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Cagalli woke up in a bed, and a room she had no recognition of, she was perplexed and scared. After looking around frantically she finally looked down at the floor and saw Athrun huddled up other some sheets. All of yesterdays events came back to her.

"Oh I understand Kira!…I understand that you're an idiot! You're so naïve Kira! Why?! Why would you believe what you hear from everyone else? Why can't you just trust yourself….why can't you trust me?!!"

"Trust you? Why couldn't you trust me?!….Cagalli I…you did not want me…I asked you but you…but you could not wait for me…"

" So now you have your husband…" He said his voice beginning to break, he could not think of anyone else touching Cagalli, he could not bear it.

" Kira…no…why can't you just listen to me….if you really cared…if you really wanted this …damn you Kira Yamato!…how could you do this to me?….how Dare you make me…think all of this and let it fall to nothing?!…."

" Then this is your final word Kira? You will not come with me? You will not stop this wedding from happening and instead give your blessing?"

Cagalli started to cry softly, he had not answered, left her with no response. She got the idea though, he was not going to come for her, he was not going to sacrifice everything just for her, she had been a fool to think otherwise.

She looked down at Athrun, her eyes held no life to them and yet she smiled just a little smile, Athrun had came for her…she did not love him, nor could she ever truly love him, but she did care about him a lot and she knew he felt the same way. She started to move, trying to get off the bed without landing on Athrun, she gently tiptoed around his sleeping body, and noticing that she had on the same pair of clothes so she went to her room to take a shower, she was going to have to deal with a lot of press before the wedding which was in 6 days.

Athrun got up later and noticed Cagalli was missing, at first he grew worried but then he realized she must have gotten something to eat or went to go wash up. He himself went to take a shower and ready himself from news officials about their upcoming wedding.

The week flew by, Athrun and Cagalli were pinned together as the days went on, answering question and decorating Orb's Chapel for the wedding, they had no time for social events, and had no time for their friends. Lacus and Kira were together, more like Lacus forcing Kira to come with her everywhere and to design the outfits for her own wedding.

Kira and Cagalli had not seen each other for 3 days straight since that day, until one night they had met at the place that held so much meaning.

" Oh…I didn't know this place was occupied." Cagalli hesitated as Kira just looked at her. " Yeah…I'll just leave".

" You look great Cagalli…." Cagalli froze in spot, true she was dressed up from one of her political meetings that had to deal with the full acceptance of her new title "Queen of Orb", but she had not looked at herself. Athrun had mentioned she looked extravagant but somehow Kira's compliment of simply 'great' held so much more meaning to the word 'extravagant'.

"Thank you…you yourself look pretty well. Lacus' been treating you good?"

" Hmm…I guess, what about Athrun? Paying attention to his every Queen's desire?"

Cagalli gave him a stern look and huffed. Kira couldn't help but laugh, and no sooner did Cagalli laugh as well. They had missed each other, even though it has only been a few days, and the last time they saw each other they had broke one another's hearts, they longed to be with one another.

Kira moved in and held Cagalli, she held no objection in her body movement but her heart was aching. He was doing it again, putting thoughts and emotions into her, making her feel things she shouldn't be feeling.

"Kira….please…you already broke my heart….. don't destroy it…."

Kira held on tighter at her words, he knew what she was saying was true, but he couldn't help himself, he missed holding her, missed smelling her beautiful fragrance, missed feeling her heart beating against his own.

" Cagalli…I'm soo sorry…please…please forgive me." Kira kissed her forehead and Cagalli started to cry. She pushed him away leaving him startled.

"No!…don't do this again Kira! What do you want from me? What do you want from any of us?" Clenching her fists she started to pound on Kira's chest." Damn you Kira! I was willing to give it all up! Everything! My people at Orb! Athrun! Everything! Just for you!! But you didn't want to do that! Now when I…when I've finally decided to go ahead with what's right, you want me to forgive you and come back to you?!"

Kira kept his eyes foreshadowed not stopping her raging punches, " I hate you Kira! I hate you!!"

Kira looked at her and grabbed her fists, she fell down to the floor crying.

" Let me go!!! Let me goooo!!!!"

" Cagalli I-" " Kira!!" A voice screamed from the entrance of the deck, Kira turned to see Athrun will angry eyes, from his perspective did this not look good.

