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Chapter 6


Emily lay on her bed, her feet propped up against a wall. She knew it was un-ladylike but she didn't care at that moment.

She was intently reading the book her school had assigned the class to read: Romeo and Juliet.

"Emily, could you please come down here?" Richard's voice called up the stairs.

Emily sighed and sat down her book, removing herself from the bed.

She placed her robe over her nightgown and walked downstairs, "Yes?" she asked.

"We wanted to talk to you more about the marriage," her mother said.

"Goodbye," Emily said and turned around, going back upstairs.

"Emily Marie, get back here this instant!" her father's voice boomed, stopping Emily cold in her tracks.

She could feel her throat beginning to get a lump in it, her father rarely yelled.

Emily turned back around, forcing herself not to cry.

"Andrew is a great young man, I don't see why you are having such a hard time with this," her father said, pacing around the parlor.

Emily watched him from where she was seated on a chair, "I don't want to get married at sixteen and become someone's concubine,"

"Emily! Language," her mother warned

Emily sighed and sunk lower into her chair.

"What has gotten into you these past few weeks, you always seem to be angry with us, what did we ever do wrong?" her father pleaded.

"You became the mayor," Emily muttered under her breath.

"What was that?" her father asked.

"You became the mayor," she said more clearly.

"What does that have to do with anything?"


"Excuse me?"

Emily shot up from her chair, "I have dealt with this since I was eleven years old and I hate it! I hate being the mayor's daughter! For once in my life since I have reached the double digits, I would just like to be normal. I have hated my life for the past five years. I don't get to date anybody of my choosing, I can't be associated with anyone who doesn't have a lot of money, I'm getting put into a stupid arranged marriage with a stranger, I almost have to have a guard with me everywhere I go, and I hate it! And you've became an egotistical jerk and-"


Her father's rough hand hit the skin across her soft cheek quickly and roughly.

Emily and her mother both shared a gasp.

Emily's hand cupped her cheek as tears filled her eyes.

"Don't you speak to me like that ever again," her father said sternly.

Tears dripped from her eyes rapidly, her father had never hit her before.

"Yes…sir," she said between a gasp and a sob and then spun around, racing upstairs.


Loretta watched as Emily sped up the stairs and she clutched the towel she had been holding with a much tighter grip.

She had been walking to the hired help corridor when she heard Emily yelling, she watched and couldn't believe what Richard had done.

"Oh, hello Loretta," Diana Vanderbilt said as she stared at her husband angrily.

"Hello Mrs. Vanderbilt, Mr. Vanderbilt," Loretta replied, shooting Richard a look when she said his name. "I'm going to go get some ice and then see if Emily is alright," she said and turned around, walking away.


Emily sobbed into her pillows loudly.

Just then there was a tap at her door, "Em, its Etta,"

"Come in," she sobbed, her voice muffled through her pillows.

Her door creaked open and then shut.

Loretta sat on the edge of her bed, stroking Emily's hair, "I'm sorry your father did that to you honey,"

"Why did he though?" Emily asked, sitting up.

Loretta placed the ice filled towel softly on Emily's cheek, "He could just be under stress,"

"He's never…h-hit me…b-before!" Emily wailed, wrapping her arms around Loretta and sobbing into her neck.

"It'll be okay, sweetie. I know how much it would pain me to see my ex husband hitting little Shawn, and he was only six years old,"

Emily gulped, "He hit him?" she asked, breaking away from the hug.

Loretta nodded, "I hated it every time, I would just sob watching them,"

"I think I saw it happen once," Emily said remembering something that had happened eleven years ago…


"You cheat," six –year- old Emily said, smirking at her best friend.

"Did not, you lost fair and square," Shawn said with just as big of a smirk and took away her "poker chips" were actually just crackers.

Emily rolled her eyes and stood up from the floor, smoothing down her dress.

Shawn walked over to her with a smirk still planted on his face now.

"Okay, I get it. You won,"

"You better," he said, ruffling her hair playfully.

"Shawn," she squealed, pushing him playfully.

Just then the front door swung open and they heard something banging against a wall.

"You're daddy's home," Emily said, staring at the ground.

Shawn got a feared look in his dark eyes as his father was leaning against the door frame.

"Hullo Emillllllllllllllyyyyyyy," his drunken voice slurred.

"Hi Mr. Higgins," Emily said politely.

"Wha?" he asked, now turning his attention to Shawn, "Not gunna say hullo to your own faddah?"

Shawn gulped.

"Ya lil shit," he said, walking over to Shawn and shoving his chest, he fell to the floor.

Emily bit her lip.

"Emily, sweetie, come into the hallway," Loretta said from where she was standing by the door.

Emily nodded and walked over to where Loretta stood. She leaned against the wall, and closing her eyes as she heard another smack.

"Robert, stop it," Loretta said, walking into the room.

Emily heard another smack, knowing Loretta was getting hit as well.

Emily backed away from the wall and went running out of their house and down the street until she reached her own.

She stepped inside and leaned against the door, out of breath. That was a lot of running for a six-year-old girl in a dress that fell to her ankles.

"Emily, is that you?" her mother asked.

Emily heard the clacking of her high heels as she walked to the foyer and saw her daughter, her ribbon was lopsided, her hair was messy and her cheeks were crimson from the cold.

"Emily, what on earth happened?" she asked, hurrying to her daughter.

"Shawn's daddy…hit…again…" Emily said between breaths, she knew her mother would understood, she had known Loretta for along time so she knew about Robert and his ways.

"I feel so sorry for that poor boy," she said, shaking her head in disapproval, "He's going to end up in a boys home one of these days," she said, running a hand through her daughter's messed up hair.

"Come on Emily, let's go get you cleaned up," she said and led her daughter to the bathroom.


Emily sighed, remembering the eventful moment, a month later, Loretta and Robert got a divorce and Emily never saw Shawn again.

She remembered seeing Shawn or, Racetrack earlier that day; she could just see the look on his face when she said the name Loretta.

Maybe I should just tell him that I know his mom…Emily said.

And then she concluded it, tomorrow, Racetrack would know who his mom was.


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