"Who the hell are you?" Clark demanded. "How did you get home so quick?" Christy was packing her bags.

"How do you think?" She snapped.

"Where are you going... are you really from Krypton?" Clark asked, shocked after finally piecing things together.

Christy ran up to him and kissed him passionately. Clark was shocked for a moment, and then melted into her kiss, emotion ran through his body. He recognized her, but he could not remember from where.

"Goodbye Clark. I will watch you forever." She said quietly, then slammed her fist into the box, and slid her necklace. "I want to return home, and I want everyone at the Talon to forget what they saw, especially Chloe and Lana." She looked at him as she started to fade. "I want you to forget all about me Clark, I was stupid to return. I need to continue my life." She disappeared, as Clark's memory faded.

Christy sat on her bed, holding the necklace in her hands. She locked the necklace in her jewelry box, and then someone knocked on her door. "Come in" She called as her close friend, James stepped in.

"You okay Christy? For the past week you have been out of it. I have been so worried about you." He looked at her, his eyes full of care. Christy finally realized that she was stupid to need fake emotions from a Superman, when she had people who cared for her where she belonged. She closed her eyes and leaned over. They kissed.

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