Athrun ran to Kira fists in the air and Kira gently shoved Cagalli to the side so she could avoid any damage. Unfortunately by doing this he had no time to avoid getting hit, and ended up getting punched on his right cheek by Athrun.

Kira fell to the floor roughly, Athrun ran to Cagalli and picked her up. " Are you alright Cagalli…don't worry I won't let him hurt you!"

" NO Athrun it's not what it looks like!"

" Shhh…don't worry Cagalli you don't have to protect him anymore….Kira I don't know what's wrong with you lately!" Kira got up to his feet and started at Athrun. " First you start ignoring Lacus, then you steal the Freedom Gundam, then you want to hurt your own sister?! What's wrong with you?!"

" Wait a minute Athrun…you got it all wrong!" Athrun did not stop to listen to Kira's words and went after him again. Kira dodged his punch and kneed him in the stomach, then grabbed his torso and flung him across the deck.

Cagalli would have stopped this if she wasn't so deep in thought about what Athrun had just said….wait a minute Athrun knows that Kira took the freedom Gundam!…and Kira thought I told them……Athrun!!!.

" Athrun, Kira STOP!" Kira after throwing Athrun across the room stopped, Athrun was busy trying to get up. " Kira Athrun told the Captain about you taking the Gundam…." Kira looked on and watched Cagalli….she did wait for him…and he doubted her….because of his stupidity he had lost her.

" Cagalli….I… Ah!" Athrun had tackled Kira and started to aim punched to his face, Kira blocked most of them while getting in a few of his own, Cagalli kept on screaming for them to stop until they heard a gun go off.

Everyone stopped to look as the Captain, Yzak, and Dearka came into view. The Captain had fired the gun and she just ordered Yzak to take Athrun and for Dearka to take Kira.

" Rameus…how did you know?"

"Everyone heard the commotion Cagalli, it was pretty loud…now would you mind tellingme what the hell is going on?!"

Neither Athrun nor Kira spoke up, so Cagalli decided to. " It started out as a playful game of…slapping hands but you know boys….they're idiots and it got competitive and dangerous.."

" You must be kidding me…is this true Yamato and Zala?"

The boys nodded and Dearka laughed. "You must be joking they wouldn't be beating the living crap out of each other just for a game."

" Well it matters not, put them in different rooms for the remainder of the day, and tomorrow , Cagalli you come with me you need some sleep and tomorrow is the fitting of the dress."

" Yes Captain."

As Cagalli started to leave with the Captain she looked back at the boys, Athrun got hurt far more greater than Kira, but Kira looked as if his soul had been broken, she knew he felt regret, finding out that he made the wrong choice must have teared him up inside, and now there was no going back.

The next day Orb was bustling around with commotion everyone getting ready for the wedding, on the other hand the ship was completely drained of any noise, Kira and Athrun was still in their respectful rooms and Cagalli was traveling everywhere preparing for the wedding, not making any protest at all.

Lacus had accompanied her everywhere, trying to take care of her and cheer her up, Lacus was convinced that she was sad because now she had the wedding jitters.

" Oh Cagalli, you are going to make a most beautiful bride, everyone will be star-struck when they see you come down and into that harmonious chapel. I must say you had made a perfect choice in the matter if location to have the wedding."

" Thanks Lacus." Cagalli said no more and Lacus frowned.

" Hmm let's see, why don't we get away from all this and take a leisurely walk around Orb's garden, I'm sure you will like to get some relaxation before the bid day right?"

" Sure Lacus."

" Oh! That's it Ms. Attha!" Cagalli looked up. " I know it's the day before your wedding but you have to cheer up, there can be no possible reason as to why you should be so sad, on my wedding day I am sure I will be happy and so will Kira, we'll have the perfect marriage, don't you want that too?"

Cagalli looked at Lacus with venom in her eyes, yet didn't say a word. She shoved right pass Lacus, making her loose her balance and stormed off into her room At Orb. Once there Cagalli looked at her dress, and sat down at her bed, it was already 5:00 pm, Kira and Athrun was still locked up and tomorrow morning at 8, she was getting married, she looked out into the sky, it was not completely dark yet, as the sun was just setting, and she felt her eyes get heavy. With all the crying at night she had been doing it was about time she got some sleep.

