It was 7.32 pm when three elders orbed in. Lionel was one of them, we didn't know the other three.

"So?" My dad was the only one that managed to say something, and you can see it wasn't his most enlighten speech.

Then Lionel smiled and took a step forward.

"Good news… VERY GOOD NEWS!" He smiled widely " Headlines the council had decided that since the five kids are coming into age, they probably need a new whitelighter, so they have appointed Chris for that job; if that's ok with you! I guess you really…"

Lionel explanation was cut off by our screams of happiness; if Chris hadn't been dismembered before because each person was pulling a part of his body their way, I am sure he was dismembered now… lucky for him he was already dead!

As I said, none of us really heard the explanation Lionel was giving us, but for the bits and pieces I could recovered he said it had been very hard to arrived to a decision (No kidding you took over a day to come up with it!) and the votes had been pretty tied up, though Lionel and his team fought very hard to get Chris appointed as our whitelighter.

He mentioned something about many elders being really scared of mom's threats of loosing the charmed ones, of the wrath of the double blessed, specially seeing how the world could turn out if he "lost his soul" and since Chris seemed to be a good moral compass, they were sending him to keep an eye on him. And all those stuff you can picture… cuz you were not thinking they were doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, right? Well maybe some, like Lionel… and his team… but most of them… they probably did it out of the cowardice of their heart, plain and simple…I think it was the first time in our lives that we were actually happy that Wy had been evil and that he has such a volatile temper.

"So I am staying?" Chris asked in disbelief while everybody jumped around him.

A non Lionel elder spoke arrogantly "Yes young man… but all of you beware… this is a favor we do to you, to keep you happy and to show our gratitude for all what YOU and YOUR FAMILY did for us so you don't think the elders are always against you"

WHATEVER…I say… you are doing it cuz you are scared…. So stop pretending such goodwill cuz the benevolent type doesn't suit you… Of course if you think I said that you are crazy! I am not Wy… And Wy being Wy was SOO ignoring what the elder was saying. He was just doing some cartwheels out of happiness with the little girls and yelling "YEEPPI…!" and some other sort of really mature stuff; but believe it or not… I think that grandpa was doing some cartwheels himself!

Anyways the annoying elder continued "But now… it's BY the book! ALL OF YOU should follow EVERY rule… cuz we are not going to be so forgiving next time, clear?" He looked at the older people.

Chris, mom, dad, the aunts and Jake nodded.

"Well… we should get going now so you can enjoy the celebration with your family! Chris… you can stay here, we'll jingle you, when you can go up there to get your wings and your full whitelighter status…I mean… you probably know…but just in case… there is like this mini process/ceremony where they "give you wings" and invest you with your whitelighter powers and all that." Lionel said smiling, dad pulled him aside, to thank him I guess… after all, elder or not he did a lot for us. And then the elders disappeared.

I know… we should have party like there was no tomorrow, or at least see what could we do to prevent any unfortunate "accidents" the day after (since my mom was so eager to help preventing her own death, And that was ironic!), but we were all so tired! We hadn't sleep well in days and we hadn't slept at all the night before. Mom made dinner and we all went to bed.

April 26, 2018

I woke up around two in the morning and noticed that Chris was not in his bed (Chris had slept in my room, grandpa had gone to sleep at Phoebe's next door.), I tried sensing him but since he wasn't technically a "whitelighter" yet and he was still in his ghost status… I had no luck. But come on, where is Chris going to be? It's not that hard. I orbed up to the attic.

"Already with the book of shadows?" I asked him sleepily.

"I won't tell on you, if you don't tell on me!" He said mischievously.

"Sounds like a plan… so did you came up with anything yet?" I yawned.

"Well… first… we have to tell mom last time we celebrated our birthday in the golden gate park, and that we stayed ALL day there!"

"Public place, lots of people… demons won't attack… I like the way you think, bro."

