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The sudden shock of Tala's kiss burned onto Kai's lips, his eyes wide open in shock as the redhead continued to kiss and embrace him, regardless of reaction.

So, was this Tala's twisted way of messing with his mind, or did he actually have some kind of feelings for Kai…?

All his life, if there was one thing Kai wanted, even more that skill or power, it was to be loved by another…

Somehow detached from all reasonable trains of thought, Kai let himself succumb to the moment. Closing his eyes, feeling himself kiss Tala back with no control over his own body, not even sure if this was what he wanted.

The sudden response from Kai seemed to spur Tala on, his kisses becoming deeper, trailing down his neck and collarbone as he pulled him closer, running his fingers through his hair, down his body, eager for more reactions from Kai.

In a way, Tala wished things had been different between him and Kai in the past. If he had known Kai better earlier, if Kai had stayed with his team, stayed with him…perhaps they could have got a lot closer a lot longer ago…Yes, Tala did have feelings for Kai, to a certain degree, but with the way things were, he couldn't allow them to run any deeper than a level of lust. But that didn't mean that he couldn't have some fun with him…

Still unsure, Kai reached for the other boy, his sex hardening as he touched him, the two Russians locked together in a steamy clinch.

Kai didn't know the full extent of Tala's feelings, but still, it was a kind of rush. To think, there was someone out there who had feelings for the cold-hearted traitor Kai believed himself to be. There was, amazingly, someone who thought about him as more than a Blader, more than a friend, someone who wanted to be with him, to hold him, to kiss him…He could barely believe it.

There was someone in this world that wanted to be with Kai Hiwatari.

And as Kai looked at his right arm wrapped around Tala's slender waist, he saw the red bandanna tied to his wrist. In that moment, he realised that the name of that somebody wasn't Tala Valkov.

"This isn't right, Tala," Kai murmured, trying to push Tala away, despite how good he felt. "Please, just get off me."

"That's a good idea. Valkov, you little faggot, get your treacherous hands off of my grandson."

Tala fell backwards in total shock, and Kai spun around to witness the sudden arrival of none other than BIOVOLT president and his own grandfather, Voltaire Hiwatari.

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Voltaire struck Tala around the head, the violent blow sending him crashing to the floor.

"Take this limp-wristed little brat and have him put with the others. I'll teach him not to mess with my plans." Two of Voltaire's black-uniformed henchmen took hold of Tala and began to rag him away.

The red-haired boy's eyes were suddenly full of a fear Kai had never seen in him, his struggles useless.

He cried out "N-NO! Please! Kai, help me! Help me please!" And then he was gone.

Voltaire turned to Kai who was standing still, staring at the space where Tala had been.

"And as for you, Kai, well I'm frankly disappointed in this 'lifestyle' you seem to be choosing, but then again, with cry-baby team mates such as yours, I'm not entirely surprised." He made a gesture with his hand and two more henchmen grabbed Kai's arms from behind him, gripping too tightly to be shook off.

"So, enough of this chit-chat, Kai, it's time for you to discover what has become of the little friend you treasure so much, and to discover your own fate." Voltaire turned and walked away, motioning for the men holding Kai to follow.

At any other time, Kai could have easily fought his way out of there, but he was still too stunned by everything that had happened so quickly to put up a fight or any resistance. The sudden reappearance of his grandfather, the whole scene with Tala, seeing the primal fear in his eyes as he was dragged away, Kai's realisation of a truth he longed for…

Kai's tough façade had fallen away, leaving him emotionally raw, exposed, temporarily but utterly defenceless.

There was nothing Kai could do to stop himself from being taken away, deeper into the very heart of the Abbey he hated, getting ever closer to the truth.


As the plane smoothly glides through the cotton clouds outside, Ray yawns sleepily and snuggles down into his muscular, red gloved pillow, smiling as Kai strokes his long raven-black hair.

A blonde-haired boy in a flight attendants' uniform stops by their seats and sees Ray curled up fast asleep in Kai's lap, the spaces between them gone at last.

The flight attendant's badge reads 'My name is Max!' and he asks Kai if he wants a pillow or a blanket for the sleeping neko-jin. Kai tells him no, that he is happy to have Ray sleeping well, and he will keep him warm and safe always. The flight attendant smiles and hands him complimentary peanuts before moving on, just as the tannoy system crackles into life.

"Good afternoon shoppers, this is your pilot speaking," A wall-sized video screen displays a picture of the speaker, a dark-haired teen wearing a pilot's uniform and a blue and red hat. His badge reads 'LV-1 Pilot T. Granger, happy to help.'

The voice continues. "We are now entering Russian airspace. Passengers are advised to expect major emotional turbulence for the remainder of the journey. We suggest you fasten your seatbelts, make sure all trays are in an upright position, and keep your loved ones and any other personal belongings or feelings to yourself at all times. That is all, thank you for flying BBA-irways. Have a nice life."

All the space around Ray goes dark, and he feels the ground shaking as Kai's arms around him are growing loser. Ray calls out his name and holds fast to his hand, as somewhere above him a red wolf howls at a blue moon.

A silver glove grasps Ray's neck, choking and pulling him down into a black pit of clouded despair. Kai's face drifts further and further away as he flies away on raven wings…


"Kai! NO!"

Ray screamed into the night, jolting awake with tears pouring down his face.


"Shh, Ray, it's alright, you just had another dream, everything's ok." Max knew things were far from fine, but Ray had been suffering from terrible nightmares for many nights. Max hated to see him suffer, but his friend's faith in Kai rescuing them was the only thing that seemed to help him through this. But several days had passed with no sign of Kai, and they were still not free from this prison.

Max turned back to the wall he had been staring at, not just because of boredom, but he had seen something written there, and he was trying to make out the words. It seemed that the last poor soul to be kept here had scratched out something, but Max couldn't tell if it was a message, or just the insane ramblings of an imprisoned soul.

"Graffiti decorations under a sky of dust

A constant wave of tension on top of broken trust

The lessons that you taught me

I learned were never true

Now I find myself in question

They point the finger at me again

Guilty by association

You point the finger at me again"

Max couldn't really make sense of it all, but one line in particular kept coming back to him. 'Huh? "Guilty by association?" Could it be that this relates to why Ray and I have been captured? I know we haven't done anything intentionally to provoke this…Oh Tyson, I wish you were here to help me…'

Noises outside interrupted his thoughts. The key was turned, the bolts slammed back and the door swung open. Max was a little puzzled. Sure, they opened the door a few times a day to give them food etc, but wasn't it a little too early...?

Light rushed in and blinded the two prisoners for a moment, during which they felt the strange movements and sudden relief that meant that their shackles had been removed.

Two men grabbed at Max's arms, and looking over he saw that Ray was being held too. What was going on here? Did this mean that they were to be free at last? Or was another, more terrible torment on the horizon…?

Max didn't know, and his black-uniformed captors offered no explanation as they led them silently down a lantern lit, stone-floored corridor.


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