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Chapter 1 Prep Work

December 27th 2004

Ben shook his head in disbelief, another dump. Damn he had thought this girl was special, but I guess that's what you get for dating your brother and sister in laws baby doctor. He continued walking towards his car from the airport.

"Home sweet home." He muttered as he brushed off all the snow on his car before getting in and driving to the fire house. He walked upstairs and saw the guys hanging around the station completely bored.

"Hey is Doherty here? I have to let him know I'm back so he can put me back on schedule." Ben said as he grabbed some chips and sat down at the table with the guys.

"Yeah, he's here but I'd give him a few more minutes. Kim just went in their, and who knows what is going on in that office." Alex said as the guys laughed.

"Yeah she didn't look too happy when she went in their. She was really in a bad mood during our couple of runs. Play it safe and stay out here." Bobbi said as he started finishing up his report from earlier.

Carlos just snickered as the door to Jimmy's office opened and out stepped Kim and Jimmy smiling and slightly mussed. Everyone just looked at them quietly thinking about the impending disaster of those two getting together again.

"Hey Captain, umm. I'm back and I can get put on schedule as soon as you need me. Umm is their something you want to tell us?" Ben asked being very, very brave.

"Yeah, Kim and I are getting married; on New Year's Day, you're all welcome to attend. We are having the wedding and the reception right here at the firehouse. Then Ben will be left in charge, and we'll finalize all details later." Jimmy said as he gave Kim a quick kiss and the firehouse erupted in good cheers and smalls groans of here we go again.

Ben just smiled wished the couple good luck and headed home to his lonely apartment in New York City. He had moved there after September, Buffalo just held too many memories of Mary. Mary, now married to some guy and the mother to his kid, their kid. He shook his head he just couldn't believe it. Seeing her at Christmas with the Camden's had been so hard she looked good but she just didn't seem like herself. Oh well, not my problem any more.