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We shouldn't be

This takes place after last episode I thought I should change a few things.

The Planets were finally at rest, the war has finally ended. Coordinators and Naturals a like stood together as the sky lit up with a blinding light that signified the end of battle. Joyous occasion filled the atmosphere, but one boy grieved for the lost of a loved one AN: Flay is a B.

"Kira!. Kira! It's over you did it! ..oh Kira I'm soo.. I'm so happy you're alive, Come down to the Archangel now." responded a normally blond hair, brown eyed tough girl who was now in the middle of wiping away tears.

" I…. Think I… yea I'll be there Cagalli" The red haired purple eyed coordinator , was lost in thought but he thought about the good things that would come from this.

"Finally.. I don't have to fight anymore… the war has ended… I'm free.."

"Where's Kira?" Athrun, a once Zaft pilot, the enemy of the Naturals responded.

"Still in the Gundam I'm going to go get him can you tell Captain we'll be right there Athrun?"

"Sure Cagalli, just get Kira"

Cagalli went to the docking station, she looked up just in time to see Kira's Gundam landing. When she waited for Kira to appear and she didn't receive any sign she instantly became worried and jumped up to the cockpit.

"Kira! Open up now! Kira! Can you hear me?" Cagalli was frantic at this moment. Finally after struggling with the hatch to the cockpit of the Gundam she got it open, and was sadden at the sight of Kira in a huddled position crying.

"Kira…" Cagalli said no more and pulled Kira into her arms. It was times like these that she would forget about the recent news that claims Kira as her twin brother. She started to stroke his hair with her right hand while caressing his back with her left. All the while making a soothing sound to calm him down.

"Kira.. It's over now.. We won Kira.. everything is going is going to be okay.. it's going to be o-kay"

Kira looked up into Cagalli's beautiful eyes and couldn't help but feel safe and warm, he loved her so much, ever since he meet her in Heliopolis, and he didn't know who she was, he felt a surge of warm from her, and feeling that compared to no other, it was as if he belonged with her and could tell her anything. He loved her and was complete when around her. As plain and simple as that.

Cagalli looked at Kira who strangely didn't say anything for the past 5 minutes. She started thinking about everything they've been through and how close they have become, she couldn't imagine her life without Kira, and she was secretly praying she wouldn't have to. She was about to start thinking about the future when a loud crash disrupted her thoughts.

With a shocked expression and somewhat sadden a girl with long pink hair and a white dress came crashing in.

" My most dearest apologies, I didn't mean to barge in, but I couldn't help but hear Kira's sobbing and I immediately became immensely worried."

"It's alright now Lacus, Kira is fine.. Right Kira?" Kira responded by nodding his head.

"Well if you are certain, Athrun is waiting for us as long with Caption Rameus" An: sorry if I spelled her name wrong I forgot! Don't shoot me

"Alright.. Can you tell Athrun we'll be down there in a minute?"

"Sure Cagalli, and make sure you take care Kira." with that said Lacus turned to leave.

For a moment no one spoke, Kira was still suffering from his sorrow and lost, not to mention confusion from a various of sorts, while Cagalli just didn't know what to do.

" I think we better start to head down…we wouldn't want to keep them waiting Kira"

" Cagalli.. I kind of want to stay here a while"

"uh. Um alright I'll leave you alone call us when you're ready Kira"

Right when Cagalli turned to leave Kira grabbed her hand and pulled her into an embrace. Cagalli being completely shocked by the sudden gesture had no time to repel.. Although if she did she wouldn't want to.

" I want stay with you…" Kira whispered into Cagalli's ear

Cagalli's eyes light up, and died back down slowly only giving a "hmm" response as she nestled closer to Kira's neck, since Kira is taller than Cagalli.

They stood like that for awhile embracing each other's company not caring who walked in ..and not caring whether or not brother and sister should hold such embrace.

Kira and Cagalli may you please report to the dock at once. Kira and Cagalli may you please return to the dock at once.

Both Cagalli and Kira looked up at the speakers on the wall and broke out of there close and warm hug, without another word they both went down the corridors leading to the dock without looking at each other for the rest of the way.

As soon as the two entered Rameus announced the reason for calling them here.

" First off I would like to congratulate you Ensign Yamato for winning the war for us, it is with the highest praise I can give you and you are assured a ceremony for your deeds. Secondly there will be a celebratory Ball.

Everyone in the room, which was occupied with almost everyone aboard the Archangel except the mechanics who were doing technical work, looked on with shocked expressions.

