Title: Charmed

Author: Me (SqurlieJack)

Category: Shrek 2

Genre: Romance / Drama

Ratting: PG-13

Warning: Slash M/M Spoilers

Paring: Charming/ Puss

Summary: Puss gets hurt and left behind, Prince Charming finds him and takes him back to the castle with him, needing to hide him from his mother Charming turns him human.

Disclaimer: I own none of the character, blah, blah, blah, pleas don't sew me.


- Chapter 01 -

A/N: Takes place during the movie before the ball, there for is AU, but only slightly. Has not been Betad.

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They had just found out that the fairy godmother was Prince Charming's mother and they were running away now. Puss was trailing a little further behind them, when he fell and hit his head on a rock. He heard the others moving on and there pursuers as well, before he felt someone picking him up and assuming it was Shrek having come back to get him, he let the overwhelming darkness take over.

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Prince Charming was fallowing his mother and the King when he saw the feline fall to the ground, neither the King nor his mother noticed. Charming waited until they were out of sight before bending down and picking up the sword-fighting tabby, he watched as hazy green eyes slowly fell closed. He sighed as he ran a hand over the soft fur of the tabby's belly. He heard the beat of hooves as his mother and the Kings came back, he quickly got back on his white stallion, cradling Puss in one arm and covering him with his light blue cloak.

"Have your guards capture them!" The fairy godmother yelled at the king who was cowering slightly.

"Yes, of course." The king replied back to the fairy women in fear.

"And find that cat that was with them, I don't know where he went but he knows!" The fairy godmother yelled, Prince Charming's arm tightened slightly around the unconscious feline. "Now Charming darling return to the castle with the King, mommy will be there to check on you latter." She said flying over to her son who nodded, kissing him on the cheek before doing that nifty bubble thing and disappearing. The King looked at Charming frightened, and received a glare from the blonde prince before they headed towards the castle.

When they reached the castle Prince Charming went straight to his room ignoring both the queen and Princess Fiona's questions as to where they had been. When he got to his room he immediately shut the door and locked it behind him. Walking over to the bed he placed the tabby there whom was still unconscious. He needed to fined a way to hid the cat from his mother and anyone ells who may be looking, 'and what better way of hiding him then turning him into something ells' Charming thought going over to his dresser and sorting through the multitude of his mothers potions found there.

"Aha." He let out as he came upon the one he was searching for, it was used to turn animals into humans, and it was the same one his mother had used on the king. Walking back over to the bed he uncorked the bottle, lifting the felines head, tilting it so it's mouth opened, he poured a few drops of he translucent potion down the tabby's mouth. Covering the potion he put it back in the dresser turning back around when a bright light enveloped the animal, Charming hat to cover his eyes from the pain the light caused. He slowly removed his hand as the light subsided walking over to the bed, he gasped at the sight of the feline turned man.

The only things covering the man were his boots, his hat and his sword belt. He had lightly tanned skin, with a slight form, hiding lean muscles. He had dark curly hair falling slightly into his closed eyes. Charming smirked a light blush tinting his checks he had never seen another so beautiful as this, he thought as he ran a hand from the mans neck down his chest lightly. He blushed once more realizing that the feline turned man would need clothes, so he went of to find some that would fit the slighter man.

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Puss woke to the feel of a hand running through his hair, 'hair!' Puss thought as he shot up, falling off of the large bed. He stared down at himself looking at his human hands, flesh, legs, feet, and … boy oh boy was he human.

"Are you all right?" Prince Charming asked looking down at the feline turned man from his position on the bed.

"What have you done to me!" Puss accused turning his now dark onyx eyes instead of bright green ones on the prince.

"It's the only way I could think to hide you." Charming answered simply.

"What I'm a freaking cat, were masters at hiding, among other things!" The tabby yelled.

"Not from my mother." The prince stated simply getting off the bed and helping Puss get up, walking over to a full-length mirror.

"Well, I do look good, don't I." Puss said examining himself in the mirror, turning around to get a full view of him self.

"Yes you do." Charming said under his breath.

"What?" Puss asked obviously not losing his keen sense of hearing with the change.

"I got you some clothes over there." The Prince said pointing towards the bed.

"Why thank you." Puss said walking over to the bed where he examined the clothes before attempting to put them on, prompting a laugh from the blonde haired man. Charming walked over and began helping him pull on the black trousers and black tunic he had chosen for the shorter man, standing much closer then need be. The Spanish mans back was practically pressed to the taller blonde mans chest as the Prince buttoned the buttons of the top of the tonic.

"There much better." Prince Charming said running a hand down the front of Puss' chest.

"Why are you helping me?" Puss asked suspiciously as he suppressed a purr from the contact.

"Truthfully, you intrigue me." Charming said not removing the hand from the shorter mans chest, his other hand came up winding in the curly black hair, pulling his head back. Puss gasped through his newly acquired lips as Prince Charming's lips caressed his neck, licking and nipping at the smooth tan skin there. The prince's tongue was having the wanted effect on the Spanish man, who was purring moaning and leaning his head back more to give the prince better access to his neck.

The Prince slowly brought his mouth from the once feline now mans neck up to capture his lips. Puss gasped as the prince's lips covered his, Charming took full advantage of his open mouth shoving his tongue into the shorter mans waiting mouth. Puss' eyes closed slowly as the prince's hot tongue swept over his exploring every contour and crevice. The Spanish man moaned in loss as the prince pulled away in need of air, sucking on Puss' bottom lip before pulling away completely, wresting his forehead against the others slightly. They were interrupted by a loud nock on the door.

"Charming darling, open up, mommy's here."

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