Well, GOTHE6 wanted a Paul one. So here you go. And amazingly, I wrote this one in about fifteen minutes, too. After this, I think I'll stop annoying you with my SERIOUS poetry. It's probably too depressing.

This one is for the Paulie lovers. Assume that Jesse's just left Suze.

What a dick, huh?

Okay . . .

Love Lolly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Falling for darkness.

Immoral sin.

You're chasing me.

You know you'll win.

Ulterior motives.

Sinister smiles.

I'm trying not to fall,

For your masculine wiles.

Eyes of ice.

So chillingly light.


That I just can't fight

Sexual tension.

We both know its there.

Why aren't you convinced,

That I really don't care?

Clandestine kiss,

Upon your bed.

Try to run away,

Leave so much unsaid.

Jarring my senses.

My blood runs cold.

My wrist trapped,

In your iron hold.

Clouding my world.

Nothing is clear,

So unsure

Do I want to be here?

Thrills are running,

Down my spine.

You've kissed me,

Crossed the line.

My throat burns.

I want you to stop.

. . . Then why is it me,

Who's now on top?

Undeniable lust.

Killer sensation.

I'm kissing you back,

To your elation.

Unrequited love.

I ran to you,

Which is what you,

Knew I'd always do.

Lips like ice.

But feel like fire.

World so black,

And red with desire

Broken heart.

Sensuous distraction.

Dancing with evil.

Fatal attraction.

Dubious intent.

Hands roam my back.

As if I am,

Under attack

Shivering violently.

I'm scared of you.

I know exactly,

What you want to do.

I crave your touch.

I need your kiss.

Drowning my mind,

In this wicked bliss.

Down my arms you,

Drag your fingertips.

Turbulent passion.

On my soft lips.

Hunger for you.

Carnal urges.

Guilty pleasure,

Through me it surges

I know this is wrong.

I shouldn't be here.

But my deadly desire,

Overpowers my fear.

Jesse's rejection,

He left me so hurt.

So alone.

Feeling like dirt.

My kiss is all,

I can give willingly.

Don't steal what,

Is left of me.

My body is scorching.

Feel your friction.

Undergoing the pain

Of crucifixion.

Irrevocable disgrace.

Flood of depravity.

Kissing the devil,

Man of iniquity.

Forgetting him.

Betraying his trust.

Acidic kiss,

Addictive lust.

Can I please stay?

I want to be wanted.

He doesn't love me,

Yet I'm still haunted.

I can't face him.

I'm so ashamed.

My love was young.

Love just got flamed.

Your lips on mine,

Will obscure,

My stupidity.

No longer pure.

Too innocent,

Too naïve.

Love is a lie.

I no longer believe.

You press me down.

You want my soul.

You want my body,

You lose control.

Forget the world.

Leave it behind.

Kiss me, touch me,

Make me blind.

Be my redemption

From my pain

My burden, too heavy

My mind, insane.

Yet you still want too much.

Your love, your whore.

God, Paul. Just do whatever.

Don't care anymore . . .