Juuni Kokki Fanfiction
Title: Milk
Written by: Enki-sama
Fandom: Juuni Kokki
Pairing: Enou and Enki
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: Juuni Kokuki and all its characters belong to Ono Fuyumi. I am merely borrowing them to have some fun.
Summary: Milk is good... Enou and Enki


Enki looked up from where he had been staring out at the night sky. Reaching out a hand to take the offered glass, he sniffed at it suspiciously, to Enou's amusement, before taking a sip out of it.

"Thanks," he mumbled.

Nodding his head in acknowledgment, Enou seated himself floppily opposite the youthful-looking boy, hands also holding a glass of the thick white liquid.

Silence befell the pair in the pavilion before Enki finally spoke up.

"Why milk?" The kirin asked.

The ruler of En simply shrugged.

"Just felt like drinking something different today." He answered carelessly, placing his unfinished glass of milk on the table.


The room fell into silence again as Enki finished his glass of milk, mindfully aware that Enou's eyes were on him all this while.

"Oh look, you have a milk moustache." Enou observed the moment the kirin put his down his glass, eyes twinkling.

Enki blinked and raised a sleeve-covered arm to wipe at his mouth, but was stopped by the man who had now come to stand before him.

"No, don't do that. Let me help you." Enou said before lifting his kirin out of the chair, and seating him firmly on the edge of the table.

Enki watched closely as Enou leaned forward till their foreheads were nearly touching, then tilted his head slightly before sticking his tongue out to gently lick at the milk. Light feathery swipes descend upon the milky trail, cleaning it up as Enou's nimble tongue swept through.

When the task was done, Enou moved back slightly to look into Enki's eyes, two deep violet pieces of gem more beautiful than the stars embedded on the velvet of night. The blonde kirin shifted impatiently before reaching out to pull Enou's face closer, much closer.

The kiss was slow and deep, a contrast to the cool night breeze fluttering through the pavilion, stirring their silk around slightly. The moon a hanging witness to this gesture, the stars a twinkling testimonial to their presence, the lotuses in the pond floating lanterns of the purity. The turtles hid their eyes shyly, the motherly night cast a shadowy cloak over the two figures.

They pulled away slightly, Enki's pale arms still wrapped around Enou's neck.

"You have not finished your milk..." Enki pointed out, a bit out of breath.

Enou's mouth curved into a smile as he whispered into the kirin's ear.

"I rather drink yours..."



Author's notes: Then again, I am the pervert here for writing this. You know, maybe I have been reading too much yaoi. Maybe.

Completed: 15th November 2004