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It was December 18th; just one week left before Christmas Day arrived in Russia.

Today, however, there was another arrival expected in Moscow City, a certain Beyblading team. The New World champions, to be exact.

The Blade Breakers were returning for Christmas...

"This is SO cool!" Tyson exclaimed, for the thousandth time that day. "We do one measly little photo shoot thing, and we get a free Christmas holiday! This is just SO- "

"'Cool', by any chance?" Max finished from the plane seat next to him.

"Yeah. Hey, how- "

"How did I know? Oh, well, it's just that you've said it almost every five minutes for the ENTIRE flight." Max said, grinning.

As annoying as he was, Max did have a point. Tyson's now World-Famously huge mouth hadn't shut once since the plane took off.

Kai, on the other hand, had been silent throughout the journey; his mind was occupied with other thoughts. And no matter what he tried, Kai's thoughts kept drifting back to one particular person.


After many weeks of confusion, Kai had finally realised that his feelings for Ray extended way beyond just friendship.

'I wish there was a way that I could know if he felt the same.' Kai thought, glancing at Ray, who was in the seat next to him.

They had had to catch an early flight, so, naturally, the group was all tired (Although Tyson STILL wouldn't shut up and get some rest). Ray had been the most tired, it seemed, because he had been gradually dozing off over the past hour. When Kai looked over at him he saw Ray slouched in his seat, almost totally sleep. As he dozed off, Ray's head slumped over to one side and was resting on Kai's shoulder, like it was a pillow.

Kai tensed up a little and his mouth went dry as Ray's soft black hair brushed against the skin of his bare arm. He considered trying to move Ray for a second, but he wasn't really uncomfortable, and Ray's sleeping face looked so peacefully beautiful, Kai didn't have the heart to wake him.

There was still another hour left of the flight, and Tyson and Max were sitting two rows ahead of them, too busy talking to notice anything. So Kai, who suddenly felt quite tired himself, closed his own eyes.

'Just for a minute' he thought as he drifted off, with Ray sleeping beside him.

Sometime later, Ray woke up, and after a moment he realised that he had been practically hugging Kai's arm as he slept.

'Oh crap!' he thought, sitting up. How long had he been like that? Surely Kai would've shoved him away, probably with some sarcastic comment...

But Kai, it seemed, was also sleeping soundly next to him.

'Aww, bless,' Ray thought. 'He looks so cute when he's sleeping...Huh? Oh no, not again...' Ray shook his head, trying to clear it. He HAD to stop thinking about Kai like that.

Although he wouldn't admit it to anyone but himself, Ray had strong feelings for Kai, feelings that were becoming increasingly harder to hide. The gender issue didn't bother Ray, he'd known he was bi for some time now. It was just that Kai, well, he didn't really seem, 'that type', so to speak.

Ray looked again at Kai's sleeping face.

'If only there was a way of knowing if Kai feels the same.' Ray thought. But there was only one way of knowing for sure, and that was to ask Kai himself. And that in turn would require Ray to tell Kai exactly how he felt about him...Ray sighed. He wasn't all that sure if he could face telling Kai yet.

It would have to be soon though. Just sitting next to him on the plane, they were so close, and yet they were so far apart...Ray had to tell him how he felt. His 'secret' was playing havoc with his emotions, and the pain of not knowing was like a daily torture that intensified every time he was around Kai. Ray couldn't take much more.

Throughout the rest of the flight Ray sat in silence, in his head he was going over all the things he could do, all the things he should say.

By the time the plane started to descend towards the Russian ground, Ray had made up his mind.

He would tell Kai the truth before Christmas Day.

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