Title: Heh – another one without a name yet looks even more sheepish 

Author: serendu

Disclaimers: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Stephen Sommers, Universal Studios and Warner Bros., Inc, also Kawoosh! Productions and Gekko Film Corporation, and Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Television. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Pairing: None

Chapter 1

"Maybe one day you'll have to rely on me to find these things."

"And if that happens, Daniel, I'll welcome the Goa'uld myself!"

Daniel smirked as he sat down at his pc thinking about the conversation he'd had earlier with Jack O'Neill. Of course, Jack would never believe what he was if he ever found out, Daniel smiled as he opened his email program and set down his steaming mug of coffee on the table. Signing on to a system he was pretty sure that even Sam couldn't crack on one of her better days even if she possessed his linguistic skills, Daniel checked his mail.

As he began writing his email his mind drifted over the changes that had occurred since he had returned. Of course, he had visited the SGC whilst he was ascended, however the majority of his time he had spent in his homeland. He sighed as his mind replayed images from the place he truly thought of as home.

It's ironic, he mused, that the majority of my reports on email are more detailed than those I write officially for the SGC, more detailed, even than my 'diaries'. The reports contained amongst other things an ongoing threat assessment, evaluation of the SGC as a whole, evaluation of the individual SG teams' performance and also as many of the specialists assigned to the base as he possibly could. Of course, his work could never fully evaluate the entire staff of the SGC and he was perfectly well aware that there was more than one operative on the base.

Not that he knew who they were, any more than they knew who he was. He had a few suspicions, but had kept these to a minimum as much as he possibly could. Should anything ever happen to him, secrecy was undoubtedly the best option for all involved. Daniel shuddered. Being goua'lded was not high on his priority list right about now.

"What did I miss?" He asked aloud, "Can't think of anything..." He clicked send, not bothered about speaking aloud at home to himself, as he was well aware that his apartment was more secure than his lab. He had not been impressed when he had found a bug in his office at the base. What had made it worse was trying to figure out how SG1's hapless archaeologist had first discovered that his room was bugged, and second, could someone (i.e. Jack) please remove them for him without anyone realising he knew exactly down to the make and model what they were. The headache that had caused him had amused his contact no end. Both knew Daniel was more than capable of removing all the bugs himself - but what the heck did the disaster prone archaeologist of SG1 know?

"Sometimes," Daniel muttered to his pc, "I think we built him too well."

"Really Daniel?" came the audible response from his pc making him jump and knocking his coffee mug off the top of the table.

"Jeez! Give me a little warning will you!" He demanded from his pc screen, as he attempted to mop up the coffee.

Daniel could hear the smirk from his contact at the other end.

"Clumsy Daniel, and you think you have nothing in common with yourself." The voice taunted.

Daniel shook his head at the pc as he gathered up the paper he had used to mop up his coffee, and then he screwed it into a ball and threw it in a perfect arc to land in the bin halfway across his room. "What are you doing up at this time?" He asked, "Are my reports so gripping you couldn't wait until morning to read them?"

The face of his contact appeared on screen. "That's better... I couldn't get the camera to work earlier." There was a pause whilst the figure sat back in their seat and composed themselves. "Thing is..." His contact sighed. Then came the confession, "I wanted to see you... I've missed you Daniel."

Daniel sighed. "I've missed you too." He answered gazing at the screen, knowing his face would be displayed on his contact's pc. He noted the lines on the face he could see and wondered if similar lines appeared on his own. "We aren't getting any younger." He stated wryly.

"And this never gets easier."

"But it is what we were born to do."

"Our sacred duty."

Both paused at that thought. Both had made sacrifices over the years and Daniel knew with an unerring certainty that should anything ever get out to the other members of SG1 of what he really did they would probably never forgive him. After all - he was spying on them and had been since the beginning. Even if it ultimately was for the planet's and their own good.

"How are things in Egypt?" He finally asked, sipping what remained in his coffee cup before it got cold.

"Fine. Had a few lost archaeologists trying to find Hamunaptra recently."

Daniel raised an eyebrow at that. "Lost? How so?"