"I guess I will have to get use to have mini-me calling me bro!" He chuckled.

"Well… I will have to get use to have YOU calling me mini-me!" I frowned. We both laughed. "Anyways… I bet Wy will back us up with that lie."

"Back you up with which lie?" My deeply asleep older (or second older now?) brother asked from the door frame.

We stayed there all night planning everything for our birthday. There wasn't much to do, mom didn't want any protection, and wouldn't allow us to do anything, so all had to be done very subtle… it's not like mom didn't know what we were capable of doing; she was going to be paying close attention to our moves.

At nine in the morning we started calling everybody that we could think of to invite them to the party. We told mom we deserved a big celebration after all we've been through. The real deal? The more people around, the less chance we had to have demons attacking.

Thank god for Emma… being Mrs. Sociable (and I hope Wyatt never reads this cuz he might start asking around "who is Sociable?" in a jealousy fit… he-he… Wy was on top of my shoulder reading what I was writing and he was all "HE-HE you are SOO funny" in a sarcastic tone!), anyways we ended asking Paige to cast one of her spells cuz there was NO WAY we could provide food for everybody that came to the party.

Still…we ALL spent 90 percent of the party focusing on mom, and you can imagine how THRILLED she was… At one point I thought we were the ones that might die due to her wrath.

Other than that, my party was awesome…

There were a lot of people there, but we mainly kept to our family, I guess the whole situation was a little unnerving and we just needed to stick together.

After a while, Wyatt finally gathered the guts to go look for Emma, who was talking to some guys somewhere near where we were. Or maybe it was that he didn't like seeing Emma talking to some other guys. Who knows? Five minutes later, the happy couple arrived to our table. Both of them, were dead silent, which is absolutely unusual in the talkative couple.

"Wy… is there something you want to tell us?" Mom asked puzzled at Wy's weird behavior.

"Well… yes… see…" Wy started.

"Yes son?" Dad asked caring and softly.

"Well… can someone help me here?" He looked at Emma who was trembling and shaking her head like saying "NO WAY… They are your family". He looked at Chris who laughed.

"Dude… you are on your own on this one… I've already been there, done that… and I don't envy you a bit!"

Wy looked at me.

"Oh come on Wyatt… what is it? It's not like we are so scary that you can't tell us anything!" My mom interrupted him.

Wyatt looked at her like "are you sure you are not so scary?" But just said.

"Well… you've asking me a lot about my new girlfriend and you wanted to know who she is and all, and I thought maybe it was time for you to meet her… I mean if you want to… no hurry there… we can wait if you want."

"Stop stalling Wyatt… bring her… we wanna meet her… that's going to be sooo cute" Phoebe said excited "I've never seen you so into a girl like you are with your new girlfriend… I bet you make such a cute couple… just SOOO cute!"

Wyatt and Emma behind him passed from a smile, to a scarlet red blushed during her speech. Wyatt held Emma's hand and forced her forward. Wyatt looked down bashfully. Emma looked at them with a timid and scared smile.

Chris and I looked at each other and did a GREAT effort to repress our laughter, just cuz they didn't deserve to be in any more pain; but seeing those two usually so bold and talkative being so timorous and quiet was just funny.

"Emma is your new girlfriend?" Phoebe asked happily.

Wyatt sighed as to get some courage and put an arm around Emma's waist, her hands automatically went to rest on the arm that was holding her.

"Yes..." He said smiling.

Dad was all thrilled about it, Mom stayed there… mouth opened wide… not talking… dad seeing that she wasn't really reacting, grabbed her hand and took her somewhere near for a while, so they could talk.

"So THAT is your new girlfriend?" Paige asked Wyatt apparently a little disappointed.

Emma looked at Paige hurt; she wasn't expecting that reaction from her. Phoebe laughed and put her hand out, like expecting something. Paige put a five dollar bill on it.

"No… honey, don't you worry… she is just disappointed cuz she lost the bet and I won!" Phoebe beamed.

