Matt(42) and Shana Camden(40)
Rachel Camden(18) - mother Sarah Camden died when she was 4 and gave birth to her brother Steve Camden(14) - mother Sarah Camden died when he was born Dana Mitchell(16) - father David Mitchell divorced from her mother when Dana was 2 Kelly Camden(12) - the first child of Matt and Shana she was born 6 month after their marriage Brad Camden(10)
Polly Camden(6)
Mary(40) and Wilson West(42)
Billy West(26) - his mother died when he was born Charles Rivera(18) - his father left him and her mother when he was 4 Laura West(14)
Kate West(14)
Todd West(11)
Lucy(39) and Andrew Nayloss(41)
Helene Nayloss(23) - her parents devorced after his father found out that her mother cheated him all the years. She was happy to come to the States when she was 12.
Jennifer Kinkirk(17) - father Kevin Kinkirk was killed in a bank robbery when she was 5 Kenneth (Kenny) Kinkirk(14) - was 2 when Kevin died.
Andrew Patrick Nayloss(10)
Peter Sonny Nayloss(10)
Amanda Nayloss(5)
Bonnie Summer - will born in 3 months Simon(35) and Carla(30) Camden Suzie Camden(9)
Owen Camden(6)
Ruthie Camden(31) Jordan Gerrit(40)
Vanessa and Rain Gerrit(19)
Cal and Mark - will born in 7 months Sam Camden(23) Gina Harris(19)
Kata(2 months)
David Camden(23)
Violett Xenia Stanford(8months) - her mother left to be a famous singer in NYC Annie(68) and Eric Camden(70)
They are happy grandparents of 16 and 9 'adopted' grandchildren and adoptive parents of:
Maya Stevens(23)
Joanna and Diana Stevens(18)
Clark Davies(16)
Jake Davies(14)
Parents of the Stevens kids were friends of Eric and Annie from the college in NYC and they died in a car accident 10 years ago. Clark and Jake were orphans and Eric met them when he was visiting Chandler in Florida, Miami and trying to ask him to come back to GlenOak and take over the church, since Lucy became a full-time mother.
Chandler said okay and he moved back to GlenOak with family.

Chandler(45) and Jess Hampton(42)
Jeffrey Hampton(24)-Olga Hampton(20)
Penny Hampton(14)
Sidney Hampton(11)
Maggie Hampton(20)-adopted at the age of 7