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A young woman of twenty made he way to the fortress that had belonged to her mother's side of the family, no one saw her figure shrouded in a dark cape, she seemed almost at one with the night, and as she entered the building the villagers had no idea who crept into the old castle, not that she wanted them to know.

The girl was Anka Van Helsing, the daughter of Anna and Gabriel Van Helsing, and she was finally home. (Her name rhymes with Wanka, as in, Willy Wanka and the chocolate factory.)

"It's good to be back in the place I grew up." She said removing her cape, letting her dark curly hair run freely down her back as her grayish green eyes took in the place she had lived in the first five years of her life, before her parents and she moved to Rome. They had left many artifacts, things that were not all that important, but it still seemed empty. There was no laughter coming from down the hall, no warm embrace from her parents, no soft firelight guiding her path, just darkness.

She carefully made her way to her old room, the place where her mother would tell her stories, mostly about the mysterious Count Dracula and his brides, how they had killed and terrorized the village, but Anka was never afraid of the stories, because she knew how it all ended, Dracula died by her father, and he would stay dead forever. But there would be no more stories, no more questions, no more tales of horrifying creatures from the beyond. No more, because her parents were dead. 'May they watch over me from heaven until the day that I die.'

She carefully opened the door to her old room, wincing slightly when a creak emanated loudly causing her to look around, as if someone would pop out at any minutes, not that she was afraid, her parents had trained her well while they were still alive, and she had no doubt that she could take on anything her parents could, anything at all.

"Maybe now I can finally put these nightmares to rest as I lay in the place where my parents once looked over me." She said to herself silently as she slipped herself on the dusty mattress, only pausing to take off the crucifix and her father's ring, not bothering to change into night clothes, the morning would come too soon for her. 'Goodnight mother, goodnight father.'

Meanwhile in a certain dark castle, Count Dracula was pacing furiously. He had not died when the werewolf Gabriel had sliced his throat, but he had been majorly injured and he couldn't afford Gabriel to find he again, he might actually kill him the next time.

"When, when will I be able to show my face to the outside world again!?" Vladislaus yelled. (Is that how you spell his name? I think I'm just going to stick to calling him Dracula.)

Dracula had gone outside of his palace the last twenty one years oafter his supposed death, but he never stayed in Transylvania to feed, he would go to many different towns, after all, if many people disappeared from one town, especially the one near Castle Frankenstein, The Order would get very suspicious. But if people started disappearing from locations far away from each other, he doubted anyone would think he was the one behind it.

"My brides are gone, my offspring are gone, Igor is gone, and yet I feel as hollow as ever." Dracula stopped his pacing and looked into a mirror, although he couldn't see himself, only the things surrounding him. "Forever hollow, and I live forever, who ever thought that not feeling any emotion would be a bad idea." He smirked cruelly to himself and glared at the mirror before ramming his fist through it, it did not break though, his fist only went through it, causing the parts around if to look like ice, and when he pulled his fist back, the mirror turned back to the way it was before, undamaged.

His blue eyes narrowed as he walked along the hall, great fires lit his way as he surveyed the destroyed eggs which had once held his offspring, when he looked at them all there was something almost like sadness in his eyes, almost.

"I think it is time." He said lowly to himself, his rich accent echoing around the vast hallway. "That I find myself a new bride." He smirked lightly and transformed into his giant bat form, flying into the mirror, leaving behind the nearly empty palace, only a few Dwergi roamed about, waiting for their master's bidding. (And is that how you spell Dwergi?)

From her room Anka shifted in her sleep, lips parting as she wrapped her arms around herself for warmth, even in sleep she could feel that something was coming, something was going to happen, soon, very soon.

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