"You betted on who was my girlfriend?" Wyatt asked scandalized.

"nahh… I betted her like 2 month ago that you two were going to hook up in less than 3 months… I almost lost… you were scaring me there Wy!" She laughed, Wyatt looked at her disgusted.

"I can't believe you bet on his romantic life!" I said shocked.

"Don't worry honey, we bet on yours too!" Phoebe said pinching my cheek.

"AGGHHHHH!" I complained.

"You guys are HORRIBLE! You shouldn't be doing it that!" Chris didn't know whether to be horrified o laugh about it.

"Ohh don't worry honey, now that you are back and you are going to have time to mingle and socialize instead of demon hunt all the time, we are going to start betting about yours too!" Phoebe teased him.

"Cuz you DO mingle once in a while, don't you? It's not like you and the book of shadows have an exclusive relationship, right? You are allowed to date other people…" Paige added chuckling.

"Or other books at least!" Jake added.

"FUNNY! OH-SO FUNNY!" Chris said sarcastically.

Mom and dad came back, she was still shocked, but could now communicate with the world.

"What is so funny?" Dad asked hearing the laughter.

"Nothing… we were asking Chris if the books of shadows considers it cheating in their love relationship when he reads some other book!" Phoebe teased.

Dad looked at Phoebe reprehensively, Phoebe just laughed.

"At least I know you are a great girl, and I think you could be a good influence on my boy. But you better really like him and be nice to him, cuz if not you will have to start liking being blown up, ok?" My mom said out of the blue and Emma looked at her scared.

Wyatt hugged her protectively and Emma looked at me for comfort, which was nice.

"Hey… so if you are going to stay here, we have to find a way to name you two… we can't name you Chris 1 and Chris 2!" Emma said, finally more comfortable.

Me and Chris thought about it for a while.

"What about we name one Chris and the other Perry?" Paige offered.

"I don't like the name Perry!" We both said at the same time.

"Christ?" Wyatt proposed.

"What am I Jesus? You are the prophesized one oh my beloved double blessed brother!" I answered

"Christo?" My dad thought he might add.

"It has a certain glamour to it… like the count of Monte Cristo…" Phoebe said dreamingly.

"Ok, very bad version of the Spanish word for Christ, and we established I wasn't the son of god… near, but not quite." Chris said mischievously.

"Christoph? It sounds very refined" Emma said.

"I am not refined… are you?" I asked Chris, he shook his head horrified.

"NO WAY… besides just add er and you get Christopher, it's not a nick name and every time someone calls me Christopher I think they are mad at me, don't you think?" Chris asked me. I nodded

"I wanna be called C.J" I said.

"But I am not your FATHER… you can't be Christopher Junior!" Chris said.

"Is THAT or you get stuck with Christo!" I said playfully, he stuck his tongue at me.

"What about C.P?" Mom offered.

"Like C.P.R? What am I? A resucitation tecnique?" I asked.

"C.H?" Phoebe volunteered.

"It sounds like chemistry somehow! Like the whole CHO for the alcohol thingy." I answered again.

"Spooky, I will never at your initials the same way, bro." Wyatt told me. "CPH?" He said just to bug me.

"Cost per hour." I told him.

"Dude… you are SPOOKY! I can give you any two letters and you can give me an acronym, W.H?"

"Windows media, like in the computer or White male!" I said just to play with him.


"OK Wy…everybody knows what PH is! The level of acidity, if you don't know that… now I understand why your grades are so lame at chemistry!"

"No need to be mean!" He pretended to be offended. "Still you are shocking. L.W?"

"Long wave, like in the radios!"

"Now you are just showing off!" My brother chuckled, and I probably was anyways. "WMH"

"Wyatt is a Moron for Hire!" I teased.

"He… you are so funny!" he said sarcastically.

"Yeah we can call you like that from now on if you want!" I chuckled.

"Shut up!"

