Helene was sitting in the garden. She needed to be alone.
"Helene!" she heard his voice behind herself. She didn't need to turn back she saw his face all day and night she didn't need to look at him. "We need to talk!"
"Don't you see there was enough surprises today?" she asked still refusing to turn to him.
"We don't have to tell them, WE need to talk!"
"There is no WE..." she said.
"Don't say that!" he sat down next to her so she couldn't refuse to see him. It hurt her more than she could stand.
"Billy, why are you doing that to me?" she asked him with tears in her eyes. Billy West looked into her eyes questioning.
"What? I love you and YOU don't wanna be with me! Why are YOU doing that to me?" he held her hands.
"You are practical my cousin..."
"No, I am not! And you know that! I have no Camden blood in me and so you do! So what is your problem?"
"Our family! We are one family, we have the same cousins and uncles and aunts..."
"Are you afraid what they would say about US? I don't care and you shouldn't care too!"
"But they mean so much for me! You don't know how it is when your family is cold. I know. My mother never loved me, and my father was always sad because he had to leave Lucy and marry my mother... When I came to the States and Lucy and Dad married it was like heaven to me! Everyone was nice and they really loved me...! I don't want to do anything that could ruin that heaven! "
"But how do you know that they won't like us together? I think they would be happy for us being happy!"
"But the family won't be the same too! Your father, my uncle would be maybe my father-in-law too, and my cousin my brother-in-law and...I don't want to change anything in that family!"
"You shouldn't be afraid of changes...Changes can be good too!"
"But they can be horrible too!" Helene stood up. "You know how I feel for you, but I can't risk what I have know. "She went inside and put on a smile so the others won't see that she cried inside.


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