.: Deal With the Devil :.

Published: Feb: 20: 05
Pairings: Seto x Jou
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The limo ride felt a lot more like a hearse ride. Or at least a ride in a limo to a funeral. I supposed that only dead people rode in hearses, after all. Then again, who knew what condition I might be in after Kaiba was done with whatever sinister plans he had for me. I cringed to think of the tortures he could inflict. Well, at least Mokuba was in the vehicle with us for the time being, and I was pretty certain Kaiba wouldn't actually injure me with his little brother around. Then again, I wasn't about to put anything past Kaiba. I had always hoped he'd loosen up after Duelist Kingdom... you know, after Pegasus was defeated and his younger brother was rescued. But he didn't. He just used that as more artillery to add to his arsenal against Yugi. And now he had defeated Yugi... so what more was there for him to possibly do? Hadn't he already explained that the purpose of including me in the prize was to mess with my friend's head so that he would be unable to duel properly? Obviously he had other things in mind. Probably either embarrassing ones or painful ones. Or both.

I was actually quite surprised at how quiet the younger of the two Kaiba brothers was. He had pulled out some kind of hand held game device and was silently playing it. His older brother, on the other hand, just there, facing me directly. Those icy cold eyes seemed to penetrate right through me. I felt very uncomfortable, the way he was eyeing me. What did that stare mean? Was he angry with me for always acting out against him? Was I supposed to just let him walk over my friends? Was I supposed to let him taunt me? Was he still gloating from his victory from the earlier duel with Yugi? It was unnerving enough to think that he had beaten the undefeatable Yugi, but did he really have to make it worse by staring at me like that? What seemed like forever was fortunately a fairly short ride. Mokuba took no notice of the cold and enigmatic glares that his older brother was shooting in my general direction. I kind of wished he would look up and stop his older brother, since he seemed to be the only one who had any kind of power over what the brunette took into actual consideration.

I never quite understood that, actually. It seemed as though Kaiba was a completely different person at times when his younger brother was concerned. Sure, the ruthless cerulean eyed boy was determined back at Duelist Kingdom to help his brother, and my hopes that he would calm down after his brother was rescued vanished when he became even more determined to defeat my friend, but there was a clear difference when he spoke to his younger brother. Though it hadn't been an extremely long period of time, Mokuba, too had been influenced by his experiences at the island and after it. Kaiba's younger brother appeared to be growing up. While Kaiba acted indifferent to it, I began to wonder if he was really hurting deep inside, somewhere, at the idea that his younger brother was becoming independent. The one person Kaiba cared about, the one person Kaiba was to take care of in life was beginning to show signs that he didn't need his older brother. I wondered if that frightened Kaiba. I wondered if any feelings could actually pierce that frost-bitten soul of his, if his icy heart could be shattered.

My thoughts came to a rude halt as the limo eased up a driveway to a huge and overly elaborate gate. Just what I expected Kaiba to have. The gate was electrically controlled, and whether or not there was a guard there, I couldn't tell. As I snuck a glance back at the brunette boy, I noticed that he finally had closed his eyes, though he was hardly relaxing. He always seemed to be worrying about something, always sitting up straight as if he was in a business meeting or class constantly. It was rather disconcerting, but I dismissed the thought. I turned my head back to the window to see the gates slowly peeling open, as though it were a painful experience for them. I wondered if the metal contraption was going through as much pain as I was. Somehow I doubted it.

"Massive compared to your shamble of a house, mutt?" The CEO stated. It was more of a rhetorical question than anything, I figured. I was clenched my fists, trying to remain calm. My breathing was already growing erratic, whether from anxiety or anger... or a combination of the two, I was unsure. I knew that I couldn't fight Kaiba with his little brother in the car, or in a limo either, for that matter. I also knew that if I was going to pick a fight with Kaiba, I'd have to know exactly when are where to do it, perhaps catch the jerk off-guard or something; that might be the only way. I'm certain that my face flushed quite red as I could feel heat rising in my face, and the more I tried to stop it, the less control I seemed to have. Not that I ever had much control over my body or my feelings. I knew I had a fiery personality, one that was hard for even me to tame. Often I ran into situations rashly and often erratically, without giving things time to make proper decisions. I was also given to taking huge chances as an idealist. Kaiba was the opposite. Icy, calm, rarely losing his cool. For instance, even in the duel he had just had with Yugi, when my friend used a Diffusion card on the brunette's Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Kaiba was a little shocked, but held himself pretty well. If I had been in that situation I was certain I would have been freaking out.

It wasn't very long before the limo slowed to a complete halt infront of the mansion. Somehow I had been half-expecting some cryptic, spooky mansion. You know? The forboding kind? With dark, twisted, gnarled tree-branches hanging across the top like a vicious canopy, ensnaring and blotting out the light, so that only thin shafts of moonlight could sift through; an owl would hoot eerily from above, and the flutter of wings would leave you in almost complete silence. A creaky, rusting old gate that was as twisted as the branches above, and a dead garden of withered grass completed the scene. Every five minutes, as if on cue, a lightning bolt would streak across the sky. Well, that's what I had dreamed up, anyway. It turned out, in reality, that the Kaiba family's mansion was quite picturesque. It wasn't some gothic or counter-reformation architectural masterpiece like I had envisioned, but rather, a beautiful white palace of pillars and balconies, upon which the sun dazzled. The glare from the white building radiated like a fountain of solar energy, so much that as Kaiba's personal chauffeur opened the door, and I began to step out, I had to raise my arm to my eyes to keep from being blinded.