"Well then C.J it is!" Mom said just preventing any possibility of a fight. "C.J, Chris… can you help me get the birthday cakes…I left them in the car?"

"Sure mom… lets go!" Chris

Why did most of us drove there instead of orbing? At the moment, just to avoid public exposure, now when I think about it, it just sounds pure stupidity… but anyways. We walked with mom to the car.

We were walking on one of the dark little streets inside the park and almost getting to the car… there was nobody around. And suddenly someone jumped behind me… I couldn't see him, I could feel him shaking as his arm noosed my neck and he pointed his gun on my temples.

"Give me the money!" drug-deprived-sleeze-bag yelled at my mom as his gun danced on my head.

"I don't have anything here!" Mom said desperate. "I left my bag with my family… I just have my car keys, we can walk to the car… I'll give you the car!" My mom said, one of the most powerful witches who was used to kill demons every day…but she wasn't use to this…not this… We were expecting a demon to attack today, not a junkie with a gun!

"Take me sir… please!" Chris pleaded. "Let the boy go… it's his birthday!"

The bastard pointed at Chris and my mom with hardly any control of his actions. I panicked and elbowed him right into his stomach. The piece of trash released his hold on me, but not without first shooting at my mom.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Chris and I yelled at the same time, we didn't even have time to relive memories.

Chris jumped in front of my mom, pushing her aside… The bullet went right into his head. I unconsciously swung my arm violently and the acidhead scumbag resembled a kite. He wanted to fly… I made sure he flew HIGH! He hit a tree and then smacked the floor with a powerful thump. I couldn't care less about personal gain or exposure… I just rejoiced on his pain!

Chris' blood was everywhere and mom was on the floor. I turned around and heaved repeatedly. My mom stood up and I gave her a sad smile as I tried to regain composure.

"Chris!" Mom ran to his unconscious body "Chris, Chris wake up!"

I could see her shaking his languid body, Chris blood was everywhere. He had a bullet in his head. I stood there… staring at him… unable to move... trading Chris for my mom? That wasn't fair… Nobody said that was part of the deal… I mean… I know I was used to live without Chris, to think of him as a ghost, but… nobody had asked me if I was willing to sacrifice him to get mom.

"C.J… HELP ME… Chris for god sake, baby… wake up… please wake up baby… Mommy needs you!" My mom pleaded in tears "Sweetie… come on… for Mommy… don't do this… please NOOOO." My mom cried on his chest, and she could hear no heart beat, she tried his pulse, nothing. "LEOOOOO I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE TO ORB IN FRONT OF HALF THE WORLD… COME HERE NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Please baby… how am I going to tell your father that you are gone? How are we going to tell Wy?" She cried in his chest, while I stared in trance.

"What will you have to tell Wy?" Chris said weakly beneath her.

"Chris!" Mom said shocked, and I would have looked shocked if I wouldn't have been in shock already "But how can it be possible? You didn't have a pulse!"

"Yeah that usually happens when you are dead, most ghost don't have one…and that was a condition I had before I was shot, remember? Though I would appreciate if you can ask dad to heal me cuz this sure hurts like hell!" Mom started crying again "Mom… calm down!" He said comfortingly "I am dead… I knew I couldn't die again… it's ok, nothing is going to happen to me… nothing its going to happen." He said soothingly and comfortingly, drawing circled in mom's back. "I couldn't let you die, mommy… I couldn't…not again… I HAD to save you this time!" He kissed mom's forehead, just as my dad and Wyatt orbed in.



I hope you liked the ending. There is going to be a sequel. It's call "recurrent nightmare" basically 25 year old Wyatt is accidentally turned into evil Wyatt (from Chris' future) and he goes back, to the time were C.J is 16, looking for Excalibur. So you have:

1.- Chris + C.J + the whole family.

2.- Wyatt + Evil Wyatt

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4.- Cole is back.

5.- Romance, action and adventure.

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