image of a grown lady with a serious expression, long, dark and wavy hair which cascaded past her

shoulders and large green eyes. His fiancée, promised to each other in marriage by their fathers. Brought together by a spell

which would bind the promise of their fathers, to ensure the purity of the wizarding line...

He sighed. He would have to tell Hermione.

Hermione looked up from the parchment which she was writing on to the rustling of feathers. A handsome, tawny owl sat on

her window seal, with a piece of parchment attached to its foot. She smiled instinctively and hurriedly untied the letter, while

handing an owl treat to the messenger.

My dearest Hermione,

My days here in Bulgaria past by slowly and seem more darker than before.

How I long to be able to see you once again, to hold you in my arms. To listen to your voice.....

Hermione looked up at the owl and sighed. She would have to tell him. Or didn't she? "What do you think I should do? I

don't have the answer now..." A lone hoot from the owl was the only reply she received.

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