(Info: YnMxShaadi. R. YnM POV. Lots of S&M and Blood.)


Such a lovely word, don't you think?

.... You don't think so?

Why not? It's not bad to be insane. Is it?

Oh well. It doesn't matter.

Do you want to know why it doesn't matter?

Because you can't disagree with me! You're tied and bound and bleeding and you can't make a sound!

Gags are such nice things.

So are knives.

Do you see now why I have to cut you and bite you and lick up the blood?

Your blood is soso pretty.

Do you like it?

Hun. Funny noises. Just a second. Gags are nice things, but I want to hear you scream.

You're not screaming! You're not even begging and pleading for me to stop! Just staring at me with that stubbornhard look you know I don't like!

I want you to scream!

There. Pretty knife makes pretty lover scream.

Do you like it?

Of course you like it. You wouldn't come back and back and back if you didn't.

Oh. That's not why you come back? You want get rid of me?

You're lying.

I know you are.

You don't want get rid of me, I know you don't.

You like this. You like coming into my mind, searching and searching until I come up behind you and pin you to a wall and take you and ravish you and make you bleed.

Have I said that your blood is pretty? I have, I think.

Don't you think so, Item Guardian?

I'm tried of you disagreeing with me. Time to put the gag back in.

Open your mouth!

Do I have to cut you to make you open your mouth? I will!

There. I did have to cut you. Oh well. Pretty blood. Now that you're quiet, I can do what I want!

Do you know what I want?

You're not allowed to answer. I want you to be quiet. So I'll tell you, okay?

I want to broken and bleeding beneath me, starving and begging for me to cut you, to make you bleed and to take you and tear you. I want the world lain at my feet, and Pharaoh's head displayed on the top of my scepter.

What's wrong?

You don't like me talking about the Pharaoh's death? Why?

Oh yes, you were his servant. Trust me: one day, you will be mine. Mine and no others'.


You're staring again, I told you I don't like that look! Stop it!

You're not stopping!

Yes, I just bit your neck. It's a lovely wound too.

You don't understand why I want to kill the Pharaoh, do you?

I'll tell you!

Pharaoh is evil and dark and cruel. He hurts innocent people and steals and destroys and is sososo sinful.

Just like me.

Don't want any competition, you know. Plus he's powerful. I want that power.

Now do you know why?

Hmm... Prettypretty Item guardian. All bleeding and wrestling and squirming and soso beautiful.

Do you think I'm beautiful? Tell me you do!

Nonono. Don't tell me. You'll just lie and lie and lielielie like you always do.

Why do you lie, pretty Guardian?

Don't you want to tell me the truth so that we could stay together foreverever and I'll rule everything and you'll lie at my feet?


You don't want that?

Why not?

You know what? I'm leaving. I don't want to listen to you any more.

Bye bye, pretty Item Guardian.


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