"kai..." she whispered, fingertips gracing his stasis unit delicately, eyes roaming up his still form; the chest that never rose and fell with breath, the heart that never beat, the eyes that did not flutter and dance behind his closed lids. Zev released a shaky sigh, fingernails clacking slightly on the glass, as heat and electricity roiled throughout her, a natural reaction she was becoming accustomed to when she was around men, especially this very dead one.

she had used 790 as her scapegoat, allowing the robot head to absorb all of the desire of the love-slave brain washing process, but was surprised to find out that even without it her libido had short circuited and exploded; evidently along with body transformation her hormones had been given a tweak. and when she was with Kai...

but when she was near Stan no amount of enhanced love-slave hormones in the two universes could keep the feral rancor from rising in her gut, something that told her to kill kill kill and take his head off, eat his brains mmm-mmm so good. but not with Kai; he was dead, no soft pliable organs to covet. they were sometimes alive and animated but she could smell the bitterness that came with age; they would be stale and tasteless and the cluster lizard in her was not interested.

Zev sniffled, her vision blurring as she made eye-water again, wishing for all the world that Kai would suddenly awake and take her in his arms, kiss her and lick her throat, put his hands--

it wasn't fair. life had never been fair. when she had been very young she had been fat and unattractive, raised in hell. when she learned the news of her arranged marriage, a sweet delirium had nestled inside her, for though she was not pleasing to the eye, she was chosen, and she would be a very good wife, and had promised to herself to honor her husband forever. she had dressed in her best frock and tried to make herself as presentable as possible, but the look of disgust in her fiance's eyes had been yet anther unfair plight life had given Zev, and not even punching him began to touch upon the hatred and misery she had felt.

but then, she was changed. when she had first spied her new self in the mirror, that same kind of delirium swept through her, and she was not afraid. but the very nice man who had kissed her had also left, and Zev began to understand that even though she was very beautiful now, no man would ever, ever stay with her.

except Kai. he would stay, forever, still and cold and all hers in his little box, and at first she had been content with that. when Stan was busy and 790 was not at her heels, she would sometimes sit facing Kai's frozen containment tube, holding imaginary conversations and making imaginary dinner plans that often involved screaming acrobatics at the end. and very suddenly she was no longer content with her imagination, she wanted Kai to be awake, to move, to love her as she did him.

but Kai did not move. he would not for a very long time.

"i can wait," Zev whispered, sniffing, trying to rub away the horrible fluid running down her cheeks. she sat down across from Kai's stasis unit, nestling into a deep groove in Lexx's odd belly.

"i love you," she said to the corpse, and pulled her legs to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and setting her chin on her knees.

she watched, and tried to smile.