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I am not a child now

I can take care of myself

I mustn't let them down now

Mustn't let them see me cry

I'm fine, I'm fine

She bit her lip as she stood up. Every bone in her body screamed out in protest. But she carried on. She couldn't stay in bed. She had to perform her duties.

Viktor had already left for Bulgaria to participate in the upcoming Quidditch Federation of International Alliances. She was glad as well. Although he had been a pillar of support, his attention had somewhat stifled her. She was happy to see him finally leave. They had promised to owl each other every day and so far, despite the heavy workload, she had kept to her word.

It was time for her to go to patrol the castle, with Malfoy. This was going to be first time they would be alone, together. She promised herself she wouldn't break down and cry. She would be strong and be immune to his advances, whatever they may be.

He coughed nervously and adjusted his robes. This was the night he had looking forward to for the longest time.

He was going to give up an old name which meant power in the wizarding world. He was going to give up wealth and the old way. He was going to go against tradition and sacrifice his family. Not that he cared whether his father lived or died. Ever since he had received notice of his mother's death, he no longer cared. There was no one in his family worth his time. He didn't want to have anything to do with the Lestranges and the Blacks and the Malfoys, nor any of the other pure blood wizarding families anymore.

He had grown up being taught that his name was worth more than galleons and that the earth would fall at his feet if he wanted it to. He would believe none of that now.

Time had proven that he was only human. And Hermione had shown him, that he was still capable of displaying emotion. She brought out what he thought was lost in him and he didn't want to let it go. Not now. He wanted to believe that he was capable of loving someone and that, she would love him in return.

I'm too tired to listen

I'm too old to believe

All these childish stories

There is no such thing as

Faith and trust and pixie dust

I try, but it's so hard to believe

I try, but I can't see what you see

I try, I try, I try

Her breath caught in her throat. She saw him, leaning against the wall as usual. His long blond hair was ruffled by the draft in the corridor. His eyes held many things which had better be left untold. As though sensing her presence, he turned his head. Their eyes locked. She couldn't bear the tension. She turned her gaze towards the dark, cloudy sky. There was no moon out tonight. There would be no light to illuminate his eyes when I stand close to him, she thought.

They started walking. The silence which engulfed them was deafening. The sound of water trickling could be heard as they explored the dark corridors. Hermione's hands swung carelessly by the sides of her body, as though taunting Malfoy to hold them in his own. He swallowed. He didn't dare touch her. Yet, he wanted to feel her skin next to his.

My whole world is changing

I don't know where to turn

I can't leave you waiting

But I can't stay and watch

The city burn, watch it burn

'Cause I try, but it's so hard to believe

I try, but I can't see what you see

I try, I try

The hour was approaching. He was still unable to make a sound. There was a blinding flash of light. They stopped in their tracks. What had happened? The sound of thunder vibrated throughout the entire castle, causing little specks of dust to settle on their robes. Hermione gasped and lurched herself into him and his arms found their way instinctively around her waist, wanting to protect her from everything. Protect her from heart ache, protect her from thunder and rain, and love her, as no man had ever loved a woman. This was a turning point for him. After all this years of loneliness and hiding behind an armor of fear, he had come to terms with 'love' in a matter of days. It was a welcoming sensation, yet confusing at the same time.

I try and try to understand

The distance in between

The love I feel, the things I fear

And every single dream

Time stood still. They were in the castle's gardens. Among the varying flowers and magical plants. The smell of lavender, lemongrass, thyme, rosemary was sweet and wafted to their noses, and left a light scent in their robes. The rain was pouring heavily. The sky continued to be lit up by the lightning storm. Their robes were drenched but they didn't care.

"We can't go on like this. I love you so much, Malfoy. But, we can never be together." Hermione whispered as she buried her face in his robes.

"I can give up everything for you. I am going to marry you, Hermione Anne Granger." He said in a determined voice as he lifted her face towards his with his finger. Her eyes grew round.

"What about the pact? What will happen to your family? You'll die! The DeLancrues will die!" She was gasping. He stopped. The pact. Everyone in both families will die. Everyone. "I don't want to see you dead! I never want to see anything like that happen to you! There has been enough deaths to last a lifetime!" She cried in dejected voice. "I'd rather that we never be together than to see you die!" He continued to stroke her hair. She was right. But why was such a cruel joke played on him? Just when he found meaning to life. His life?

"Let us part. Let us part with smiles on our faces. Let us store what we had together in our hearts and tell no one." She looked up at him with a determined smile on her face. The rain wet her face and his. He tried to smile but he couldn't. "Please? For me?" Finally, he managed to smile, but what a bitter sweet smile that was.

They stood with their arms around each other, in the middle of the ground. It was there, in the pouring rain, where they shared one last kiss. A kiss which sealed the secret love, of Hermione and Malfoy. The love which changed a man, who knew nothing of 'muggle-emotion'. And the love which showed her wonders. The love, which would be forever etched in their minds and memories, and follow them to the day they die.

I can finally see it

Now I have to believe

All those precious stories

All the world is made of

Faith and trust and pixie dust

So I'll try, 'cause I finally believe

I'll try, 'cause I can see what you see

I'll try, I'll try, I will try

I'll try – to fly

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