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Chapter 3

"Killed himself..." Bulma said under her breath, "Why? The Ox King never had a reason to?"

"I think it drove him mad. Ya know?" Gohan replied glancing at Bulma. "It had to have... I watched him do it. GOD I'm SUCH AN IDIOT!" He said angrily digging his hands in his hair.

Bulma shook her head, "Don't blame yourself Gohan."

He jumped up off the stool, "HOW CAN I NOT! I was right there...RIGHT THERE."

Flash Back

"Gohan?" Chi Chi yelled holding up a tray of food. "Come over here."

Gohan peeked his head around the corner from the living room, "Yes mother?" He'd do anything to get away from his school work.

Chi Chi smiled at him, "Such a good boy, doing your homework. My little scholar! Gohan you can take a break to bring this to your grandfather and then a snack."

Gohan's eyes widened surprised, "Really? Thanks mom." At that he jumped up fast glad to get away form his cursed Calculus homework.

"If he's asleep don't wake him, hmp, can you believe Bulma doesn't think I can treat the flu properly. The nerve of that woman, the next thing you know she's going to tell me I'm not raising my kids right!" She complained to Gohan's retreating form, The tray in his hands.

He knocked lightly hoping he wasn't asleep, His grandfather hadn't eaten in a day. The whole affair was starting to worry him. Not to mention his grandfather was in his room, Gohan had been sleeping on the couch all week.

He heard movement coming from inside, "Well that's a good thing." He muttered reaching forward to turn the golden knob.

The door opened with a long creak, as the room inside was totally black.

"Grandpa?" He said making his way to the light switch and closing the door behind him. "Hey I got some food..." What the...he felt some warm liquid lapping at his foot, he jumped back and clicked the light on.


Everywhere pools of it surrounded him, bloody finger tips had traced the walls, his eyes wide with fear as the word REPENTENCE was written across the wall.

His eyes were torn of the words as a horrible retching sound was heard, In the corner his teeth stained with blood as he began to throw up on himself. Not even seeming to realize what was going on, his old eyes had only a deep pain etched into them.

Gohan faintly felt the tray slip from his hands and onto the blood caked flooring. CRASH. His grandfather looked up fast a wild look in his eyes. "Gohan." He moaned body convulsing as he crawled towards him. "Kill me... Kill me..."

"Gohan is everything alright in there?" He faintly heard his dad ask. He was immobilized, fear panic froze him in his place.

"KILL ME!" The older man yelled reaching his feet. Gohan pulled back fast yelling, "DAD!"

The older man tilted his head to the side eerily, "No one can save you now...No one...Haha Haha, no one..." With that he grabbed a long shard from the pile of glass and began to repeatedly stab himself. Strait through his chest, out again. Through his chest, out again. He heard his dad bust in at his call but it was too late. His grandfather lay there in a puddle of his own blood, body twitching from the aftershocks.

Goku's eyes widened, "Oh, Kami." He kneeled fast to feel for a pulse, already knowing there would be none.

Goten had stumbled in after, at the sight of the body promptly through up.

Gohan could hear his mother wailing somewhere behind him, All of the sudden his fathers face was adjacent to his own.
"Gohan!" He felt himself being shook then pulled back into reality.

"D...Dad, he.. he killed himself..."

Goku look remorseful yet serious at the same time. "I know son, I need you to get Bulma. You to Goten leave this mess."

"Uh huh." Goten nodded Grabbing Gohan and pulling him out the door behind him. The storm outside had suited it. All of it.

End of Flash Back

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