His contact grinned. "They were in completely the wrong part of the desert for it. We had to go in and rescue them before they all ended up dead. Idiots. We sent our 'nomadic tribe' in to conveniently provide shelter."

"Very convenient." Drawled Daniel as he relaxed in his chair, finishing off what was left of his coffee. "Any reason why you didn't want to leave them there?"

"Well, we left them well alone for a while, make sure they got the idea that maybe the desert wasn't the best place to be wandering around, and then went in and picked them up... We didn't want to leave them there just in case someone else realised exactly where Hamunaptra is and started looking for them in the right place, instead of the wrong one."

"Makes sense I suppose."

"We try."

"How modest you are." Daniel retorted before getting up to make himself more coffee. "Anything else happening?" He threw back at the computer screen over shoulder.

"All the usual. Politics of the region is in its usual sticky state, fortunately the Egyptian government aren't going to try and get involved with desert politics anytime soon."

"Good." Replied Daniel as he sat back down with his new cup off coffee.

"How's things at the SGC anyway?"

"Jack's still settling in. He's getting used to the whole General promotion. Plus he has to get used to staying behind his desk for a change."

"Being diplomatic is something he's still getting used to I take it?"


"Anything else?"

"The new SG team is still trying to find their feet. We still aren't entirely sure what's going to happen with the whole Stargate Atlantis fiasco and if I hear one more comment about secret government agencies attempting to take over the SGC..." He trailed off and slumped in his chair.

"That bad huh?"

"It just..." He paused. "It never ends. There's always something more. Something bigger, worse than last time that threatens it." He sighed. "I thought this would be easy, but some days all I want is to go home."

"I'm sorry Daniel." The voice responded after a long silence. "I know how much you miss Egypt."

"I know I know." Daniel replied, trying to shake off his despondency. "I am the only person who is on the premier team you have... Unless of course you've recruited Teal'c when I wasn't looking?"

"No such luck." Was the bemused response, "Although we wouldn't mind a bit of Samantha Carter, brilliant as she is."

"She'd probably open up Imhotep's final resting place within minutes. She's so like my Gran I can't believe it. Always fiddling with things she really shouldn't touch."

"And you don't?"

"Ah-ah-ah! You can't blame that on me! Blame that on Dr. Daniel Jackson - intrepid and clumsy archaeologist extraordinaire. You should know - you helped create him!"

"You don't think you take your role a little too seriously sometimes - Mr I just had to save another planet and in doing so caused myself to ascend?"

"Considering how many times I patrolled Hamunaptra for you whilst I was I think you should be the last person to complain!" Daniel responded huffily, but with a twinkle in his eyes, letting his contact and closest friend know he was happy with the teasing.

Laughter was his only response and then, "I'm sorry Daniel - it's just too easy to tease you in your bumbling archaeologist persona." His friend took a deep breath before reverting to a more serious tone, "Anything else you have to report?"

"What? My company isn't enough for you?" Daniel asked. "I'm hurt!"

His contact visibly rolled his eyes in disbelief. "Daniel - you are the only person who gets to report directly to me."


"The only person in the field out of the whole organisation who reports directly to the chief."

"I repeat - and?"






Daniel grinned. He had known Ali since he was born - pretty much literally, so the two of them bantering across cyberspace was nothing new. "No, nothing to add - the report pretty much covers it." He stated calmly, "I'll be off-world tomorrow and we're scheduled to get back on Friday. Anything you need me to look at before I go?"

Ali waved his had negligently at the screen, "Nah, we've got it covered - go have fun with your rocks Doctor Jackson."

Daniel nodded. "Ok - bye then - speak to you next week or are you off again?"

"Nope, I'll be here - see you then." Ali waved a brief farewell and then Daniel's screen was blank.

Signing off took Daniel a few moments, and then once that was completed he leant back in his chair and contemplated his relationship with Ali. He grinned as he thought of his exploits with the man he considered his brother. The things we used to get up to. He got up from his chair, took his mug back to the kitchen and then set about getting ready for bed.

This could develop – as I've got a few ideas. Hmm – comments are more than welcome.