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- - - - -

Chapter 1

- - - - -

"Watch where you'se walking," 17 year old Kid Blink grumbled as he crashed into someone, knocking them to the ground.

Today had not been a good day, he had sold a grand total of two papers in nine hours. School had gotten out and he expected to get more people to buy papers such luck. No one cared about a stupid trolley strike that should have ended a year ago or some stupid kid that ran away to join the army...that's not real news.

"Sor-ry," the girl scoffed getting up and brushing off her clothes.

As soon as Blink got a good look at her, he regretted being rude, she was beautiful.

She had wavy golden blonde hair pulled back with a large barrette, fair skin, and ocean blue eyes. She was tall and slender and looked like she probably was wealthy, she was wearing a periwinkle blue frilly dress that drug to the ground like a wedding dress, it had a high collar and her black button up ankle boots were barely visible under her dress and she was wearing a gold heart shaped locket.

"Sorry, not in the best mood today,"

"It's fine...neither am I and I wasn't looking where I was going, sorry,"

"I'm Kid Blink,"

"Emily," she said and held out her white gloved hand.

Kid shook it and smiled at her.

She smiled back and then looked at the large clock on top of City Hall, "I need to go...supper starts in twenty minutes. Nice meeting you..." Emily said with a small smile.

"Y-you too," Blink said sheepishly with a grin.

"Bye," she said with a wave.

Blink sighed as he watched her run lightly across the street and round a corner by City Hall.

- - - - -

"I'm home," 16 year old Emily Vanderbilt said, removing her gloves and walking into the parlor.

"Hello Emily," her mother said from the chase where she was reading a romance novel, not even looking up.

"Hi Emmy," her 11 year old sister Elizabeth said from where she was sitting at a small table with her stuffed bears named Sir Fluff and Lady Fuzz, having a tea party.

"Hey Libby," Emily said with a smile as she removed her boots.

Her mother looked up and gasped, "Emily Marie! What on earth happened to your dress? It was brand new!"

"Sorry mother," Emily said, "I fell,"

"You fell? That's your excuse for ruining the dress?"

"Just a dress mommy," Elizabeth piped up.

Her mother let out an exasperated sigh as the front door in the foyer swung open, "I'm home!" her father's voice sang out through the house.

"Hi daddy!" Emily exclaimed running to her father and putting her arms around him.

"Daddy!" Elizabeth squealed and ran to her father, he swooped her up and sat her on her shoulders.

"Did you have a good day today Richard?" the girls mother asked walking into the foyer, looking at him with a smile.

"As a matter of fact I had a great day today," her father said cheerfully, "What's for supper?"

"Iris!" her mother sang out to their maid.

Iris was tall and African American, she had been with the Vanderbilt's since Emily was only one years old.

"Yes?" she asked, walking into the foyer.

"What is for supper tonight?"

"Well...I took the liberty of getting you all tickets to see Medda perform tonight at Irving Hall, dinner will be served there," Iris said with a smile.

Her mother groaned with disgust.

"That sounds great," her father said with a smile.

Mrs. Vanderbilt stared at her husband and simply sighed and then turned to Elizabeth and Emily who both looked very excited to be getting out of the house.

"You girls better go change," her mother said with fake enthusiasm.

The girls grinned at each other, "Okay!" they said in unison.

"Race ya upstairs," Elizabeth grinned.

"In your dreams short stop," Emily said sarcastically.

"One...two...go!" they said and raced each other up the spiral staircase, the two were laughing so much they continued to crash into each other and wind up giggling.

Emily stepped into her bedroom and walked to her closet, deciding on what to wear.

She chose a long, beautiful pink dress that had a large skirt and a long train.

She pulled on her corset and then pulled the dress on over it, she grabbed the lighter pink ribbon and tied it around the waist of her skirt, "Libby!" she sang out.

"Yeah?" Elizabeth asked, bounding into the bedroom.

"Could you button me?" she asked.

Elizabeth nodded and climbed on her sister's bed and buttoned up all of the buttons in the back of the dress.

Emily looked herself over, not liking the way she looked.

"You look amazing," her sister said excitement in her pale blue eyes.

Emily and Elizabeth looked somewhat like each other only everything about Elizabeth was paler, she had paler blonde hair, paler skin, and paler eyes. She was short and what Emily considered a beanpole, she was very thin.

"You think?" Emily asked, spinning around, the dress cascading around her as she spun.

Elizabeth nodded.

Emily turned towards her small sister who was wearing a miniature version of Emily's dress only it was blue.

Both of the girls had their hair up in buns with curled tendrils spilling out and black button up ankle boots.

"Girls are you ready?" their mother asked from downstairs.

Emily grabbed her pink clutch hand bag and Elizabeth grabbed hers and they walked downstairs.

"Here are your shawls," Iris said, sliding a pink shawl over Emily's shoulders and a blue one over Elizabeth's.

"Thank you," they both replied in unison as their mother shooed them out of the house and into the carriage.

- - - - -

"I love it here," Emily said as she looked around Medda's.

"Mr. Mayor! Mr. Mayor!" a newspaper reporter yelled, running to Emily's father.

She had no idea why they were all so obsessed with him, he had a job just like everyone else...he was the mayor. Big deal.

"I think I'm in love," Emily heard Elizabeth whisper by her ear.

"With?" Emily asked, peering at everybody.

"Him," Elizabeth said, pointing to a boy standing in the corner.

Emily glanced at him, he was adorable and looked to be Elizabeth's age.

He had sandy brown hair and brown eyes, he was wearing a brown paperboy cap, a light brown checkered shirt with a brown vest over it and brown pants with a pair of black shoes.

"Let's go meet him," Emily said, steering her sister to him.

The boy looked surprised when he saw two beautiful girls standing in front of him.

"H-hi?" he stammered.

"Hi...I'm Emily, this is my sister Elizabeth," Emily said introducing them.

"Les...Les Jacobs," he said with a smile.

"My sister just wanted to say hi," Emily said.

Elizabeth waved at him shyly.

"I'll let you two talk," Emily said with a small laugh and then walked away.

"Emily!" a voice called.

Emily spun around and saw her best friend Meredith walking towards her, her curly chestnut brown hair cascading to her collarbone and her mint green skirt swishing against her as she walked.

"Hi," Emily said with a smile.

"You know...normally I'm not supposed to fall for "lowlifes" as my family calls them, but there is something about him that makes me feel...I don't know, jittery," she said and pointed her gloved hands towards someone in the balcony area.

Emily recognized who she was pointing at.

Kid Blink.

- - - - -

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