Nodding Rameus secured her statement.

Within a second the whole room light up with laughter and excitement. Kira and Cagalli looked at each other for a split second but then quickly turned away blushing, but not escaping the looks of two pairs of watching eyes.

" alright calm down…let me at least explain this ball, it will be formal and we encourage dates , the only reason we ask this is because… Valentine's day is coming up, I'm sorry to bring back the memory's of Julius 7's bloody valentine AN: the reason naturals and coordinators went to war but we want to make St. Valentine's day a special and warm memory for you all. So please make the best of effort to bring a date and have fun. That is all and once more congratulations on a job well done. Dismissed."

As the large crowds dispersed realizing the ball was in 4 days people started immediately picking partners. With a quick look around Cagalli hesitantly looked for Kira, not sure why she would be looking for him since this is a couples ball.. And Kira was her brother.

When Cagalli turned her head she came in contact with a blue haired man holding a large grin on his face.

"looking for me?" Cagalli playfully smacked his chest and Athrun replied with an "umf"

"yes of course my knight in shining armor.. Haha" Athrun looked hurt at her mock sincerity, knowing she was looking for Kira, and knowing Lacus was hoping Kira would take her.

Athrun looked behind Cagalli to see Kira and Lacus walking up to him.

"Oh hello Kira…are you feeling any better?"

Oh…hi lacus…sure I'm fine and you?

" oh I guess there have been better days, but this ball seems to be some well deserved fun? Wouldn't you say?"

Kira knowing where she was getting at hesitated, hoping someone would rescue him from his dilemma, and especially hoping that person would be a certain blonde hair, brown-eyed raging beauty. No he wasn't suppose to be thinking those things, this was his sister… just because they didn't know before and he was attracted to her since he met her, doesn't mean he could allow this attraction to go on.

Kira looked over to his right and saw Cagalli laughing with Athrun, Of course Athrun asked her to ball and she gladly accepted, what an idiot what was he hoping for to go with his sister and it wouldn't look weird? He looked back at Lacus's eagerly awaiting eyes and responded.

"yeah.. It's going to be great would you like to go with me Lacus?"

As Lacus' eyes lit up she answered hastily " Oh my Kira I would love to thank you for the offer".

"Hmm-hmm.. Sure thing Lacus my pleasure… hey…let's go see what the other guys are doing" Kira took Lacus' hands and dragged her over to Athrun and Cagalli, with a fake smile plastered unto his face.

Athrun saw him coming and decided to take his opportunity to put his arms around Cagalli, not sure whether or not to keep Cagalli from rushing over to Kira or to get his ex-love jealous.. Which ever the one didn't make him feel better about himself.. Yeah he loved Cagalli, but he was still confused.

" Why hello everyone, excited about the great news?"

" Hey Athrun… Cagalli"

" Hey guys , yeah I'm excited, who are you taking Kira?

"Umm.." Hesitating a little while looking into Cagalli's eyes he couldn't answer

Sensing this Lacus answered instead. "Why me of course silly"

" Ahh… didn't expect anything less"

Cagalli not sure why she was so shocked didn't congratulate the two or at least acknowledge them instead she just looked into the eyes of a now sadden and deeply regretting Kira.

"So Athrun, who are you taking,, although I am quite sure of it already."

At this Kira and Cagalli both snapped out of there lingering look and turned their heads to Athrun awaiting a response.

"Well I haven't asked her officially but I'm sure she knows"

With that Athrun turned to Cagalli and picked up her hand.

"Cagalli Yula Attha would you do me the honor accompanying me to the ball? After the question was asked Athrun lowered his lips and kissed Cagalli's delicate hand.

Cagalli stood there completely speechless AN; okay spoiler in the episode Athrun and Cagalli kissed before heading out to battle.. For my story that did not happen… okay on with it

Lacus simply had a beautiful smile on her face and Kira was seething mad with jealousy and anger, but making sure not to show it even though Athrun's back was towards him, and he couldn't see his expression.

"I" Cagalli looked beyond Athrun's shoulder and saw Kira's anger, she was the only one who could tell what he was feeling even if he was hiding it.

But then Cagalli looked back and forth and remembered that Kira and Lacus were going together and felt instantly betrayed. Kira knowing this turned his gaze down and knew the answer.

Without and second wasted Cagalli replied with a quick yes, and as Athrun rejoiced he pulled Cagalli into a hug leaving her wide open to look at the retreating form of Kira.