Facing her worse Nightmares

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Chapter 1: The Beginning


It all started when Kimberly Hart and Tommy Oliver graduated from Angel Grove high school. At the time they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They both wanted to go to college to become teachers (Kimberly wanted to teach math and Tommy wanted to teach science) but they both wanted to go to different colleges. But they were so madly in love that they finally decided to go to Reefside community college. About four years later on the night before their graduation Tommy went over to Kimberly's dorm room and knocked on the door Kimberly answered it and let Tommy in. That night, Tommy had proposed to Kimberly and they got married about a year after their college graduation. A year later, Tommy and Kimberly had their first child, a baby girl named Ann. Shortly after Ann was born Tommy and three of his students received their powers as the Dino Thunder rangers. Three years later, Kimberly gave birth to two more kids, Rebecca and Josh. After Josh was born Kimberly joined Tommy and his students to help them fight the enemy and that is how Kimberly became the pink ranger again

(End flashback).

(Now November 26, 2004)

Kimberly and Tommy were in their room playing with the kids when the phone rang Ann ran over and answered the phone. "Mommy its Grandma Hart!" She called. Kimberly went over to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello?" She answered.

About 10 minutes later she hung up the phone and went back into the room. Tommy got up and went over to his wife. "What was that about?" He asked.

"My mom wants us to go to France for Christmas," she replied.

At this the kids jumped up and down. "YES, LET'S GO SEE GRANDMA!" They exclaimed.

"Sure why not, let's go," he agreed.