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Author's note: Just a short and weird little piece where Deanna talks to herself.

Inspired by a song. Thanks go again to Jeannette for checking the story.

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Rating: G

The Wait

by Sunstar 02/2002

The whole ship was on shoreleave on Earth so he had asked her out to dinner. She had gladly accepted not knowing it would be the night that might change her whole life.

"We had such a wonderful time! He told me all about his hopes and dreams and for the first time ever... I felt like he wasn't hiding anything. He was truly exposing all."

They danced through the night in each others arms. Seeing nothing but the stars and moonlight.

"He wants to try again, that's what he said. He promised to call me... Last night was special... something happened, something amazing. I fell again. I fell head over heels... in love... with him. But what if he doesn't catch me? What if it was all a lie? Just a one night of innocent fun? Would I be able to handle it?"

The dance had begun a long time ago, when they were still young and had so many possibilities ahead of them. Sometimes the tune was upbeat and carefree but last night it had definitely been slow, serious, and sensuous.

"What if he doesn't call me? What if he's having second thoughts?"

Everything had happened so fast that she had not had time to think about the reasons why she should not do it. She had just gone with the flow and enjoyed every minute.

Now, with the light of the day, she was beginning to see things differently.

"He's not going to call. What a fool I've been. Look at me! All dressed up, hoping he would come and sweep me off my feet. Stop being so naive!"

All her life she had been searching for the right man but no matter how hard she looked, so far, no one had been better than him. No one could get into her soul because only he had the key.

"He's not coming... He's not going to call... Why am I still waiting?"

Hope was beginning to fade as the hours passed by. She sat in the shadows trying to forget. Trying to suppress the emotions the previous night had brought to the surface.

"I believed in you! Believed what you told me. You said that we were meant to be. Was any of it true? Did you know that I believed you? "

She opened her computer and stared at the screen trying to lose herself in the news of the day. At the bottom of the page she saw her horoscope. Would she dare to read it? Usually she did not believe in such things but now... 'What you found is gone, it's not coming back. Stop dreaming and face the reality.' She could not believe it, they knew it too. When she closed her eyes, she closed her heart.

"Everything is lost... if you don't call me."

Suddenly a loud knock to the door startled her. She turned around and called for the visitor to come in.

As the door slowly opened she opened her mind and holding her breath waited to confirm with her eyes the identity of the person on the other side of the door.

First, she only saw a red rose... and then... him.

"Will, you came!" She managed to whisper.

"Nothing could have kept me away." He said as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently.

The End