Kira was silent in his room the entire time, he kept retracing all the events, Cagalli did not lie to him, she had waited just like he had said, but his fear of rejection and dishonesty caused him to say hurtful words to her, and to end whatever chance they had at being together. Kira's head sped up at the sound of footsteps right outside his door. He thought it was Cagalli and braced himself to apologize.

When the door opened it turned out to be Lacus, Kira turned away and Lacus stepped in. " Kira…Kira please look at me."

Kira turned his head slightly. " Kira… I do not know what's wrong with you" . well I do but I dare not say. But I want you to know I am here for you, tomorrow is Cagalli's and Athrun's wedding, you are going aren't you?"

Kira looked at her and honestly had nothing to say. Why would he want to see her get wed off to his best- friend…or use to be best friend. " I don't know Lacus, why?"

" Will it's an occasion to be happy for, unity between organizations andtwo people we care for deeply, am I not correct?"

Kira nodded. The least he could do was go to her wedding after giving her away like he regret tingly did. " Sure Lacus I'll go, now you must leave before you get in trouble." Lacus gave a small giggle and kissed Kira on the cheek. The she left.

Kira sat there awhile before going a sleep.

" Wake-up sleepy head!" Lacus kept trying to shake Cagalli awake.

"Uh….what's going on."

"Oh silly, it's your wedding day!!!...you must get ready soon!"

" Lacus…what…" Cagalli turned over to her clock and saw the time. " Lacus it's 6 o'clock in the morning!!!!"

" That's true which is perfect timing to start getting ready, it takes away to put on all the essentials Cagalli."

"Ugh!…fine!" Cagalli threw off her covers and started to get ready, first of all by taking a shower.

Athrun was getting ready to, Kira was suppose to be his best man, but that didn't work out so well, so now Dearka was his best man. After an hour Athrun was finished.

Whistles "Whooo-oooo, man Athrun you are looking good, you are going to knock her right off her feet."

" Heh thanks man, it means a lot to me."

" Humph! I guess you look alright…for a wedding."

" Thanks Yzak...that means a lot too." The boys joined in laughter and started to head out into the chapel.

Everyone started to get into their seats it was 7:45 in the morning and the wedding was about to begin, Kira kept debating about whether or not to go and yet eventually he decided upon going, but not to be seen, the chapel having 2 floors, but the second floor closed off to public, Kira found a way in and stood up on the railing.

" Cagalli….you look…like a true goddess…"

" Thanks you Mirialla."

" Absolutely beautiful Cagalli, I can't believe it's finally here, you be a good wide to Athrun understand?"

Cagalli looked at Lacus and saw some sadness in her eyes but was quickly replaces with a smile. "Sure thing Lacus…well it's time let's go."

The music started up and everyone looked to the back, The doors opened and you could hear everyone's breath being inhaled drastically. Cagalli was simply stunning. Since her father nor mother was there to take her down the aisle, Kisaka had been the one, and she would have not accepted any other to take on the task.

" You look beautiful my Queen…" whispered Kisaka.

" Thank you…" Cagalli answered as she searched the huge crowd to look for Kira, she did not see him.

Cagalli reached the altar and Athrun lifted up her vale with a smile, for a split second she saw Kira's face instead of his but she quickly shook that away and gave Athrun a small smile.

Kira stared down from the top floor as he say Athrun holding Cagalli's hand, while Cagalli was in her goddess like dress, he wanted to stop everything, when the priest had said to Cagalli whether or not she would take Athrun's hand in marriage, he froze.

Cagalli looked upon Athrun and did a quick scan around the room once more, Athrun had said 'I do' without any hesitation but here she had not said it for more than 3 seconds and counting, finally she thought she saw movement, she knew from the corner or her eye he was up there…she was not going to back down now.

" I do…." Athrun smiled and the Priest went on "if there any objections as to why these to should not be married today in holy matrimony speak now or forever hold your peace." The room went silent and Athrun's face grew worried, as to whether or not Lacus or Kira would say something.

Cagalli kept her eyes shut, she knew what she wanted she wanted him to scream out, to scream out that he loved her and did not want her to marry Athrun. She wanted him to stop this wedding because she knew that after his words she did not have the strength to do so.

