Christy returned home from a long, long day of school and work. She thought her senior year was supposed to be easy, but it was dragging on at an unbearable pace, and to make it worse, making coffee for 4 hours straight with picky customers who acted as if fat-free whipped cream would actually help their already calorie packed coffee.

Christine was a pretty girl, but didn't have a boyfriend. She had a small face, oval shaped. She had dark brown eyes, close to black with long thin eyebrows that curved above her eyes perfectly. Her hair was long and light brown; she always wore it up in a ponytail. She hung out in a small group of friends, a few guys and a few girls. They were all close, which Christy loved.

She placed her keys in a small plastic bowl and hung up her coat. She walked into the kitchen and saw her little sister, her eyes glued to the TV. Christy reached into the refrigerator and pulled out an apple, biting into it. She propped down next to her sister, a freshman who went the same school as Christy.

"What are you watching?" Christy asked, with a mouth full of apple.

"Smallville" She replied in a tone hinting to Christy to shut up.

Christy watched the show in silence, confused over what was going on. It finally went to commercial and her sister reached next to her and tossed a small brown box to Christy. "Early birthday present, from grandma."

She shook the box, hearing a tiny noise. She shrugged and opened the box, after a few minutes of fiddling with the tape. All that lay in the small box was a small necklace. She lifted it out by the chain and a small rock-shaped pendant hung on the old silver chain. She looked closely at the rock and realized it was in the shape of a heart. She rubbed at the old crust on the metal and looked at it closely. She shrugged and placed it on. It wasn't the most gorgeous thing in the world, but she loved her grandmother, and wore it to respect that. Christy and her sister turned their heads when they heard a door slam.

"CHRISTINE!" The loud voice boomed.

"They must've gotten my report card..." Christy said and got up, knowing she had to face her parents. As she got up she screamed in her head, I have to get out of here! At that moment, she felt warmth on her chest and everything disappeared to darkness.