This poem was just something I wrote one day after watching several Xena episodes. I really like Xena's different roles in her past, and focused on that slightly.

Note- I do not own Xena Warrior Princess or Hercules The Legendary Journeys.



She was once young,

And had not yet sung,

Her brother's song at his funeral pyre,

The two twins who never tire,

Of fighting or swords,

They did not know that that would lead them towards.

Both had raven hair and azure eyes,

Their laughter could be heard from the skies.

Then that fateful day came,

When one would for eternity remain the same.

Forever not ageing a day,

The other vowed others would pay,

Her screams of fury ripped through the sky,

Her mourning of her brave brother who died.

Her warm eyes now cold with hate,

Led her on a path to her fate.

She rode away to become,

His avenger she was called by some.

But war pulled out her dark side,

So that villagers had to hide,

From the conqueror's wrath,

Who never missed a chance for a blood bath.

Worse had yet to pass,

The Destroyer they now called this lass.

She had empires fall,

As her troops destroyed at her call.

The dark one who eclipsed the light,

Who was born to die and fight,

The wild warrior who conquers all,

The Destroyer of Nations whom could never fall,

She walks with her head held high,

Many hope to never hear her cry,

The cry to attack,

Ensuring you would only see black.

All this had started,

When a young girl and her brother parted.