Alas.. No voice came and the priest went on, a small tear rolled down Cagalli's side of the face, and so did Kira's….Kira turned his back and left from where he entered, just like he had the night Athrun asked Cagalli to the dance, As Athrun pulled in to the kiss Cagalli saw him leave, once again she saw his back retreating away from her.

Everyone clapped, and everyone cheered, they weren't going anywhere special for their honeymoon, just to stay at Cagalli's new home, that she received from gaining chief representative of Orb.

That night when they had entered their room, Athrun started to kiss her neck, whispering sweet-nothings and how he's so happy she said yes. Cagalli did not respond.

" Alright…well…umm…I'm going to go get some champagne, you just wait here." Athrun left and Cagalli started to cry, she wanted nothing to deal with him at this moment, as soon as the door closed she went under the covers of her bed and pretended to be sleeping.

When Athrun came back, he heard a small noise, that sounded like breathing, he looked over the bed and saw Cagalli huddled up and 'sleeping'. He smiled and kissed her forehead, not wanting to disturb her, he went into the other room to sleep on the other bed, truthfully he was disappointed that he had not…done what he was suppose to do on a wedding night but he was not worried, because now he had Cagalli for the rest of their lives.

After an hour or so…Cagalli stop pretending to be asleep. She stood up thinking, trying to figure out all of the things she could have done to stop the wedding, pretend to be sick, family emergency…even though she had none, or maybe she could have pretended to be dying. Her thoughts were stopped when she hear a noise, it came from the entrance door.

A paper had been slipped underneath it, she carefully and quietly walked to the note and read it:

Meet me at the place where the moon shines off your eyes.

Cagalli wiped away a tear and not even caring that she was still in her wedding dress left the room. She ran quietly outside of Orb, The Archangel was still there, tomorrow they were going to be setting off. She entered inside the docking station, crew members looked at her in curiosity but dared not stop her.

While walking through the corridors she had passed by Captain Rameus' room.. The Captain saw her but did not stop her, she knew where she was going for she saw him not to long ago heading in the same direction, she looked out upon the stars, and wished the world wasn't against them.

Cagalli reached the deck….sure enough he was there, his back facing her and his hair glistening in the moonlight. Cagalli walked slowly to him, tears threatning to fall, he turned slowly, showing as well tears in his eyes.

" Kira…." Kira walked to her and embraced her

In the dead of the night

We Shouldn't Be

But I fall for you

so hopelessly

Cagalli let out all her tears now, as Kira held on tighter trying to be strong.

Secret meetings throughout the day

Whispered affections only convey

" Kira……..you didn't stop me!…why?…why couldn't you tell me you love me." Cagalli whispered in between sobs.

My love for you so honest and true

Hold me tight, never out of your sight.

" I'm sorry Cagalli… but you'll be happy now." Cagalli started to cry harder and whispered even louder. " You'll be with her and I'll be with him…that'smeantto be? That'll make us happy?"

You go to her as a rebound

I go to him without a sound

" Cagalli…." Kira said nothing more as he pulled her away him gently and looked upon her appearance. She was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Things I see you do with your mate

Causes no other feeling but hate

For you are with her and I am with him

We can't be together for it's a sin.

" Cagalli….I love you" Cagalli looked on, finally he had said it, it was too late though….but maybe they could stay like this…maybe no one could know…

" I love you sooo much Kira…" She tip-toed up as Kira grabbed onto her shoulders to pull her up, and with a sweet passion filled astonishing kiss, their love was secured. It lasted for what seemed like forever he held on tight not wanting to let her go, and she wrapped her arms around him. He moved his hand down to hold onto her waist and the back of her head, deepening the kiss.

Even if in death we are apart

I shall forever have you in my heart

For in the dead of the night

We Shouldn't Be

But I fall for you for an eternity.

Breaking apart Kira held Cagalli to him, they would be together when no one was watching, but even if in apart physically they will be in each other's hearts. He looked down at Cagalli as she looked up, what he had said was true where the moon shines off your eyes. He smiled at her and leaned down for another kiss. There kiss may not have been under a chapel filled with flowers but it was under their moon where no one could tear them apart.

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